Keep Your Series Current: April 2018

Update your popular series with these books that will be published in April. Enjoy!



Breaking News : Alien Alert (Breaking News) by David Biedrzycki. 9781580898041. 2018. Gr K-3.
Crafty Cat and the Great Butterfly Battle (Crafty Cat, Book 3) by Charise Mericle Harper. 9781626724877. 2018. Gr 1-3.
Crescent Moons and Pointed Minarets : A Muslim Book of Shapes by Hena Khan (ill. by Mehrdokht Amini). 9781452155418. 2018. Gr PK-3.
A Dog with Nice Ears (Charlie and Lola) by Lauren Child. 9781536200362. 2018. Gr PK-1.
Fly Guy and the Alienzz (Fly Guy, Book 18) by Tedd Arnold. 9780545663182. 2018. Gr 1-3.
Jasmine Toguchi, Drummer Girl (Jasmine Toguchi, Book 3) by Debbi Michiko Florence (ill. by Elizabet Vukovic). 9780374304164. 2018. Gr 1-4.

Popped Star (Gumazing Gum Girl, Book 3) by Rhoda Montijo (ill. by Luke Reynolds). 9781423161189. 2018. Gr 1-3.
The Slithery Shakedown (Nocturnals Early Reader, Book 2) by Tracey Hecht. 9781944020170. 2018. Gr K-2.
This Book Is Red (Books That Drive Kids Crazy!) by Beck & Matt Stanton. 9780316434492. 2018. Gr PK-2.
UFO Spotted! (Hilde Cracks the Case, Book 4) by Hilde & Matt Lysiak (ill. by Joanne Lew-Vriethoff). 9781338141658. 2018. Gr 1-3.
What’s Cooking, Moo Moo? (Moo Moo & Mr. Quackers) by Tim Miller. 9780062414410. 2018. Gr PK-2.
The Wishing-Well Spell (Daisy Dreamer, Book 6) by Holly Anna (ill. by Genevieve Santos). 9781534412668. 2018. Gr 1-3.




The Backward Season (Wishing, Book 3) by Lauren Myracle. 9780062342126. 2018. Gr 4-6.
Bugging Out (Monsters Unleashed, Book 2) by John Kloepfer. 9780062427533. 2018. Gr 4-6.
Burning Magic (Shadow Magic, Book 3) by Joshua Khan. 9781368008426. 2018. Gr 4-6.
Cody and the Heart of a Champion (Cody, Book 4) by Tricia Springstubb. 9780763679217. 2018. Gr 2-5.
The Crooked Castle (Carmer and Grit, Book 2) by Sarah Jean Horwitz. 9781616206642. 2018. Gr 4-6.
The Dragon’s Eye (Spirit Animals : Fall of the Beasts, Book 8) by Sarwat Chadda. 9781338116717. 2018. Gr 4-6.
Escape from Castaway Island (Mr. Puffball, Book 3) by Constance Lombardo. 9780062320711. 2018. Gr 4-6.

The Explorers : The Reckless Rescue (Explorers, Book 2) by Adrienne Kress. 9781101940099. 2018. Gr 4-6.
Journey to the End (Secrets of an Overworld Survivor, Book 6) by Greyson Mann (ill. by Grace Sandford). 9781510733855. 2018. Gr 1-4.
The Last of the Lost Boys (Outlaws of Time, Book 3) by N.D. Wilson. 9780062327321. 2018. Gr 4-6.
Lou Lou and Pea and the Bicentennial Bonanza (Lou Lou and Pea, Book 2) by Jill Diamond. 9780374302986. 2018. Gr 4-6.
Lulu Is Getting a Sister (Who Wants Her? Who Needs Her?) (Lulu, Book 4) by Judith Viorst. 9781481471909. 2018. Gr 2-5.
The Pompeii Disaster (Flashback Four, Book 3) by Dan Gutman. 9780062374448. 2018. Gr 3-5.

