Keep Your Series Current: July 2017

Update your popular series with these books that will be published in July. Enjoy!


Big Bad Woof  Grimelda and the Spooktacular Pet Show  Lola Levine and the Halloween Scream  Mad Scientist Academy  Perfect Pumpkin

The Big Bad Woof (Rider Woofson, Book 8) by Walker Styles (ill. by Ben Whitehouse). 9781481491891. 2017. Gr 1-3.
Grimelda and the Spooktacular Pet Show by Diana Murray (ill. by Heather Ross). 9780062264497. 2017. Gr PK-2.
Lola Levine and the Halloween Scream (Lola Levine, Book 6) by Monica Brown (ill. by Angela Dominguez). 9780316506427. 2017. Gr 1-3.
Mad Scientist Academy : 3 : The Space Disaster by Matthew McElligott. 9780553523836. 2017. Gr K-3.
Perfect Pumpkin (My First I Can Read! : Duck, Duck, Dinosaur) by Kallie George (ill. by Oriol Vidal). 9780062353153. 2017. Gr PK-1.

Pug & Pig Trick-or-Treat  Second Grade Holdout  What This Story Needs Is a Vroom and a Zoom

Pug & Pig : Trick-or-Treat by Sue Lowell Gallion (ill. by Joyce Wan). 9781481449779. 2017. Gr PK-1.
Second Grade Holdout by Audrey Vernick (ill. by Matthew Cordell). 9780544876811. 2017. Gr PK-2.
What This Story Needs Is a Vroom and a Zoom (Pig in a Wig Book) by Emma J. Virjan. 9780062494313. 2017. Gr PK-1.



Baby Firebird  Darkness of Dragons  Dragonsitter Trick or Treat  Evil Pumpkin Pie Fight  Gabby Duran Multiple Mayhem  Ghost of a Chance

The Baby Firebird (Secret Rescuers, Book 3) by Paula Harrison. 9781481476140. 2017. Gr 2-5.
Darkness of Dragons (Wings of Fire, Book 10) by Tui T. Sutherland. 9780545685474. 2017. Gr 4-6.
Dragonsitter : Trick or Treat? (Dragonsitter, Book 7) by Josh Lacey. 9780316555821. 2017. Gr 2-4.
The Evil Pumpkin Pie Fight! (Ella and Owen, Book 4) by Jaden Kent. 9781499803716. 2017. Gr 2-4.
Gabby Duran : Multiple Mayhem (Gabby Duran, Book 3) by Elise Allen. 9781484709375. 2017. Gr 4-7.
Ghost of a Chance (100 Dresses, Book 2) by Susan Maupin Schmid. 9780553533736. 2017. Gr 4-6.

Land of Stories Worlds Collide  Look Out Ghost Mountain Below  Microsaurs  Molly's Story  Sands of Shark Island  Stick Dog Craves Candy

The Land of Stories : World Collide (Land of Stories, Book 6) by Chris Colfer. 9780316355896. 2017. Gr 4-6.
Look Out! : Ghost Mountain Below (Fantastic Frame, Book 4) by Lin Oliver. 9780448480930. 2017. Gr 2-4.
Microsaurs : Tiny-Raptor Pack Attack (Microsaurs, Book 2) by Dustin Hansen. 9781250090256. 2017. Gr 2-4.
Molly’s Story (Dog’s Purpose Novel, Book 3) by W. Bruce Cameron. 9780765394934. 2017. Gr 3-6.
The Sands of Shark Island (School Ship Tobermory, Book 2) by Alexander McCall Smith. 9780399554018. 2017. Gr 4-6.
Stick Dog Craves Candy (Stick Dog, Book 7) by Tom Watson. 9780062410948. 2017. Gr 3-6.

Super Turbo vs the Pencil Pointer  Welcome to Camp Woggle  Wilf the Mighty Worrier

Super Turbo vs. the Pencil Pointer (Super Turbo, Book 3) by Lee Kirby. 9781481494397. 2017. Gr 2-4.
Welcome to Camp Woggle (Oodlethunks, Book 3) by Adele Griffin. 9780545732918. 2017. Gr 4-6.
Wilf the Mighty Worrier : King of the Jungle (Wilf the Mighty Worrier, Book 3) by Georgia Pritchett. 9781681441238. 2017. Gr 3-5.



Buried Heart  Ends of the World  Monster's Daughter  Serafina and the Splintered Heart  Shadow City  Song of the Dark Crystal  Wandmaker's Apprentice

Buried Heart (Court of Fives, Book 3) by Kate Elliott. 9780316344418. 2017. Gr 7-10.
The Ends of the World (Conspiracy of Us, Book 3) by Maggie Hall. 9780399166525. 2017. Gr 7-10.
The Monster’s Daughter (Ministry of SUITS, Book 2) by Paul Gamble. 9781250076830. 2017. Gr 4-7.
Serafina and the Splintered Heart (Serafina, Book 3) by Robert Beatty. 9781484775042. 2017. Gr 5-7.
The Shadow City (Five Elements, Book 2) by Dan Jolley. 9780062411679. 2017. Gr 5-8.
Song of the Dark Crystal (Jim Henson’s The Dark Crystal, Book 2) by J.M. Lee. 9780399539817. 2017. Gr 6-8.
Wandmaker’s Apprentice (Wandmaker, Book 2) by Ed Masessa. 9780545861779. 2017. Gr 4-7.



 Ash and Quill  Dark Goddess  Forever in Love  Paradise Valley  Savage Dawn  Silence

Ash and Quill (Great Library, Book 3) by Rachel Caine. 9780451472410. 2017. Gr 9-12.
Dark Goddess (Alpha Goddess, Book 2) by Amalie Howard. 9781510709898. 2017. Gr 7-12.
Forever in Love (City Love, Book 3) by Susan Colasanti. 9780062307767. 2017. Gr 9-12.
Paradise Valley (Highway Quartet, Book 4) by C.J. Box. 9781250051042. 2017. Gr 10-Adult.
The Savage Dawn (Feathers and Flame, Book 3) by Melissa Grey. 9780375991813. 2017. Gr 9-12.
The Silence (Six, Book 3) by Mark Alpert. 9781492648963. 2017. G4 8-12.

 Somebody's Baby  United Continuums  Unraveling  Vanguard  Vindicated

Somebody’s Baby (Losing Gabriel, Book 2) by Lurlene McDaniel. 9780385744232. 2017. Gr 9-12.
The United Continuums (Continuum Trilogy, Book 3) by Jennifer Brodi. 9781681622637. 2017. Gr 7-12.
Unraveling (Unblemished Trilogy, book 2) by Sara Ella. 9780718081034. 2017. Gr 9-12.
Vanguard (Razorland, Book 4) by Ann Aguirre. 9781250089823. 2017. Gr 8-12.
Vindicated (Emancipated, Book 3) by M.G. Reyes. 9780062289018. 2017. G4 10-12.

Adult Crossover Series

Adult Crossover Series Titles

A few months ago on our Mackin Books in Bloom blog, I posted a list showcasing adult crossover fiction (there’s also one for adult crossover nonfiction).  Most of those suggestions were stand-alone titles, and I’d like to expand that list here to focus on adult series that older teens will find of interest.

The top line of each entry has series information; the second line contains the title, ISBN, and DOP for the first book of the series. And though a few series began years ago, most of them are still ongoing or have just recently wrapped up. You’ll find fantasy, horror, mystery, and realistic and historical fiction. There’s even a series narrated by a dog.

If you have any other recommendations, let me know in the comments section!

All Souls Trilogy  Bill Hodges Trilogy  Bone Season  Chet and Bernie Mystery  Custard Protocol  Darker Shade of Magic

All Souls Trilogy by Deborah Harkness. Gr 11-Adult. (3 titles)
A Discovery of Witches. 9780670022410. 2011.

Bill Hodges Trilogy by Stephen King. Gr 11-Adult. (3 titles)
Mr. Mercedes. 9781476754451. 2014.

Bone Season by Samantha Shannon. Gr 10-Adult. (3 titles)
The Bone Season. 9781620401392. 2013.

Chet and Bernie Mystery by Spencer Quinn. Gr 10-Adult. (8 titles)
Dog on It: A Chet and Bernie Mystery. 9781416585831. 2009.

Custard Protocol by Gail Carriger. Gr 11-Adult. (2 titles)
Prudence. 9780316212243. 2015.

Darker Shade of Magic by V.E. Schwab. Gr 10-Adult. (3 titles)
A Darker Shade of Magic. 9780765376459. 2015.

Dublin Murder Squad  Green Rider  Invisible Library  Jane Rizzoli and Maura Isles  Joe Pickett  Name of the Wind

Dublin Murder Squad by Tana French. Gr 10-Adult. (5 titles)
In the Woods. 9780670038602. 2007.

Green Rider by Kristen Britain. Gr 10-Adult. (6 titles).
The Green Rider. 9780886778248. 1998.

Invisible Library Novel by Genevieve Cogman. Gr 10-Adult. (3 titles)
The Invisible Library. 9781101988640. 2016.

Jane Rizzoli and Maura Isles by Tess Gerritsen. 11-Adult. (13 titles)
The Surgeon. 9780345447838. 2001.

Joe Pickett by C.J. Box. Gr 10-Adult. (17 titles)
Open Season. 9780399147487. 2001.

Kingkiller Chronicles by Patrick Rothfuss. 10-Adult. (3 titles)
The Name of the Wind. 9780756404079. 2007.

Kopp Sisters Novel  Long Earth  Maddaddam  Me Before You  Natural History of Dragons  Newsflesh

Kopp Sisters Novel by Amy Stewart. 10-Adult. (3 titles)
Girl Waits with Gun. 9780544409910. 2015.

Long Earth by Terry Pratchett & Stephen Baxter. 10-Adult. (5 titles)
The Long Earth. 9780062067753. 2012.

Maddaddam by Margaret Atwood. Gr 11-Adult. (3 titles)
Oryx and Crake. 9780385503853. 2003.

Me Before You by Jojo Moyes. Gr 11-Adult. (I heard rumors of a third book!)
Me Before You. 9780670026609. 2012.

Natural History of Dragons by Marie Brennan. Gr 10-Adult. (5 titles)
A Natural History of Dragons : A Memoir by Lady Trent. 9780765331960. 2013.

Newsflesh by Mira Grant. Gr 11-Adult. (4 titles)
Feed. 9780316081054. 2010.

Queen of the Tearling  Stalking Jack the Ripper  Strain Trilogy

Queen of the Tearling by Erika Johansen. Gr 10-Adult. (3 titles)
The Queen of the Tearling. 9780062328090. 2014.

Stalking Jack the Ripper by Kerri Maniscalco. Gr 10-Adult. (2 titles)
Stalking Jack the Ripper. 9780316273497. 2016.

Strain Trilogy by Guillermo del Toro. Gr 11-Adult. (3 titles)
The Strain. 9780061558238. 2009.







Great New Nonfiction Titles for June 2017

A helpful characteristic of nonfiction books is that their titles usually explain quite succinctly what they are about.  I’m taking advantage of that this month since I will be on vacation!

Check out these exciting nonfiction titles that are being published in June.


Around the World in a Bathtub  Can an Aardvark Bark  Girl Who Ran  Listen  Take a Picture of Me

Around the World in a Bathtub by Wade Bradford (ill. by Micha Archer). 9781580895446. 2017. Gr P-3.

Can an Aardvark Bark? by Melissa Stewart (ill. by Steve Jenkins). 9781481458528. 2017. Gr K-2.

The Girl Who Ran : Bobbi Gibb, the First Woman to Run the Boston Marathon by Kristina Yee & Frances Poletti (ill. by Susanna Chapman). 9781943200474. 2017. Gr K-2.

Listen : How Pete Seeger Got America Singing by Leda Schubert (ill. by Raul Colon). 9781626722507. 2017. Gr 1-3.

Take a Picture of Me, James VanDerZee! by Andrea J. Loney (ill. by Keith Mallett). 9781620142608. 2017. Gr K-3.



50 Wacky Inventions  Apex Predators  Beginner's Guide to Coding  Chomp  Don't Bug the Insects  Quest for Z

50 Wacky Inventions Throughout History (Wacky) by Joe Rhatigan. 9781633222946. 2017. Gr 3-6.

Apex Predators : The World’s Deadliest Hunters, Past and Present by Steve Jenkins. 9780544671607. 2017. Gr 1-4.

A Beginner’s Guide to Coding by Marc Scott (ill. by Mick Marston). 9781681195407. 2017. Gr 4-6.

Chomp! : Fierce Facts about Bite Force, Crushing Jaws, and Mighty Teeth of Earth’s Champion Chewers by Brady Barr. 9781426328404. Gr 2-5.

Don’t Bug the Insects by Ben Richmond. 9781454921370. 2017. Gr 2-4.

The Quest for Z : The True Story of Explorer Percy Fawcett and a Lost City in the Amazon by Greg Pizzoli. 9780670016532. 2017. Gr 2-5.



Exploring Space  Quilts of Gee's Bend  Two Truths and a Lie  Voyager's Greatest Hits

Exploring Space : From Galileo to the Mars Rover and Beyond by Martin Jenkins (ill. by Stephen Biesty). 9780763689315. 2017. Gr 4-7.

The Quilts of Gee’s Bend by Susan Goldman Rubin. 9781419721311. 2017. Gr 5-8.

Two Truths and a Lie : It’s Alive! by Ammi-Joan Paquette & Laurie Ann Thompson. 9780062418791. 2017. Gr 4-7.

Voyager’s Greatest Hits : The Epic Trek to Interstellar Space by Alexandra Siy. 9781580897280. 2017. Gr 5-8.



 American Eclipse  Be Free or Die  I Am a Secret Service Agent  I Was Told to Come Alone  Vacation Guide to the Solar System  We Crossed a Bridge and It Trembled

American Eclipse : A Nation’s Epic Race to Catch the Shadow of the Moon and Win the Glory of the World by David Baron. 9781631490163. 2017. Gr 11-Adult.

Be Free or Die : The Amazing Story of Robert Smalls’ Escape from Slavery to Union Hero by Cate Lineberry. 9781250101860. 2017. Gr 11-Adult.

I Am a Secret Service Agent : My Life Spent Protecting the President by Dan Emmett (with Charles Maynard). 9781250130303. 2017. Gr 8-12.

I Was Told to Come Alone : My Journey Behind the Lines of Jihad by Souad Mekhennet. 9781627798976. 2017. Gr 10-Adult.

Vacation Guide to the Solar System by Olivia Koski & Jana Grcevich. 9780143129776. 2017. Gr 9-Adult.

We Crossed a Bridge and It Trembled : Voices from Syria by Wendy Pearlman. 9780062654618. 2017. Gr 11-Adult.


Great New Easy & Fiction Titles for June 2017

Check out these exciting easy and fiction titles that are published in June.


Blue Sky White Stars  Don't Blink  Double Take  Home in the Rain  I Love Sharks, oo

Blue Sky White Stars by Sarvinder Naberhaus (ill. by Kadir Nelson). 9780803737006. 2017. Gr PK-3.
Naberhaus, who immigrated to the U.S. from India, and Nelson, and African-American, use descriptions, wordplay, and beautiful illustrations to depict the freedoms that our flag represents to Americans throughout history.

Don’t Blink! By Tom Booth. 9781250117366. 2017. Gr PK-2.
The reader is invited to have a staring contest with the narrator. As the game continues, more and more animals join, with the warning, “Don’t blink!” Who will be the winner?

Double Take! : A New Look at Opposites by Susan Hood (ill. by Jay Fleck). 9780763672911. 2017. Gr K-2.
A boy, black cat, and blue elephant explain what opposites are and how words such as near and far, big and small, weak and strong, depend on the situation.

Home in the Rain by Bob Graham. 9780763692698. 2017. Gr PK-2.
A storm overtakes the car as Francie and her mother drive home. As they pull over to wait it out, Francie comes up with the idea for a name for the baby they are expecting.

I Love Sharks, Too! By Leanne Shirtliffe (ill. by Lorenzo Monatore). 9781510708846. 2017. Gr PK-1.
After reading a book about sharks, Stevie starts to act like a shark and shares all sorts of gruesome facts with his mom, unsuccessfully trying to get a rise out of her. At bedtime, however, she shares the fact that she likes sharks, too.

Midnight at the Zoo  New Friend for Sparkle  Out  Place to Read  This Book Will Not Be Fun

Midnight at the Zoo by Faye Hanson. 9780763689087. 2017. Gr PK-2.
Max and Mia are disappointed during their class trip to the zoo, because all the animals seem to be hiding. When they are accidentally left at the zoo, Max and Mia find out what the animals do after the gates are closed.

A New Friend for Sparkle by Amy Young. 9780374305536. 2017. Gr PK-1.
When Lucy’s new friend Cole comes over to play, her pet goat-unicorn becomes jealous.

Out! by Arree Chung. 9781627795531. 2017. Gr PK-1.
An almost wordless book follows a protective dog as he looks out for his young charge who is determined to get into trouble.

A Place to Read by Leigh Hodgkinson. 9781681193236. 2017. Gr PK-1.
A boy is eager to begin reading, but is having trouble finding the right place to settle down with his book.

This Book Will Not Be Fun by Cirocco Dunlap. 9780399550614. 2017. PK-2.
While a natty little mouse tries to impress the reader of the seriousness of this book, the background illustrations show everything from flying whales to zero-gravity dance parties.



Fergus and Zeke  Holly Farb and the Princess of the Galaxy  I Love You, Michael Collins  Joplin, Wishing  King Flashypants and the Evil Emperor  Let's Pretend We Never Met

Fergus and Zeke by Kate Messner. 9780763678463. 2017. Gr 1-3.
Fergus, the pet mouse in Miss Maxwell’s room, stows away on the class trip to the museum and meets a new buddy named Zeke. Fergus and Zeke have so much fun exploring the museum together that Fergus almost misses the bus. This time Zeke stows away with Fergus and Miss Maxwell’s class gets a new pet.

Holly Farb and the Princess of the Galaxy by Gareth Wronski. 9781481471770. 2017. Gr 4-6.
Believing her to be the princess of the galaxy, alien space pirates kidnapped Holly, her science teacher, and the most annoying boy in her class. Now she is on a mission to find the real princess—and do it in time to take her test on Friday.

I Love You, Michael Collins by Lauren Baratz-Logsted. 9780374303853. 2017. Gr 3-5.
For a class assignment to write a letter to one of the Apollo 11 crew before their flight to the moon, Mamie is the only one who chooses to write to Michael Collins, the astronaut that will orbit the moon while the other two land and walk on it.

Joplin, Wishing by Diane Stanley. 9780062423702. 2017. Gr 4-6.
A young girl named Joplin finds a beautifully painted broken platter in her grandfather’s home and wishes the girl from the painting could come to life. The next day, the girl appears and offers to grant wishes if Joplin will help her get back to her seventeenth-century home.

King Flashypants and the Evil Emperor (Evil Emperor, Book 1) by Andy Riley. 9781627798099. 2017. Gr 2-4.
King Edwin is a generous boy-king who loves chocolate and shares his treats with his subjects—until his riches runs out and a rival turns the kingdom against him.

Let’s Pretend We Never Met by Melissa Walker. 9780062567161. 2017. Gr 4-6.
Mattie is not happy about moving to a new state—and a new school—during winter break. But when she meets Agnes, her offbeat neighbor, she feels that things might go OK after all—until she realizes that being friends with Agnes might not help her in school.