A Prickly Problem (Calpurnia Tate, Girl Vet, Book 4) by Jacqueline Kelly. 9781627798754. 2018. Gr 2-4.
The Ring of Honor (Secrets of the Seven, Book 3) by Sarah L. Thomson. 9781619637351. 2018. Gr 4-6.
Road Trip with Max and His Mom by Linda Urban. 9780544809123. 2018. Gr 2-4.
Team Players (Home Team, Book 4) by Mike Lupica. 9781481410076. 2018. Gr 4-6.
The Truly Terrible Mistake (Penelope Perfect, Book 4) by Chrissie Perry. 9781481490856. 2018. Gr 2-5.
Twice Cursed (Dr. Critchlore’s School for Minions, Book 4) by Sheila Grau. 9781419728631. 2018. Gr 4-6.

Two Peas in a Pod (Whatever After, Book 11) by Sarah Mlynowski. 9781338162899. 2018. Gr 4-6.
Waste of Space (Moon Base Alpha, Book 3) by Stuart Gibbs. 9781481477796. 2018. Gr 4-6.
Wedgie & Gizmo vs. the Toof (Wedgie & Gizmo, Book 2) by Suzanne Selfors. 9780062447654. 2018. Gr 2-5.




The Case of the Perilous Palace (Wollstonecraft Detective Agency, Book 4) by Jordan Stratford. 9780553536447. 2018. Gr 5-8.
The Crimson Serpent (Five Elements, Book 3) by Dan Jolley. 9780062411709. 2018. Gr 5-8.
Hero Rising (Darkmouth, Book 4) by Shane Hegarty. 9780062311382. 2018. Gr 4-7.
Jolly Foul Play (Wells and Wong Mystery, Book 4) by Robin Stevens. 9781481489096. 2018. Gr 5-7.
My Life As a Youtuber (My Life, Book 7) by Janet Tashjian. 9781627798921. 2018. Gr 4-7.
Redemption (Earthfall, Book 3) by Mark Walden. 9781442494213. 2018. Gr 5-8.

River of Fire (Warriors : A Vision of Shadows, Book 5) by Erin Hunter. 9780062386533. 2018. Gr 5-8.
Seeker of the Crown (Prisoner of Ice and Snow, Book 2) by Ruth Lauren. 9781681191331. 2018. Gr 4-7.
Sunny (Track, Book 3) by Jason Reynolds. 9781481450218. 2018. Gr 4-8.




The Complication (Program, Book 6) by Suzanne Young. 9781481471350. 2018. Gr 9-12.
Defy the Worlds (Defy the Stars, Book 2) by Claudia Gray. 9780316394109. 2018. Gr 9-12.
The Fates Divide (Carve the Mark, Book 2) by Veronica Roth. 9780062426956. 2018. Gr 9-12.
Future Lost (Future Shock, Book 3) by Elizabeth Briggs. 9780807526873. 2018. Gr 9-12.
Given to the Earth (Given Duet, Book 2) by Mindy McGinnis. 9780399544644. 2018. Gr 9-12.
Infamous (Beautiful Idols, Book 3) by Alyson Noel. 9780062324580. 2018. Gr 10-12.

Inferno (Talon Saga, Book 5) by Julie Kagawa. 9781335017260. 2018. Gr 9-12.
The Lost Kids (Never Ever, Book 2) by Sara Saedi. 9780451475770. 2018. Gr 9-12.
Love & War : An Alex & Eliza Story by Melissa de la Cruz. 9781524739652. Gr 7-12.
Ozland (Everland, Book 3) by Wendy Spiinale. 9780545953221, 2018. Gr 7-10.
Star Struck (Ladybirds, Book 4) by Jenny McLachlan. 9781250061515. 2018. Gr 7-10.
Stormcaster (Shattered Realms, Book 3) by Cinda Williams Chima. 9780062381002. 2018. Gr 9-12.