Sputnik's Guide to Life on Earth    Superstar  Tiny Hero of Ferny Creek Library  Unlucky Lottery Winners of Classroom 13

Sputnik’s Guide to Life on Earth by Frank Cottrell Boyce. 9780062643629. 2017. Gr 4-6.
When a space alien named Sputnik shows up on Prez’s doorstep, he has a message: Earth is doomed unless Prez can come up with a list of 10 reasons why it should be spared. Sputnik has come to the right place; Prez has been making lists for years to help remind his grandfather of important facts.

Superstar by Mandy Davis. 9780062377777. 2017. Gr 4-6.
Ten-year-old Lester, whose astronaut father died five years before, loves to watch the stars. He has been homeschooled all his life, but this year he will be going to school for fifth grade.

The Tiny Hero of Ferny Creek Library by Linda Bailey. 9780062440938. 2017. Gr 3-5.
Eddie, a beetle, and his family live in a crack in the wall of a fourth-grade classroom. He goes searching for his aunt after she didn’t return from a trip to the library (she’s a book-lover). On his adventure he finds out about plans to close the library and turn it into a testing center and tries to save it.

The Unlucky Lottery Winners of Classroom 13 (Classroom 13, Book 1) by Honest Lee & Matthew J. Gilbert. 9780316464659. 2017. Gr 2-4.
When teacher Linda LaCrosse, unluckiest person alive, wins the $28 billion in the lottery, she decides to share it with her students. Seems like a great deal, except her unluckiness spreads to her class in this humorous tales.



 Babysitter's Guide to Monster Hunting  Broken Pride  Dog Like Daisy  Emily and the Spellstone  Exit Strategy  Into the Hurricane

A Babysitter’s Guide to Monster Hunting (Babysitter’s Guide to Monsters, Book 1) by Joe Ballerini. 9780062437839. 2017. Gr 5-7.
Hoping to earn money for camp, Kelly decides to take up baby-sitting. She doesn’t realize what she has gotten herself into until her first young charge is kidnapped by monsters…and she is dragged along on a rescue mission with a team of monster-fighting baby-sitters!

Broken Pride (Bravelands, Book 1) by Erin Hunter. 9780062642028. 2017. Gr 5-8.
When the African plains’ cardinal rule of “Only kill to survive” is broken, it Is up to three misfits—a lion without a pride, an elephant, and a rebel baboon—to restore the balance between predators and prey.

A Dog Like Daisy by Kristin O’Donnell Tubb. 9780062463241. 2017. Gr 4-7.
Daisy the dog relates the rigorous training that prospective service animals go through before they can be fulfill their purpose.

Emily and the Spellstone by Michael Rubens. 9780544790865. 2017. Gr 5-7.
Emily’s worst birthday present ever—a rectangular stone—turns out to have special powers and takes her on an adventure through different worlds to fight evil.

Exit Strategy by Lauren Allbright. 9781481479127. 2017. Gr 5-7.
Ross and his mother move frequently, and he is an expert at being the new kid at school. But when his mom decides to stay in one place to care for Ross’s sick grandfather, Ross has to actually stop and learn how to make friends at school, coming up with a scientific method for being the funny kid in class, with mixed results.

Into the Hurricane by Neil Connelly. 9780545853811. 2017. Gr 7-10.
As Hurricane Celeste nears the coast of Louisiana, two teenagers meet at the top of an island lighthouse. One wants to throw the ashes of her deceased father, the other to commit suicide from the same spot that his sister did. Their plans interrupted by each other, they must work together to survive the hurricane.

 Mango Delight  Someday Suitcase  Stealing Our Way Home  This Is Just a Test

Mango Delight by Fracaswell Hyman. 9781454923329. 2017. Gr 4-7.
When Mango beats her BFF and track teammate Brooklyn in a race, their relationship gets tense.  And when Brooklyn gets a cellphone before her and is welcomed into the Cell-Belles clique, their friendship falls apart. Mango is left unmoored, until she discovers qualities about herself that were hidden with her former friend.

The Someday Suitcase by Corey Ann Haydu. 9780062352750. 2017. Gr 5-8.
When her best friend Danny is diagnosed with a mysterious illness that keeps him home from school, Clover feels lost until she decides to study his disease for her science fair project.

Stealing Our Way Home by Cecilia Galante. 9781338042962. 2017. Gr 5-8.
After Jack and Pippa’s mother dies from cancer, their father focuses all his attention on his job, leaving Jack to care for Pippa. To make matters worse, he pays little attention their finances; his poor choices lead them further into debt until he turns to crime.

This Is Just a Test by Madelyn Rosenberg & Wendy Wan-long Shang. 9781338037722. 2017. Gr 4-8.
David has plenty to worry about. First, his blended heritage (one grandmother is Jewish; the other is Chinese) makes planning his bar mitzvah difficult. And then there’s school; David has a new popular friend, but that means he has to ditch his geeky and longtime best friend. Finally, the Cold War warns of the possibility of nuclear war breaking out. What is a twelve-year-old boy to do?



Be True to Me  Breaking  Evaporation of Sofi Snow  Hell & High Water  Here Lies Daniel Tate  Leaf Reader

Be True to Me by Adele Griffin. 9781616206758. 2017. Gr 9-12.
Jean, a rich girl, and Fritz, an outsider, compete for the affection of handsome newcomer Gil during the summer of 1976 at an exclusive Fire Island enclave, and discover their competition has higher stakes than either can imagine.

Breaking by Danielle Rollins. 9781619637405. 2017. Gr 8-12.
When Charlotte’s best friends Ariel and Devon appear to commit suicide within one month of each other, she’s certain their deaths are not so simple. And when she finds clues left behind by her friends, she uncovers a deadly secret about the prep school the girls attended together.

The Evaporation of Sofi Snow by Mary Weber. 9780718080907. 2017. Gr 9-12.
The arrival of aliens ended Earth’s fourth world war, and now society is run by corporations and focuses on gaming. When Sofi’s brother is injured in a terrorist attack on the fantasy fighting arena where he was playing, Sofi and Miguel, a spoiled young ambassador, are captured and must use their own unique skills to escape.

Hell & High Water by Tanya Landman. 9780763688752. 2017. Gr 8-12.
Caleb and his Pa have little to their name but a family signet ring. When his father is unjustly accused of a thievery, he is sent to a prison colony in America. One day Caleb finds a body with a ruined face washed up on shore—a body with his Pa’s signet ring on one finger. Mystery piles on mystery as the church and state denies what Caleb suspects. Will he ever learn the truth?

Here Lies Daniel Tate by Cristin Terrill. 9781481480765. 2017. Gr 9-12.
A young runaway is welcomed into the arms of an affluent family after he takes on the identity of the family’s missing son, Daniel. Then he slowly begins to realize that the family knows more about Daniel’s disappearance than they are letting on.

The Leaf Reader by Emily Arsenault. 9781616957827. 2017. Gr 9-12.
Marnie uses her “silly” hobby of reading tea leaves to answer harmless questions posed by her friends. But when Matt wants to know about his best friend, Andrea, who has been missing for months, Marnie finds her readings have become strangely precise—and sinister.

Midnight at the Electric  Song of the Current  Uninterrupted View of the Sky  Wildman

Midnight at the Electric by Jodi Lynn Anderson. 9780062393548. 2017. Gr 9-12.
In 2065, as Adri prepares for her one-way trip to Mars, she stays in Kansas with Catherine, an elderly relative. There she discovers journals, diaries, and letters written by and to women in her family’s past and encounters a mystery involving Catherine, an ancient Galapagos tortoise, and a woman from London.

Song of the Current by Sarah Tolcser. 9781681192970. 2017. Gr 9-12.
When Caroline Oresteia, seventeen, finally has a chance to be a wherryman, she gets caught in a web of politics and lies, with her father’s life at stake.

An Uninterrupted View of the Sky by Melanie Crowder. 9780399169007. 2017. Gr 7-12.
In Bolivia in 1999, when their father is unjustly arrested and their mother abandons them, Francisco, seventeen, and his sister Pilar, eight, must move to the dirty, dehumanizing, and corrupt prison.

Wildman by J.C. Geiger. 9781484749579. 2017. Gr 9-12.
Lance has everything going for him—grades, future, girlfriend—and credits his success to always following the rules. But when his car breaks down out in the boonies, for a few days he makes a complete turn-around, and he must decide which person he wants to be.



Marsh King's Daughter  Rise and Fall of D.O.D.O.  Strange Case of the Alchemist's Daughter

The Marsh King’s Daughter by Karen Dionne. 9780735213005. 2017. Gr 11-Adult.
When Helena hears that Jacob Holbrook has escaped from prison, she doesn’t panic—she gets ready. Her mother was kidnapped at age 14 by Jacob, who kept her and their daughter, Helena, isolated in a remote cabin on Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Helena knows that Jacob will be coming after her, and she might be the only person who can stop him.

The Rise and Fall of D.O.D.O. BY Neal Stephenson & Nicole Galland. 9780062409164. 2017. Gr 11-Adult.
When Mel, a linguistics expert, is asked by military intelligence operator Tristan to translate some very old documents (for a LOT of money), she agrees and signs a non-disclosure agreement. But the information in the documents, if accurate, will change what is known about history and science—and magic.

The Strange Case of the Alchemist’s Daughter by Theodora Goss. 9781481466509. 2017. Gr 10-Adult.
The daughters of some of literature’s most famous evil characters join forces—by accident—to find the murderer of prostitutes and to solve the mysteries of their own pasts.


Great New Nonfiction Titles for May 2017

These exciting nonfiction titles were published in May.


Around the World Right Now  Different Same  Electricity in Your Life  Go, Green Gecko  If Sharks Disappeared

Around the World Right Now by Gina Cascone & Bryony Williams Sheppard (ill. by Olivia Beckman). 9781585369768. 2017. Gr K-3.
Travel on a journey around the world for each of the day’s twenty-four hours. See what people might be doing, from six in the morning in San Francisco, California, all the way across the world to Bangkok in Thailand, where it is already nine o’clock at night.

Different? Same! by Heather Tekavec (ill. by Pippa Curnick). 9781771385657. 2017. Gr PK-1.
Two animals can be different, but at the same time they can be the same! Zebras, bumblebees, lemurs, and tigers get around in different ways—but they all have stripes. The author contrasts other groups of four animals, only to look at them again to show off their similarities.

Electricity in Your Life by Bo-Hyun (ill. by Sung-Hua Kwak). 9781939248169. 2017. Gr K-2.
A young girl realizes all the ways electricity impacts her life, and how different her world would be without electricity.

Go, Green Gecko! by Gay Hay (ill. by Margaret Tolland). 9781760360337. 2017. Gr K-2.
Follow a little green gecko around the backyard to learn about its behavior, life cycle, and habitat.

If Sharks Disappeared by Lily Williams. 9781626724136. 2017. Gr 1-3.
Sharks are very important to the health of oceans. Read about what might happen if they all disappeared.

Kate Warne, Pinkerton Detective  Long May She Wave  Margaret and the Moon  Maya Lin  This Is How We Do It

Kate Warne, Pinkerton Detective by Marissa Moss (ill. by April Chu). 9781939547330. 2017. Gr 1-3.
Read this picture book biography of the first woman to be a detective at the prestigious Pinkerton Detective Agency.

Long May She Wave : The True Story of Caroline Pickersgill and Her Star-Spangled Creation by Kristen Fulton (ill. by Holly Berry). 9781481460965. 2017. Gr K-2.
Read the true story of Caroline Pickersgill and her family. They made the United States flag that was waving at Fort McHenry when the British attacked it in the War of 1812, the flag that inspired the “Star-Spangled Banner.”

Margaret and the Moon : How Margaret Hamilton Saved the First Lunar Landing by Dean Robbins (ill. by Lucy Knisley). 9780399551857. 2017. Gr PK-3.
Pioneer scientist Margaret Hamilton was fascinated with stars as a young girl. As an adult, she eventually convinced NASA scientists to use computer software to send the Apollo missions to the moon.

Maya Lin : Artist-Architect of Light and Lines by Jeanne Walker Harvey (ill. by Dow Phumiruk). 9781250112491. 2017. Gr PK-3.
This picture book biography of the famous architect describes her childhood, explaining how her love of nature inspires her buildings. Maya Lin’s design for the Vietnam War Memorial won even though she was still in college at the time.

This Is How We Do It : One Day in the Lives of Seven Kids from around the World by Matt Lamothe. 9781452150185. 2017. Gr K-3.
Learn about life in seven countries from real kids living in Italy, Japan, Iran, India, Peru, Uganda, and Russia.  They explain that, though their activities are different from each other, their daily routines are very similar.

Three Billy Goats Gruff  Up Up Up Skyscraper  Wordplay

The Three Billy Goats Gruff by Jerry Pinkney. 9780316341578. 2017. Gr PK-3.
When two small hungry goats trot across a bridge that separates them from a lush green valley, the troll guarding the bridge has other plans. The goats will have to outsmart the troll if they hope to make it safely to the other side. This familiar fairy tale is illustrated by the award-winning Jerry Pinkney.

Up! Up! Up! Skyscraper by Anastasia Suen (ill. by Ryan O’Rourke). 9781580897105. 2017. Gr PK-2.
Kids learn the process of building a skyscraper from the construction team as they dig, pour, pound, bolt, and more. Sidebars add more information to the rhyming text.

Wordplay (Toon) by Ivan Brunetti. 9781943145171. 2017. Gr K-2.
This humorous, cartoon introduction to compound words follows a young student named Annemarie who learns how to have fun with language.



Chasing Space  Cricket in the Thicket  Grace Hopper  Meatless  Real Friends  Seven Wonders of the Solar System

Chasing Space : Young Readers’ Edition by Leland Melvin. 9780062665928. 2017. Gr 4-6.
Leland Melvin, a former NASA astronaut and NFL wide receiver, adapts his adult memoir for young readers.

Cricket in the Thicket : Poems about Bugs by Carol Murray (ill. by Melissa Sweet).9780805098181. 2017. Gr 2-5.
The poems in this collection feature different insects, and fact boxes for each insect are also included.

Grace Hopper : Queen of Computer Code by Laurie Wallmark (ill. by Katy Wu). 9781454920007. 2017. Gr 3-6.
Grace Murray Hopper coined the term “computer bug” and invented the programming language that taught computers how to recognize English words, which is the basis for all modern computer software.

Meatless? : A Fresh Look at What You Eat by Sarah Elton (ill. by Julie McLaughlin).9781926818436. 2017. Gr 3-6.
This interesting history of meat-based diets explores why and how people choose a vegetarian lifestyle.

Real Friends by Shannon Hale (ill. by LeUyen Pham). 9781626724167. 2017. Gr 3-6.
(Graphic novel) Author Shannon Hale writes about her experiences from kindergarten through fifth grade as she tried to make and be a friend and how difficult it was for her.

Seven Wonders of the Solar System by David A. Aguilar. 9780451476852. 2017. Gr 4-7.
Take a trip around the solar system to discover seven amazing sights, from the largest volcano (on Mars) to the deepest oceans (on Europa, one of Jupiter’s moons) and beyond to check out if Planet 9 really exists. David Aguilar, an astronomer, is the navigator on our exciting journey.



Be the One  Brave  How to Keep a Werewolf  Magellan  New Ocean  Philanthroparties  Science Comics Flying Machines

Be the One : Six True Stories of Teens Overcoming Hardship with Hope by Byron Pitts. 9781442483828. 2017. Gr 7-10.
Read the stories of six kids who, despite bullying, abuse, war, drug addiction, mental illness, and violence, overcame their problems and now offer hope to others.

Brave by Svetlana Chmakova. 9780316363174. 2017. Gr 5-8.
Jensen dreams of being a brave hero, but his reality in middle school is very different. Will he be able to find real solutions to his problems? This graphic novel is by the author of Awkward.

How to Keep a Werewolf : And Other Exotic Pets Which May or Not a) Exist or b) Eat You by Fiona Bowron & Tom Jennings. 9781911042266. 2017. Gr 5-8.
Before I let my kids have a pet (and we had plenty!), I always made them read a book on taking care of it. This book is for those who want to get a cryptological or mythological pet, such as a sea monster, phoenix, yeti, werewolf, or more.

Magellan : Over the Edge of the World by Laurence Bergreen. 9781626721203. 2017. Gr 7-10.
This adaptation of Bergreen’s adult best-seller follow the historic voyage of Ferdinand Magellan—the first to circle the world. Thrills, danger, mutiny, murder, and tragedy—an exciting adventure and great addition to a course on early explorers.

The New Ocean : The Fate of Life in a Changing Sea by Bryn Barnard. 9780375870491. 2017. Gr 5-8.
Examine the potential fate of six ocean creatures—jellyfish, orcas, sea turtles, tuna, corals, and blue-green algae—and learn how their fate could ultimately affect mankind.

Philanthroparties! : A Party-Planning Guide for Kids Who Want to Give Back by Lulu Cerone. 9781582705873. 2017. Gr 6-8.
The seventeen-year-old author provides ideas on how to combine fun with social activism in this party planning guide. The book includes party ideas, games, recipes, crafts, as well as personal stories and suggestions for causes.

Science Comics : Flying Machines : How the Wright Brothers Soared (Science Comics) by Alison Wilgus & Molly Brooks. 9781626721401. 2017. Gr 4-8.
A graphic novel biography of the innovative Wright brothers.



 Chasing Space  Deep Water  Double Cross  Factory Girls  How Dare the Sun Rise  Queer, There, and Everywhere

Chasing Space : An Astronaut’s Story of Grit, Grace, and Second Chances by Leland Melvin. 9780062496720. 2017. Gr 11-Adult.
Leland Melvin, a former NASA astronaut and NFL wide receiver, tells his amazing life story.

Deep Water (Simon True) by Katherine Nichols. 9781481481076. 2017. Gr 9-12.
Nichols tells the true story of Eddie Otero who, wanting a chance at the good life, agreed to smuggle illegal drugs from Mexico by swimming them at night past the border patrol. This one bad decision led to more crimes until he was caught. Also published in May is One Cut by Eve Porinchak, in which a neighborhood fight between teens led to murder convictions.

Double Cross : Deception Techniques in War by Paul B. Janeczko. 9780763660420. 2017. Gr 7-12.
Enemies have always strived to win battles through deceit; they only difference between now and ancient times is the methods. Janeczko, author of The Dark Game (about spies), tells the stories of deception from the Biblical story of Gideon to the disinformation and duplicity of today.

The Factory Girls : A Kaleidoscopic Account of the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire by Christine Seifert. 9781942186458. 2017. Gr 7-12.
In the early 20th century, teen immigrant girls labored in factories, making clothes under brutal conditions set by greedy factory owners. The turning point was the fire at the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory in 1911, in which over one hundred people died because they had been locked in. This book looks at how the history of fashion, the desire for goods, and the advances in industry fostered a culture of greed.

How Dare the Sun Rise by Sandra Uwiringiyimana. 9780062470140. 2017. Gr 7-12.
Sandra was ten years old when rebels in the Democratic Republic of the Congo killed her mother and sister. She managed to escape and found refuge in the United States through a refugee program. However, in middle school in New York she realized she needed to overcome her ethnic disconnect and give voice to her people.

Queer, There, and Everywhere : 23 People Who Changed the World by Sarah Prager. 9780062474315. 2017. Gr 8-12.
These twenty-three men and women throughout history are considered to be part of the queer community, as well as openly gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender people. Included are the likes of Abraham Lincoln, Joan of Arc, Lili Elbe, and Alan Turing—all people who have greatly influenced history and paved the way for the modern gay and transgender rights movement.