Trouble Never Sleeps (Trouble, Book 3) by Stephanie Tromly. 9780525428428. 2018. Gr 9-12.
Unraveled (Perfected, Book 3) by Kate Jarvik Birch. 9781633759138. 2018. Gr 7-12.
Winter Glsss (Spindle Fire, Book 2) by Lexa Hillyer. 9780062440907. 2018. Gr 9-12.




Head On (Lock In, Book 2) by John Scalzi. 9780765388919. 2018. Gr 11-Adult.
Serpent in the Heather (Dark Talents, Book 2) by Kay Kenyon. 9781481487849. 2018. Gr 10Adult.

Celebrating Emergency Helpers in May

During the month of May, nurses, police, paramedics and EMTs, and hospitals are celebrated for their work in the community. (I am particularly interested in paramedics because my son works as one in Kansas City.) The books below are some excellent choices to beef up your collection with these hero stories.

May 6-12: National Nurses Week; National Hospital Week

May 13-19: National Police Week

May 20-26: National Emergency Medical Services Week



Community Helpers at the Hospital (Community Helpers on the Scene) by Mari Schuh. 9781515723974. 2017. Gr PK-2.
Fly Guy Presents : Police Officers by Tedd Arnold. 9781338217179. 2018. Gr 1-3.
From Accident to Hospital (Little World Communities and Commerce) by Anastasia Suen. 9781634300582. 2015. Gr K-2.
Hooray for Nurses! (Bumba Books: Hooray for Community Helpers!) by Elle Parkes. 9781512414448. 2017. Gr PK-2.
Hooray for Police Officers! (Bumba Books: Hooray for Community Helpers!) by Elle Parkes. 9781512414714. 2017. Gr PK-2.

I Can Be a Police Officer (I Can Be Anything) by Audrey Charles. 9781482463279. 2018. Gr PK-2.
Nurses (Blastoff! Readers) by Christina Leaf. 9781626177482. 2018. Gr K-3.
Nurses (Seedlings) by Kate Riggs. 9781628324891. 2017. Gr PK-1.
Paramedic (Here to Help) by Rachel Blount. 9781445140148. 2017. Gr K-2.
A Paramedic’s Job (Community Workers) by Miguel T. Rosario. 9781627129961. 2015. Gr PK-2.

Police Officers (Real-Life Superheroes) by Emma Less. 9781681512983. 2017. Gr K-2.
Police Officers on the Job (Jobs in Our Community) by Kate Rogers. 9781534521551. 2017. Gr K-2.
Why We Go to the Hospital (Bumba Books: Why Health Matters) by Rosalyn Clark. 9781541511101. 2018. Gr PK-2.




Emergency Medical Technician (Careers That Count) by Louise Spilsbury. 9781499408072. 2016. Gr 4-6.
Get a Job at the Hospital (Bright Futures: Get a Job) by Joe Rhatigan. 9781634719070. 2017. Gr 4-6.
Hospital (21st Century Junior Library: Explore a Workplace) by Jennifer Colby. 9781634710749. 2017. Gr 2-5.
Mounted and Canine Police (Careers for Heroes) by Lee Fitzgerald. 9781508143857. 2016. Gr 3-5.
Police Force (Defend and Protect) by Geoff Barker. 9781482441147. 2016. Gr 4-6.

Swat Team Members in Action (Dangerous Jobs in Action) by Alex Moning. 9781503816343. 2017. Gr 3-6.
You Wouldn’t Want to Live Without Nurses! By Fiona Macdonald & David Antram. 9780531224625. 2016. Gr 4-6.




Bold Women of Medicine : 21 Stories of Astounding Discoveries, Daring Surgeries, and Healing Breakthroughs by Susan M. Latta. 9781613734377. 2017. Gr 9-12.
Careers in Emergency Response (Exploring Careers) by Christine Wilcox. 9781682821046. 2017. Gr 7-12.
Careers in Law Enforcement (Exploring Careers) by Michael V. Uschan. 9781682821060. 2017. Gr 7-12.
EMTs and Paramedics (Careers in Healthcare) by Samantha Simon. 9781422237991. 2018. Gr 7-12.
Killer Evidence : Be a Police Detective (Crime Solvers) by Alix Wood. 9781538206324. 2018. Gr 6-8.
Nurses (Careers in Healthcare) by Samantha Simon. 9781422238004. 2018. Gr 7-12.

Women in Blue : 16 Brave Officers, Forensics Experts, Police Chiefs, and More by Cheryl Mullenbach. 9781613734223. 2016. Gr 9-12.
Working as a Law Enforcement Officer in Your Community (Careers in Your Community) by Daniel E. Harmon. 9781499461152. 2015. Gr 7-12.




Blue on Blue : An Insider’s Story of Good Cops Catching Bad Cops by Charles Campisi. 9781501127199. 2017. Gr 11-Adult.
Called to Rise : A Life in Faithful Service to the Community That Made Me by David O. Brown. 9781524796549. 2017. Gr 11-Adult.
Lights & Sirens : The Education of a Paramedic by Kevin Grange. 9780425275238. 2015. Gr 11-Adult.
The Nurses : A Year of Secrets, Drama, and Miracles with the Heroes of the Hospital by Alexandra Robbins. 9780761171713. 2015. Gr 10-Adult.
The Shift : One Nurse, Twelve Hours, Four Patients’ Lives by Theresa Brown. 9781616203207. 2015. Gr 10-Adult.
A Thousand Naked Strangers : A Paramedic’s Wild Ride to the Edge and Back by Kevin Hazzard. 9781501110832. 2016. Gr 11-Adult.

Great Nonfiction Titles for March 2018

Take a look at these exciting nonfiction titles published in March. Enjoy and learn!



Crawly School for Bugs : Poems to Drive You Buggy by David L. Harrison (ill. by Julie Bayless). 9781629792040. 2018. Gr 1-3.
Funny poems relate how insect students, teachers, and other staff spend their days at a bug elementary school.

An Extraordinary Ordinary Moth by Karlin Gray (ill. by Steliyana Doneva). 9781585363728. 2018. Gr PK-2.
A gray moth compares itself unfavorably to relatives such as the Luna Moth and Hummingbird Moth, especially when a little girl finds it disgusting—until her older brother tells her what he finds fascinating about moths.

The Flying Girl : How Aide de Acosta Learned to Soar by Margarita Engle (ill. by Sara Palaelos). 9781481445023. 2018. Gr PK-2.
Aida de Acosta was the first woman to fly a motorized aircraft, and she did so months before the Wright brothers and their airplane.

Gloria’s Voice : The Story of Gloria Steinem—Feminist, Activist, Leader by Aura Lewis. 9781454926665. 2018. Gr PK-2.
This picture book biography relates how the pioneering feminist came by her beliefs and how she faced the many obstacles against women’s rights.

Hidden City : Poems of Urban Wildlife by Sarah Grace Tuttle (ill. by Amy Schimler-Safford). 9780802854599. 2018. Gr PK-3.
Science and poetry combine to demonstrate that nature thrives everywhere, even in busy cities.


In the Past by David Elliott (ill. by Matthew Trueman). 9780763660734. 2018. Gr PK-2.
Poetry and art reveal information about different species of dinosaurs.

Joan Procter, Dragon Doctor : The Woman Who Loved Reptiles by Patricia Valdez (ill. by Felicita Sala). 9780399557255. 2018. Gr PK-3.
From a very young age, Joan Procter, a pioneering scientist, loved reptiles. As an adult she became the Curator of Reptiles at the British Museum and later designed the Reptile House at the London Zoo, even hosting tea parties for children alongside a Komodo dragon.

Old MacDonald Had a Boat by Steve Goetz (ill. by Eda Kaban). 9781452165059. 2018. Gr PK-1.
Old Mac and Mrs. Mac use a bunch of destructive, loud tools to soup up their rusty old fishing boat.