Shattered Warrior  Spill Zone  Tuesday's Promise  We Have No Idea

Shattered Warrior by Sharon Shinn & Molly Knox Ostertag. 9781626720893. 2017. Gr 8-12.
(Graphic novel) Eight years after the alien Derichets conquered her world and killed her family, Colleen exists alone, far from the city in a Derichet family, with only her human coworkers and, unlikely as it sounds, a Derichet factory overseer. Then the recklessly brave Jann and his rebel Chromatti invade Colleen’s village, and start a revolution.

Spill Zone (Book 1) by Scott Westerfeld & Alex Puvilland. 9781596439368. 2017. Gr 10-12.
(Graphic novel) Three years after an inexplicable event in upstate New York destroyed Addison’s hometown, the Spill Zone has become a waking nightmare of unearthly and lethal dangers. To make money, Addie risks capture by sneaking into the Zone to take pictures and sell them. But one day she ventures in too far, where something sinister is calling her name.

Tuesday’s Promise : One Veteran, One Dog, and Their Bold Quest to Change Lives by Luis Carlos Montalvan. 9780316314411. 2017. Gr 11-Adult.
Luis Montalván writes again about his service dog, Tuesday’s, and their mission to help soldiers, veterans, and others with disabilities in their search for healing and peace. Luis had to make a hard decision on whether or not to live his life in a wheelchair at the same time that he was trying to make room in his life for another furry friend.

We Have No Idea : A Guide to the Unknown Universe by Jorge Cham & Daniel Whiteson. 9780735211513. 2017. Gr 10-Adult.
There are lots of books that explain what we know and how we know it, but this one does the opposite. Using infographics, cartoons, and a witty, conversational tone, Cham and White try to explain what science doesn’t know and why we don’t yet know it.


Great New Easy & Fiction Titles for May 2017

Check out these exciting easy and fiction titles that were published in May.


7 Ate 9  And the Robot Went  And Then Comes Summer  Ben's Revolution  Cinnamon  Dragons Rule, Princesses Drool

7 Ate 9 by Tara Lazer (ill. Ross MacDonald). 9781484717790. 2017. Gr PK-1.
The number six hires the letter Private I to investigate whether or not the number seven really ate nine, as the old joke goes. Wordplay and number puns abound before Private I cracks the case.

And the Robot Went… by Michelle Robinson (ill. by Sergio Ruzzier). 9780544586529. 2017. Gr K-2.
Animal builders, including a Fox, Bear, and a Gnu, team up to assemble a Robot. Each step of the process has its own accompanying sound effect that listeners can repeat until the surprising end of this cumulative tale.

And Then Comes Summer by Tom Brenner (ill. by Jaime Kim). 9780763660710. 2017. Gr PK-3.
Celebrate the changes that come around during summer time, such as people wearing flip-flops, kids playing hide-and-seek outdoors, and ice-cream trucks bringing happiness to neighborhoods.

Ben’s Revolution : Benjamin Russell and the Battle of Bunker Hill by Nathaniel Philbrick (ill. by Wendell Minor). 9780399166747. 2017. Gr 2-4.
Twelve-year-old Benjamin Russell of Boston experiences the Revolutionary War from the Boston Tea Party of 1773 through the Declaration of Independence in 1776.

Cinnamon by Neil Gaiman (ill. by Divya Srinivasan). 9780062399618. 2017. Gr 1-4.
A long time ago a princess in a small hot country will not talk, no matter what her teachers do. Can anyone make her want to talk?

Dragons Rule, Princesses Drool by Courtney Pippin-Mathur. 9781481461382. 2017. Gr K-2.
Two extremely dangerous creatures have just invaded Dragon’s territory. Dragon is fierce; will he use his fire breathing or his sharp claws to defeat this scourge of…princesses?

 Firefighter Duckies  Go Sleep in Your Own Bed  Green Green  Hattie and Hudson  Hop Up Wriggle Over  I Got a New Friends

Firefighter Duckies! by Frank W. Dormer. 9781481460903. 2017. Gr PK-1
You might not pick ducks as your first choice when you need are in trouble, but these firefighter duckies are brave and strong, no matter who or what needs to be rescued!

Go Sleep in Your Own Bed! by Candace Fleming & Lori Nichols. 9780375866487. 2017. Gr PK-2.
When Pig tries to go to bed in her sty, Cow is there. “Go sleep in your own bed!” scolds Pig—and the humor begins. Cow kicks Hen out of his bed; Hen shoos her own interloper out of hers; and on it goes. This would make a great read-aloud and a wonderful bedtime book—and even parents should get a laugh out of it!

Green Green : A Community Gardening Story by Marie & Baldev Lamba (ill. by Sonia Sanchez). 9780374327972. 2017. Gr PK-2.
In the city an abandoned lot squeezed between two buildings becomes a community garden.

Hattie & Hudson by Chris Van Dusen. 9780763665456. 2017. Gr PK-3.
Hattie’s sweet singing draws a sea monster to the surface of the lake she’s paddling across. The two quickly form a friendship, and Hattie is determined to help the locals, who fear the monster, see past his enormously frightening size.

Hop Up! Wriggle Over! by Elizabeth Honey. 9780544790841. 2017. Gr PK-1.
Follow a diverse family of animals from morning until night in this great read-aloud packed with onomatopoeia and fun illustrations.

I Got a New Friend by Karl Newsom Edwards. 9780399557002. 2017. Gr PK-1.
A young girl gets a new puppy and learns what it means to have a dog.

Jabari Jumps  Queen's Handbag  Secrets I KNow  Stack the Cats  That Neighbor Kid

Jabari Jumps by Gaia Cornwall. 9780763678388. 2017. Gr PK-3.
After Jabari completes his swimming lessons and passes his swim test, he’s ready to jump off the diving board—well, very nearly ready. He just needs to work up his courage first.

The Queen’s Handbag by Steve Antony. 9781338032932. 2017. Gr PK-1.
When a thief steals the Queen of England’s handbag, she and her guards are led on a merry chase to and around the landmarks of Great Britain. (Also check out The Queen’s Hat.)

Secrets I Know by Kallie George & Paola Zakimi. 9781101938935. 2017. Gr PK-2.
A young girl spends a day in her yard discovering secrets only she can know.

Stack the Cats by Susie Ghahremani. 9781419723490. 2017. Gr PK-1.
Watch and count cats of all shapes and sizes as they do all sorts of cat-ty activities—including dozing off on cute furry stacks.

That Neighbor Kid by David Miyares. 9781481449793. 2017. Gr PK-2.
When young boy meets a girl, together they decide to build a tree house.

There Might Be Lobsters  Thing Lou Couldn't Do  Toad on the Road  Trains Don't Sleep

There Might Be Lobsters by Carolyn Crimi (ill. by Laurel Molk). 9780763675424. 2017. Gr PK-2.
Sukie, a small dog, i’s afraid of being on the beach where the waves are big and there could be lobsters. After being carried to the sand by her girl Eleanor, Sukie watches fearfully, worrying about all the things that could go wrong. But when her toy monkey floats out to sea, can she overcome her fears?

The Thing Lou Couldn’t Do by Ashley Spires. 9781771387279. 2017. Gr PK-2.
Young Lou is fearless, willing to run, build fortresses, rescue wild animals, and do anything her friends can do—except climb a tree. Lou has to learn to face her fears and find her courage to join her friends on this fun adventure.

Toad on the Road : A Cautionary Tale by Stephen Shaskan. 9780062393470 2017. Gr PK-2.
Squatting in the middle of the road, a toad watches a buzzing fly. When a bear on a bike, a crocodile in a car, and a vole in a van all come down the road, they swerve to avoid him, and then crash. They admonish the little toad to get off the road, but he doesn’t listen until someone special arrives. (Hint: Stephen dedicated this book to his mom.)

Trains Don’t Sleep by Andria Rosenbaum (ill. by Deirdre Gill). 9780544380745. 2017. Gr PK-2.
This tribute to trains blends onomatopoetic text and a sweet bedtime story for young railroad enthusiasts.



Crash  Dog Trouble  Dragon with a Chocolate Heart  Georgia Rules  Gnome-a-geddon  Great Treehouse War

Crash! (Kid from Planet Z, Book 1) by Nancy Krulik. 9780448490120. 2017. Gr 1-3.
When alien kid Zeke Zander and his family accidentally crash their spaceship on Earth on their way to Planet Z, Zeke must blend in with Earth kids until the ship is fixed. It will be mighty tricky, though, to keep his talking cat, antennae, and power of invisibility secret.

Dog Trouble! by Galia Oz. 9780399550201. 2017. Gr 2-5.
Julie has a new dog, Shakshuka, who is always getting Julie in trouble, but when Shakshuka goes missing, Julie and her friends must use some detective work to find her again.

The Dragon with a Chocolate Heart by Stephanie Burgis. 9781681193434. 2017. Gr 3-6.
After drinking enchanted hot chocolate, a brave and feisty young dragon is transformed into a twelve-year-old human girl with a passion for chocolate.

Georgia Rules by Nanci Turner Steveson. 9780062374578. 2017. Gr 4-6.
Maggie only met her father once when she was just four years old. When he dies, he leaves his 2,000-acre farm in Vermont to her with one rule—she must live there for one year before she can sell it. So Maggie and her mother leave their lives in Georgia behind and try to adjust to their new surroundings.

Gnome-a-geddon by K.A. Holt. 9781481478458. 2017. Gr 4-6.
Buck is a huge fan of a popular fantasy series (think: Harry Potter). But when the author goes missing, and Buck’s little sister, Willy, disappears, Buck realizes the series is not merely fiction. He finds himself racing through a terrifying (and hilarious) world he thought was only make-believe with his best friend, Lizzie. Together, they hunt a mythical weapon in order to save Willy and the author—and the world in the process.

The Great Treehouse War by Lisa Graff. 9780525514503. 2017. Gr 3-6.
Fifth-grader Winnie writes of turning her treehouse into an embassy after her newly-divorced parents become unreasonable. Things are peaceful until nine of her friends, also with complaints about their families, decide to move in, too.

Keys to the City  Lemons  Lost Legacy  Magnificent Flying Baron Estate  Moon Platoon  Quicksand Pond

Keys to the City by Lisa Schroeder. 9780545907385. 2017. Gr 4-6.
Lindy’s homework assignment for the summer is to explore different pursuits to find what she is passionate about. Invited by a neighbor and her grandson to visit New York City, she hopes to find her “true passion” but is afraid that she isn’t good at anything.

Lemons by Melissa Savage. 9781524700126. 2017. Gr 3-6.
Lemonade’s mama told her to make lemonade out of the lemons life sends her way, but when she has to move to California, to live with her grandfather after her mother dies, Lem struggles to find the good in any of it. Then she meets Tobin, who invites her on an adventure to capture Bigfoot on film.

The Lost Legacy (Supernormal Sleuthing Service, Book 1) by Gwenda Bond & Christopher Rowe. 9780062459947. 2017. Gr 4-6.
Stephen’s dad has just gotten a new job in New York City as the head chef in an exclusive hotel. When they arrive, Stephen realizes how exclusive—and monstrous—the “supernormal” clientele at their new home is! He also is shocked to discover that he is part supernormal himself. When he is framed for the theft of a magical artifact, he and his friends search for the missing item—or else he will be punished according to monster law. (You don’t want to know!)

The Magnificent Flying Baron Estate (Bizarre Baron Inventions, Book 1) by Eric Bower. 9781944995133. 2017. Gr 4-6.
Waldo’s parents, both inventors, have turned their home into a flying machine and entered a race across the country. However, they are kidnapped by a notorious villain’s sister who has her own plans for the prize money.

The Moon Platoon (Space Runners, Book 1) by Jeramey Kraatz. 9780062445971. 2017. Gr 4-6.
Benny is excited to be chosen for a scholarship program to Lunar Taj, the first resort on the Moon, with other bright kids. But when they arrive, they find that they have not been told the whole truth about their expedition.

Quicksand Pond by Janet Taylor Lisle. 9781481472227. 2017. Gr 4-6.
Jessie isn’t thrilled to be spending the summer in a small town in Rhode Island with her professor father, her annoying younger brother, and her too-perfect older sister. When she meets a local girl, Terri, out on Quicksand Pond, the two become fast friends. But the lingering effects of a past tragedy hang like a dark cloud over the town. And when another crime is committed, the girls’ friendship is put to the ultimate test.

Roll  Three Pennies  William Wenton and the Impossible Puzzle

Roll by Darcy Miller. 9780062461223. 2017. Gr 4-6.
When Ren sees birds plummeting to the ground, he thinks something is wrong, until he finds out that his new neighbor is training these pigeons for a competition. With no friends around, Ren starts learning to train the birds with his neighbor. It won’t be an exciting summer—or will it?

Three Pennies by Melanie Crowder. 9781481471879. 2017. Gr 4-6.
Marin has only known life in the foster care system. Her constant companions have been the Chinese “I Ching,” the “Book of Changes,” and three pennies always in her pocket. Lately, though, she feels like she has found a place she could stay forever—but she still dreams of finding her birth mother and hopes to convince her that they belong together. Then Marin gets unwelcome news.

William Wenton and the Impossible Puzzle by Bobbie Peers. 9781481478250. 2017. Gr 4-6.
William is a genius at solving puzzles, but eight years ago his family picked up stakes from England and moved to Norway. He has no idea why they had to move, why they changed their last name, or why he has to keep his puzzle-solving talent a secret. But when an exhibit called the Impossible Puzzle comes to the local museum, William can’t resist trying to solve it.



Beyond the Bright Sea  Brave New Girl  Bubble  Epic Fail of Arturo Zamora  Finding Mighty  Girl Who Wouldn't Die  Go-Between

Beyond the Bright Sea by Lauren Wolk. 9781101994856. 2017. Gr 4-7.
Crow has no memory of her mother. Her life with Osh, the man who found Crow as an infant washed ashore in a small boat near his island home, is all she’s ever known. But when she spots a fire across the sea on a nearby deserted Island, it ignites a flame inside that propels Crow on a journey to discover her roots.

Brave New Girl (Book 1) by Rachel Vincent. 9780399552458. 2017. Gr 7-10.
Dahlia 16 is one of five thousand girls created from the same genome, identical to every one of her “sisters.”  However, for some reason, a boy named Trigger 17 says she is beautiful and unique. That, of course, means Trigger is flawed, but if he sees something unique about her that means she is flawed as well, and if anyone finds out, their genetic line will be exterminated.

Bubble by Stewart Foster. 9781481487429. 2017. Gr 5-7.
Eleven-year-old Joe lives in a hospital due to his auto-immune disease, interacting only with his sister, the medical staff, and an American boy with the same illness. He can’t leave his room due to the risk of life-threatening germs, but when a new nurse offers Joe the possibility of going outside, Joe must decide if the adventure is worth the risk.

The Epic Fail of Arturo Zamora by Pablo Cartaya. 9781101997239. 2017. Gr 5-8.
Arturo Zamora must save his family’s restaurant before a land developer destroys it. He teams up with the funny, cute new girl, Carmen, to thwart the developer’s plans and help bring the community together.

Finding Mighty by Sheela Chari. 9781419722967. 2017. Gr 6-8.
Two things are missing: Myla’s necklace and Peter’s brother Randall. As the two try to solve the mysteries among the grit, graffiti, and parkour players of New York City, they find their families share a secret history that endanger them all.

The Girl Who Wouldn’t Die by Randall Platt. 9781510708099. 2017. Gr 7-10.
In 1939 Poland, it is dangerous to stand up for anyone, especially the Jews. So Arab, a young Jewish girl, disguises herself as an Aryan boy and leads a street gang, doing everything she needs to stay alive. But her plans go awry when a stranger asks for help.

The Go-Between by Veronica Chambers. 9781101930953. 2017. Gr 7-10.
Every girl envies Camilla in Mexico City; she lives a life of luxury with a father who does voice-overs for American movies and a glamorous mother who acts in telenovela films. When her mother is cast in an American television show, they have to move to Los Angeles and, for the first time, Cammi meets with racism at her posh, private school, where the white students assume she is a poor scholarship student.

Lost Kingdom of Bamarre  Posted  Restart  Shadow Cipher  This Would Make a Good Story Someday  Unexpected Life of Oliver Cromwell Pitts  Washed Ashore

The Lost Kingdom of Bamarre (Enchanted) by Gail Carson Levine. 9780062074669. 2017. Gr 5-8.
Princess Peregrine has always striven to be the Lakti people’s ideal woman, to impress her parents, and to become the best warrior she can be, never giving any thought to the castle’s Bamarre servants. One day, just as she is about to join her father in battle, the fairy Halina reveals Perry is actually of Bamarre birth, and challenges her to rise up against the Lakti and free her people from tyranny.

Posted by John David Anderson. 9780062338204. 2017. Gr 5-8.
After cell phones are banned at Branton Middle School, Frost, Deedee, Wolf, and Bench decide to start communicating with each other through sticky-notes instead of text messages. It quickly catches on in the rest of the school, but for every nice note there is a mean, bullying one. Then, when new girl Rose sits down at Frost’s lunch table, her presence threatens to unravel Frost’s circle of friends, and the sticky-note war escalates.

Restart by Gordon Korman. 9781338053777. 2017. Gr 5-8.
Chase does not remember falling off the roof; in fact he does not remember anything about himself. When he gets back to middle school, he begins to learn who he was through the reactions of the other kids—trouble is, he really is not sure he likes the Chase that he was. But can he take the opportunity amnesia has provided and restart his life?

The Shadow Cipher (York, Book 1) by Laura Ruby. 9780062306937. 2017. Gr 5-8.
In an alternate New York City, three kids race to solve a puzzle that will save their homes from a land developer by finding clues hidden in the buildings of the city.

This Would Make a Good Story Someday by Dana Alison Levy. 9781101938171. 2017. Gr 5-8.
Sara is not thrilled when her summer plans are upended for a surprise cross-country train trip with her family, and she is embarrassed because one of her moms is writing a tell-all book about the trip. Then she finds herself changing along with the landscape outside the train windows.

The Unexpected Life of Oliver Cromwell Pitts by Avi. 9781616205645. 2017. Gr 5-7.
Oliver wakes up to find his father missing and his home flooded in the seaside town of Melcombe Regis, England, 1724. With no money, Oliver decides to loot a wrecked ship, which is illegal. After getting caught and escaping from the poorhouse, he discovers his father has gone to London to look for his sister, who is in some kind of trouble.

Washed Ashore by Kerr Thomson. 9780545904209. 2017. Gr 6-8.
After a furious storm, the bodies of a whale and a man washed ashore on an island off the coast of Scotland. Two young teens get caught up in the mystery surrounding these bodies—and in the discovery of another man who also secretly washed ashore that night.



Antisocial  Crossing Ebenezer Creek  Dark Breaks the Dawn  Dreamfall  Eliza and Her Monsters  Fashion Committee  Flame in the Mist

Antisocial by Jillian Blake. 9781101938966. 2017. Gr 9-12.
After students’ phones are hacked at Alexandria Prep, Anna Soler tries to figure out who is releasing secrets and private information.

Crossing Ebenezer Creek by Tonya Bolden. 9781599903194. 2017. Gr 8-12.
Freed from slavery, Mariah and her young brother Zeke join Sherman’s march through Georgia, where Mariah meets a free black named Caleb and dares to imagine the possibility of true love, but hope can come at a cost.

Dark Breaks the Dawn by Sara B. Larson. 9781338068696. 2017. Gr 9-12.
This magical struggle between the forces of light and darkness is a reimagining of Swan Lake (first of a duology).

Dreamfall (Book 1) by Amy Plum. 9780062429872. 2017. Gr 9-12.
When seven teenagers agree to take part in an experimental new procedure to cure their insomnia, their worst nightmares come true. Thrown into a dreamworld, they must fight to defeat their dreams if they ever hope to wake up.