The Seal Garden (My Great Bear Rainforest) by Ian McAllister & Nicholas Read. 9781459812673. 2018. Gr K-3.
In the Great Bear Sea off Canada’s west coast, seal gardens provide shelter to sea lions and otters, as well as many kinds of seals and sea mammals.

She Persisted Around the World : 13 Women Who Changed History by Chelsea Clinton (ill. by Alexandra Boiger). 9780525516996. 2018. Gr K-2. (Spanish: Ella Persistio Alrededor del Mundo : 13 mujeres que cambiaron la historia, 9780525517023).
She Persisted moves across time and the globe to showcase women who have ignored those who told them that they couldn’t follow their dreams and have changed the world.


What’s On Your Plate? : Exploring the World of Food by Whitney Stewart (il. By Christiane Engel). 9781454926726. 2018. Gr 1-3.
Readers will learn about the cuisines in 14 countries, describing how other cultures prepare, eat, and think about their food.

With My Hands : Poems About Making Things by Amy Ludwig VanDerwater (ill. by Lou Fancher & Steve Johnson). 9780544313408. 2018. Gr PK-3.
The creators of this book of poems encourages young people to draw, build, fold, and use their imaginations to create things with their hands. Illustrations show diverse children as well as overturn gender stereotypes.



Coding for Kids : Create Your Own Animated Stories with Scratch by Johan Aludden (ill. by Frederica Gambel). 9788854412187. 2018. Gr 4-6.
This full-color guide to creating animated stories using Scratch 2.0, offering several projects ranging from beginner level to challenge level.

The Creativity Project : An Awesometastic Story Collection edited by Colby Sharp. 9780316507813. 2018. Gr 4-6.
Colby Sharp asked more than forty authors and illustrators to create story starters using poems, draws, photos, and more. He then sent them to one of the other respondents, who created a story or poem or comic strip. Sharp selected some of the responses for this book, as well as including story starters for prompt students to write their own tales.

Curiosity : The Story of a Mars Rover by Markus Motum. 9780763695040. 2018. Gr 4-6.
Curiosity, the Mars rover, narrates the story of her real-life adventure on Mars.

Five-Minute True Stories : Animal Rescue by Aubre Andrus. 9781338200065. 2018. Gr 1-4.
This collection relates the true stories of animals that were rescued from precarious situations, including handicapped pets as well as exotic wild animals.

Frenemies in the Family : Famous Brothers and Sisters Who Butted Heads and Had Each Other’s Backs by Kathleen Krull (ill. by Maple Lam). 9780399551246. 2018. Gr 4-6.
Some siblings get along and some fight like…well, like siblings. Read about 15 famous siblings whose relationships were characterized by rivalry, caring, illness, and devotion. The short stories are funny and illustrations are light-hearted, and comics present more information.



Itch! : Everything You Didn’t Want to Know About What Makes You Scratch by Anita Sanchez (ill. by Gilbert Fort). 9780544811010. 2018. Gr 3-5.
Uses anatomy, history, and biology to teach about all the different things that can make you itch.

Meet My Family! : Animal Babies and Their Families by Laura Purdie Salas (ill. by Stephanie Fizer Coleman). 9781512425321. 2018. Gr 2-4.
Not all animal families are alike. More than 20 animal babies describe what they look like, who takes care of them, and where they live, often telling about how their families are similar to human ones.

Plant, Cook, Eat! : A Children’s Cookbook by Joe Archer & Caroline Craig. 9781580898171. 2018. Gr 2-5.
This garden-to-table guide for growing and eating sixteen different vegetables examines the seeds, soil, and reproduction of the plants, and offers recipes for once the vegetables are fully developed.

Super Cats : True Stories of Felines That Made History by Elizabeth MacLeod. 9781554519941. 2018. Gr 3-6.
Amazing but true facts (there are about 600 million pet cats in the world) illustrate the unique abilities of cats, as well as the role of cats in history and culture.)