Eliza and Her Monsters by Francesca Zappia. 9780062290137. 2017. Gr 9-12.
Eliza has an alternate persona online, LadyConstellation, through her popular webcomic. Her work is a worldwide sensation. But in her daily life, Eliza is awkward, shy, and not exactly popular—In fact, she’s utterly friendless. That is, until Wallace comes into her life. Now she wonders if real-world interactions might be worthwhile after all. But when Eliza’s secret is revealed to the world, her life falls apart.

The Fashion Committee by Susan Juby. 9780451468789. 2017. Gr 9-12.
While trying to win a scholarship to Green Pastures Academy of Art and Applied Design, Charlie and John compete in a fashion competition while trying to keep their personal lives together.

The Flame in the Mist (Book 1) by Renee Ahdieh. 9780399171635. 2017. Gr 9-12.
Mariko is the only daughter of a prominent samurai, which means her only future is marriage. However, on her way to the imperial palace to meet her betrothed for the first time, Mariko’s caravan is attacked by the Black Clan, who were hired to kill her. Escaping and disguising herself as a boy, Mariko infiltrates the Black Clan with the intention of getting revenge, but that may not be in her future.

Ginny Moon  Grace and the Fever  Grit  I Believe in a Thing Called Love  Just a Normal Tuesday  Lines We Cross  Names They Gave Us

Ginny Moon by Benjamin Ludwig. 9780778330165. 2017. Gr 9-12.
Recently adopted autistic teenager Ginny does everything she can to return to her former life with her birth mom because of a traumatic event in the past. In the process, she discovers that going back is not what she really needs.

Grace and the Fever by Zan Romanoff. 9781524720841. 2017. Gr 9-12.
Grace is still obsessed with the boy band, Fever Dream. When, shortly after graduating high school, Grace meets Jes, the band’s lead singer, she finds herself inside the private lives of the band. And while she juggles her secret fan-girl persona with the cool girl she wants the boys to see, she learns the media portrayal of the band she loves doesn’t necessarily match up with reality.

Grit by Gillian French. 9780062642554. 2017. Gr 9-12.
Darcy has gained the reputation of “town slut,” just because she likes to have a good time with the boys on hot summer nights. In reality, she does it because she needs to get her mind off her secrets, including the secret she shares with her cousin Nell. When someone anonymously nominates Darcy for the Bay Festival Princess, she finds her past secrets coming to light in ways she doesn’t know how to handle.

I Believe in a Thing Called Love by Maurene Goo. 9780374304041. 2017. Gr 9-12.
Desi Lee is smart, practical, and very successful in school—except in romance. She decides to use the techniques she learned from watching Korean dramas with her father in snagging a perfect boyfriend.

Just a Normal Tuesday by Kim Turrisi. 9781771387934. 2017. Gr 9-12.
After her sister commits suicide, sixteen-year-old Kai loses herself in a world of alcohol and drugs until her parents send her to grief camp where she learns to live and love again.

The Lines We Cross by Randa Abdel-Fattah. 9781338118667. 2017. Gr 7-12.
Michael likes playing with graphic design software. He often gets dragged to his parents’ anti-immigration rallies, where he meets Mina, a beautiful Muslim refugee from Afghanistan. Funny and smart, Mina challenges everything Michael has been taught to believe.

The Names They Gave Us by Emery Lord. 9781619639584. 2017. Gr 9-12.
Lucy is the daughter of a preacher, so when her mother’s cancer returns, she’s not supposed to lose faith in God—but she does. Lucy agrees to work as a counselor at a nearby camp for troubled kids, and there she finds a diverse group of people who quickly become her friends, and one who becomes something more. But family secrets come to light, shaking Lucy to her core, and testing the limits of her love and faith.


Noteworthy  One of Us Is Lying  Pearl Thief  Traitor's Kiss  When Dimple Met Rishi  Windfall

Noteworthy by Riley Redgate. 9781419723735. 2017. Gr 9-12.
When Jordan Sun is rejected from the school musical because of her low singing voice, she disguises herself as a boy to join the elite all-male a cappella group. In the process she learns what it means to be a girl AND a boy in a male-dominated society.

One of Us Is Lying by Karen M. McManus. 9781524714680. 2017. Gr 9-12.
Smart Bronwyn, beautiful Addy, drug-dealer Nate, athlete Cooper, and class outcast Simon—creator of the notorious school gossip app—all walk into Bayview High on a Monday afternoon for detention. The four other students know that Simon plans on publishing juicy gossip about all of them on Tuesday. Before Monday detention ends, Simon is dead, and the others are lying about who killed him.

The Pearl Thief by Elizabeth Wein. 9781484717165. 2017. Gr 7-12.
Julia Beaufort-Stuart wakes up in a hospital not knowing how she was injured, and soon befriends Euan McEwen, the Scottish Traveller boy who found her. Later, when a body is discovered, she experiences the prejudices his family has endured and tries to keep them from being framed for the crime.

The Traitor’s Kiss (Traitor’s Circle, Book 1) by Erin Beaty. 9781250117946. 2017. Gr 9-12.
Sage has a quicksilver tongue and an unruly temper, and she is definitely not a proper lady. That means she will not be married off herself, but is apprenticed to a matchmaker, helping her country wrangle other young ladies into marriages for political alliances. Then Sage meets a handsome soldier, who recruits her to infiltrate and spy on enemy ranks inside a secret political uprising in their own military.

When Dimple Met Rishi by Sandhya Menon. 9781481478687. 2017. Gr 9-12.
When Dimple Shah and Rishi Patel meet at a Stanford University summer program, Dimple is avoiding her parents’ obsession with “marriage prospects” but Rishi hopes to woo her into accepting arranged marriage with him.

Windfall by Jennifer E. Smith. 9780399559372. 2017. Gr 9-12.
Alice has been pining for her best friend, Teddy, for some time now, and it seems like they are about to start something romantic. But when she buys him a lottery ticket for his eighteenth birthday and his number wins, the money changes both their lives forever—and may ruin any chance they had of becoming more than friends.


June Current Series

Keep Your Series Current: June 2017

Update your popular series with these books that will be published in June. Enjoy!


Andy & Sandy and the Big Talent Show  Chicken in School  Chirri & Chirra, in the Tall Grass  Curse of Einstein's Pencil  Dragon Tamers

Andy & Sandy and the Big Talent Show (Andy & Sandy Book, Book 4) by Tomie de Paolo (ill. by Jim Lewis). 9781481479479. 2017. Gr K-2.
Chicken in School (Chicken) by Adam Lehrhaupt (ill. by Shahar Kober). 9780062364135. 2017. Gr K-2.
Chirri & Chirra, in the Tall Grass (Chirri) by Kaya Doi. 9781592702251. 2017. Gr K-2.
The Curse of Einstein’s Pencil (Bea Garcia, Book 2) by Deborah Zemke. 9780803741553. 2017. Gr 1-3.
The Dragon Tamers (Dragon Brothers, Book 2) by James Russell (ill. by Link Choi). 9781492648642. 2017. Gr K-3.

Gum Luck  Heidi Heckelbeck and the Magic Puppy  I'm Smart  March of the Vanderpants  Perfecto Pet Show

Gum Luck (Gum Girl, Book 2) by Rhode Montijo. 9781423161172. 2017. Gr 1-3.
Heidi Heckelbeck and the Magic Puppy (Heidi Heckelbeck, Book 20) by Wanda Coven (ill. by Priscilla Burris). 9781481495226. 2017. Gr K-2.
I’m Smart! By Kate & Jim McMullan. 9780062449238. 2017. Gr PK-2.
March of the Vanderpants (Notebook of Doom, Book 12) by Troy Cummings. 9781338034530. 2017. Gr 1-3.
Perfecto Pet Show (Bobs and Tweets, Book 2) by Pepper Springfield (ill. by Kristy Caldwell). 9780545870733. 2017. Gr 1-4.

Pig the WInner  Raybot and Weebot  Seven Rules  Zombelina School Days

Pig the Winner (Pig the Pug) by Aaron Blabey. 9781338136388. 2017. Gr PK-1.
Raybot and Weebot by Adam F. Watkins. 9780843183016. 2017. Gr PK-1.
Seven Rules You Absolutely Mus Not Break If You Want to Survive the Cafeteria by John Grandits (ill. by Michael Allen Austin). 9780544699519. 2017. Gr 1-4.
Zombelina School Days by Kristyn Crow (ill. by Molly Idle). 9781619636415. 2017. Gr PK-3.



Agatha Parrot and the Thirteenth Chicken  Binny Bewitched  Bow Wow  Door Before  Escape from the Great Earthquake  Giant's Seat

Agatha Parrot and the Thirteenth Chicken (Agatha Parrot, Book 5) by Kjartan Poskitt. 9780544509092. 2017. Gr 2-5.
Binny Bewitched (Binny , Book 3) by Hilary McKay. 2017. Gr 4-6.
Bow Wow (Bowser and Birdie, Book 3) by Spencer Quinn. 9781338091342. 2017. Gr 4-6.
The Door Before (100 Cupboards, Book 0) by N.D. Wilson. 9780449816776. 2017. Gr 4-6.
Escape from the Great Earthquake (Ranger in Time, Book 6) by Kate Messner. 9780545909846. 2017. Gr 2-5.
The Giant’s Seat (Extraordinary Journeys of Clockwork Charlie, Book 2) by Dave Butler. 9780553512991. 2017. Gr 4-7.

Glam Opening  Hamstersaurus Rex vs. Squirrel Kong  Maya's Story  Mrs. Master Is a Disaster  Peter Powers and the League of Lying Lizards

Glam Opening! (Sparkle Spa, Book 10) by Mill Santopolo. 9781481463966. 2017. Gr 2-5.
Hamstersaurus Rex vs. Squirrel Kong (Hamstersaurus Rex, Book 2) by Tom O’Donnell. 9780062377562. 2107. Gr 3-6.
Maya’s Story (Backyard Witch, Book 3) by Christine Heppermann. 9780062338440. 2017. Gr 2-4.
Mrs. Master Is a Disaster! (My Weirdest School, Book 8) by Dan Gutman. 9780062429346. 2017. Gr 2-5.
Peter Powers and the League of Lying Lizards! (Peter Powers and His Not-So-Super Powers, Book 4) by Kent Clark. 9780316546409. 2017. Gr 4-6.

Princess Juniper of Torr  Tournament of Champions
Princess Juniper of Torr (Princess Juniper, Book 3) by Ammi-Joan Paquette. 9780399171536. 2017. Gr 3-6.
Tournament of Champions (Rip and Reed, Book 3) by Phil Bildner. 9780374305079. 2017. Gr 3-5.



Benjamin Franklin You've Got Mail  Book of Shadows  Frog Princess Returns  High Note  Keeper of Myths  Legendtopia The Shadow Queen

Benjamin Franklin : You’ve Got Mail (Benjamin Franklin, Book 2) by Adam Mansbach & Alan Zqeibel. 9781484713051. 2017. Gr 6-8.
The Book of Shadows (Book of Storms, Book 3) by Ruth Hatfield. 9781627790031. 2017. Gr 6-8.
The Frog Princess Returns (Tales of the Frog Princess, Book 9) by E.D. Baker. 9781681191379. 2017. Gr 5-7.
The High Note (Girl vs. Boy Band, Book 2) by Harmony Jones. 9781619639492. 9781619639492. 2017. Gr 5-8.
Keeper of Myths (Secrets of Valhalla, Book 2) by Jasmine Richards. 9780062010117. 2017. Gr 4-7.
Legendtopia : The Shadow Queen (Legendtopia, Book 2) by Lee Bacon. 9780553534061. 2017. Gr 4-7.

Lord of Monsters  Middle School Mayhem  Quest to the Uncharted Lands  Rogue World  Silver Moon of Summer

Lord of Monsters (Out of Abaton, Book 2) by John Claude Bemis. 9781484707418. 2017. Gr 4-7.
Middle School : From Hero to Zero (Middle School, Book 9) by James Patterson & Chris Tebbetts. 9780316346900. 2017. Gr 5-7. (Cover photo not released yet.)
Middle School Mayhem (Misadventures of Max Crumbly, Book 2) by Rachel Renee Russell. 9781481460033. 2017. Gr 5-7.
The Quest to the Uncharted Lands (World of Solace, Book 3) by Jaleigh Johnson. 9781101933121. 2017. Gr 4-7.
The Rogue World (Dark Gravity Sequence, Book 3) by Matthew J. Kirby. 9780062224934. 2017. Gr 4-7.
The Silver Moon of Summer (Silver Sisters, Book 3) by Leila Howland. 9780062318756. 2017. Gr 5-7.



 Bone Queen  Fallen Kingdom  Firebrand  Julia Defiant  Midnight Jewel  Nothing Left to Lose
The Bone Queen (Pellinor, Book 5) by Alison Croggon. 9780763689742. 2017. Gr 7-12.
The Fallen Kingdom (Falconer Trilogy, Book 3) by Elizabeth May. 9781452128832. 2017. Gr 9-12.
Firebrand (Steeplejack, Book 2) by A.J. Hartley. 9780765388131. 2017. Gr 8-12.
Julia Defiant (Witch’s Child, Book 2) by Catherine Egan. 9780553533354. 2017. Gr 9-12.
Midnight Jewel (Glittering Court, Book 2) by Richelle Mead. 9781595148438. 2017. Gr 9-12.
Nothing Left to Lose (John Cleaver, Book 6) by Dan Wells. 9780765380708. 2017. Gr 10-Adult.

Now I Rise  Obsidian and Stars  Our Dark Duet  Reign of Serpents  Thief's Cunning  Toni

Now I Rise (And I Darken, Book 2) by Kiersten White. 9780553522358. 2017. Gr 10-12.
Obsidian and Stars (Ivory and Bone, Book 2) by Julie Eshbaugh. 9780062399281. 2017. Gr 9-12.
Our Dark Duet (Monsters of Verity, Book 2) by Victoria Schwab. 9780062380883. 2017. Gr 9-12.
Reign of Serpents (Blood of Gods and Royals, Book 3) by Eleanor Herman. 9780373212330. 2017. Gr 9-12.
Thief’s Cunning (Assassin’s Heart, Book 2) by Sarah Ahiers. 9780062363831. 2017. Gr 7-12.
Toni (Blacktop, Book 4) by L.J. Alonge. 9780515158014. 2017. Gr 9-12.

Hooked on Space

Hooked on Space

Some people who are interested in astronomical events will stay up late at night, maybe huddling in winter jackets, just to watch a meteor shower or a lunar eclipse. Eclipse chasers, on the other hand, often travel the world and spend oodles of money just to experience the few moments of a total eclipse first-hand.

I wrote a post about eclipses on the Mackin Books in Bloom blog (including a list of books), but here I wanted to expand the field and recommend books on astronomy in general.  Most of the books focus on the solar system, but there are some that go beyond and into deeper space.

Share and enjoy!


Asteroids, Comets, and Meteors  Exploring Comets and Asteroids  Planets  Stargazing  Stars and Galaxies

Asteroids, Comets, and Meteors (Fast Track : Our Solar System) by Mary-Jane Wilkins. 9781781213681. 2017. Gr 1-3.
Other titles in the series include Earth, Inner Planets, The Moon, Outer Planets, and The Sun.

Exploring Comets and Asteroids (Journey Through Our Solar System) by David Anthony. 9781534522756. 2017. Gr 1-3.
Other titles in the series include one book for each planet, as well as The Sun, and The Moon.

Planets (Explore My World) by Becky Baines. 9781426323232. 2016. Gr PK-2.

Stargazing (Out of This World) by Alex Kuskowski. 9781624037467. 2016. Gr 1-3.
Other titles in this series include Astronauts, Moons. Planets, Space Travel, and The Universe.

Stars and Galaxies (Dorling Kindersley Readers) by James Buckley, Jr. 9781465458650. 2017. Gr K-2.



Cosmic Catastrophes  Exploring Beyond Our Solar System  Planets  Space  Star Light, Star Bright

Cosmic Catastrophes : Seven Ways to Destroy a Planet Like Earth (Smithsonian) by David Aguilar. 9780451476845. 2016. Gr 4-6.

Exploring Beyond Our Solar System (Wonders of Space) by Patricia Hutchinson. 9781634074759. 2016. Gr 3-6.
Other titles in the series include The First Moon Landing, The International Space System, The Mars Rovers, Space Missions of the 21st Century, and The Voyager Space Probes.

Planets (Exploring Our Universe) by Lauren Kukla. 9781680784060. 2017. Gr 3-6.
Other titles in this series include Galaxies, The Moon, Space Exploration, Stars, The Amazing Universe, The Sun, and Asteroids, Comets, and Meteoroids.

Space (Know It All!) by Moira Butterfield. 9781502608840. 2016. Gr 3-5.

Star Light, Star Bright : Exploring Our Solar System by Anna Prokos. 9781634401524. 2017. Gr 2-4.



Astronomy  Destination Space  Night Sky  Sailing the Solar System  Seven Wonders of the Solar System

Astronomy (Cutting-Edge Science and Technology) by Liz Kruesi. 9781624039133. 2016. Gr 6-9.

Destination : Space by Christoph Englert & Tom Clohosy Cole. 9781847808400. 2016. Gr 4-7.

Night Sky : Find Adventure! Go Outside! Have Fun! Be a Backyard Stargazer! (Ultimate Explorer Field Guide) by Howard Schneider. 9781426325472. 2016. Gr 4-8.

Sailing the Solar System : The Next 100 Years of Space Exploration by Nel Yomtov & Giovanni Pota. 9781491482650. 2017. Gr 4-7. (graphic novel)

Seven Wonders of the Solar System by David Aguilar. 9780451476852. December 2017. Gr 4-8.



Experiments for Future Astronomers  Exploring the Mysteries of Astronomy  Universe to Scale  Vacation Guide to the Solar System

Experiments for Future Astronomers (Experiments for Future STEM Professionals) by Robert Gardner. 9780766082007. 2017. Gr 2012.

Exploring the Mysteries of Astronomy (STEM Guide to the Universe) by Patrick Moore. 9781499464115. 2017. Gr 7-12.
Series also includes Exploring the Mysteries of the Universe.

The Universe to Scale : Similarities and Differences in Objects in Our Solar System (Space Systems) by Fiona Young-Brown. 9781502622891. 2017. Gr 8-12.
Other titles in this series include The Big Bang Theory and Light Spectra; The Composition of the Universe; Gravity, Orbiting Objects, and Planetary Motion; and Telescopes, Probes, Spacecraft, and The Future of Space Exploration.

Vacation Guide to the Solar System by Olivia Koski & Jana Grcevich. 9780143129776. 2017. Gr 9-Adult.



How to Make a Spaceship  Packing for Mars  Space Traveler's Guide to the Solar System  Spaceman  What's It Like in Space

How to Make a Spaceship : A Band of Renegades, an Epic Race, and the Birth of Private Spaceflight by Julian Guthrie. 9781594206726. 2016. Gr 10-Adult.

Packing for Mars : The Curious Science of Life in the Void by Mary Roach. 9780393068474. 2010. Gr 10-Adult.

A Space Traveler’s Guide to the Solar System by Mark Thompson. 9781681772394. 2016. Gr 11-Adult.

Spaceman : An Astronaut’s Unlikely Journey to Unlock the Secrets of the Universe by Mike Massimino. 9781101903544. 2016. Gr 11-Adult.

What’s It Like in Space? : Stories from Astronauts Who’ve Been There by Ariel Waldman. 9781452144764. 2016. Gr 8-Adult.