When Paul Met Artie : The Story of Simon & Garfunkel by G. Neri (ill. by David Litchfield). 9780763681746. 2018. Gr 3-6.
This picture book relates the story of how two kids from New Orleans met and became the successful duo Simon & Garfunkel.




Dog Days of History : The Incredible Story of Our Best Friends by Sarah Albee. 9781426329715. 2018. Gr 4-7.
Throughout history, dogs have been protectors, workers, soldiers, or just beloved pets. Learn about dogs in general—from wolves to the many breeds of today—as well as famous dogs of past and present.

Going Wild : Helping Nature Thrive in Cities (Footprints) by Michelle Mulder. 9781459812871. 2018. Gr 4-7.
Wild animals no longer live in just the wild any longer. As cities grow, more and more critters are learning how to live near houses, freeways, and factories, despite the enormous impact humans have had on the environment. Mulder explains how city planners can create spaces more in balance with nature, and what young readers can do to get involved in urban rewilding.

Jabberwalking by Juan Felipe Herrera. 9781536201406. 2018. Gr 4-8.
Former U.S. Poet Laureate Juan Felipe Herrera uses Lewis Carroll’s “Jabberwocky” as a starting point for his own collection of absurdist poetry.

Maker Lab : Outdoors : 25 Super Cool Projects by Jack Challoner. 9781465468871. 2018. Gr 4-7.
The 25 interactive projects in this book will get kids outside and interested in science topics such as weather, physics, the environment, and more.

Science Comics : Robots & Drones : Past, Present & Future by Mairghread Scott & Jacob Chabot. 9781626727939. 2018. Gr 4-8.
This book in the Science Comics series offers an entertaining look at the history and future of robots, drones, and artificial intelligence.


Startalk : Young Readers Edition by Neil deGrasse Tyson. 9781426330872. 2018. Gr 6-9.
“StarTalk” host, Neil deGrasse Tyson and some of his favorite celebrity guests use photographs and scientific facts to attempt to answer a variety of relevant and irrelevant scientific questions from why we fall in love to if we should be afraid of the increasing use of artificial intelligence.

To the Moon! : The True Story of the American Heroes on the Apollo 8 Spaceship by Jeffrey Kluger. 9781524741013. 2018. Gr 5-8.
Apollo 8 was the first manned spaceship to leave Earth’s orbit and travel to the moon. In addition to this exciting journey, Kluger tells about the training of astronauts, the race to be the first country to put a man on the moon, and the problems of living in a spaceship for days (including going to the bathroom).

Voices from the Second World War : Stories of War as Told to Children of Today. 9780763694920. 2018. Gr 6-8.
Young people interviewed survivors of World War II and share the stories of pilots and sailors, resistance fighters, and people who survived the Holocaust and the bombing of Hiroshima. Many memoirs are accompanied by vintage photographs.



Brazen : Rebel Ladies Who Rocked the World by Penelope Bagieu. 9781626728684. 2018. Gr 7-12.
This collection of twenty-nine short graphic biographies includes some of the most inspiring women in history. Profiles such notable women as Joan of Arc, Florence Nightingale, Leyah Gbowee, and Peggy Guggenheim.

Claiming My Place : Coming of Age in the Shadow of the Holocaust by Planaria Price. 9780374305291. 2018. Gr 7-12.
Barbara Reichmann tells of growing up a Jew in Poland during the 1920s and 1930s, and what happened when the Nazis invaded the country. Reichmann and her friends and family suffered starvation, disease, and violent persecution; the establishment of the Jewish Ghetto; the relinquishment of all their possessions; and Reichmann’s decision to hide her Jewish identity, leave everything behind, and escape to a new life.

Ginger Kid : Mostly True Tales from a Former Nerd by Steve Hofstetter. 9781419728709. 2018. Gr 8-12.
Comedian and YouTube personality Steve Hofstetter offers a series of essays describing his childhood, family turbulence, his awkward teenage dating years, and getting revenge on bullies.

I Have the Right To : A High School Survivor’s Story of Sexism, Assault, Justice, and Hope by Chessy Prout. 9781534414433. 2018. Gr 9-12.
Chessy Prout discusses her sexual assault, her quest to find justice against her perpetrator, and her continued work as an advocate against sexual violence. After being assaulted as a freshman at a private boarding school, Chessy was subsequently bullied by students and faculty. She spoke up, took her assailant to court, and started a national campaign to help sexual abuse victims and change the culture of consent.

My Shot : Balancing It All and Standing Tall by Elena Delle Donne. 9781534412286. 2018. Gr 7-10.
Donne, a young basketball prodigy, relates the story of how she gave up an excellent scholarship in Connecticut so she could stay in her home state of Delaware to be near her disabled sister, Lizzie. She writes about overcoming the challenges of competitive sports with hard work and a supportive family.

The Young Champion’s Mind : How to Think, Train, and Thrive Like an Elite Athlete by Jim Afremow. 9781635650563. 2018. Gr 7-12.
In this young adult adaptation of his book The Champion’s Mind, Afremow draws from the lives of great athletes to offer lessons, advice, and strategies for developing confidence, focus, and mental preparedness.



Birds of the Photo Ark by Joes Sartore & Noah Strycker. 9781426218989. 2018. Gr 6-Adult.
National Geographic photographer Joel Sartore celebrates the world of birds with portraits of more than 300 species, accompanied by inspiring text from birding expert Noah Strycker.

Failing Up : How to Take Risks, Aim Higher, and Never Stop Learning by Leslie Odom, Jr. 9781250139962. 2018. Gr 7-12.
Odom has become famous after starring as Aaron Burr in the Broadway musical Hamilton. Here he tells personal stories of the hard work that he has put in as a singer and actor, and how he learned to motivate himself to reach for his goals, even in the face of disappointment.

Tomorrow Will Be Different : Love, Loss, and the Fight for Trans Equality by Sarah McBride. 9781524761479. 2018. Gr 10-Adult.
As the first transgender person to speak at a national political convention, Sarah McBride became an icon for the LGBTQ community. She details her personal journey of becoming an important political and cultural activist for trans rights.

We Matter : Athletes and Activism by Etan Thomas. 9781617755910. 2018. Gr 9-Adult.
Former basketball player, now a MSNBC commentator and activist, Etan Thomas interviewed dozens of athletes, media figures, and more on the subject of race in America. This collection of stories and opinions supports the right of athletes to speak out on matters of racial profiling, gender inequality, mental health issues. Thomas encourages fans as well as athletes to discuss these issues and get involved.

The Wisdom of Wolves : Lessons from the Sawtooth Pack by Jim & Jamie Dutcher. 9781426218866. 2018. Gr 11-Adult.
After spending six years in the Idaho wilderness with a pack of gray wolves, the authors describe the life lessons they have learned from the wolves on the importance of family, leading with kindness, working together, and respecting the elderly.

The Woman’s Hour : The Great Fight to Win the Vote by Elaine Weiss. 9780525429722. 2018. Gr 11-Adult.
In 1920, only one more state is need to ratify the Nineteenth Amendment and give women the right to vote—after 70 years of crusading. Weiss narrates the story of the battle in Tennessee between supporters of suffrage and their many opposing forces, and how the victory inspired those struggling against racial and gender injustice.

Great Realistic Easy/Fiction Titles for March 2018

Check out these exciting easy and fiction titles published in March. Everything here is realistic, and includes historical fiction, mysteries, and adventure. Happy reading!



All the Animals Where I Live by Philip C. Stead. 9781626726567. 2018. Gr PK-3.
The author, once a city-dweller, records his feelings about the world around him when he moves to the country. He captures the natural world around him as his dog, Wednesday, watches the animals that share their space until winter comes, turning his world to white.

Down By the River by Andrew Weiner (ill. by April Chu). 9781419722936. 2018. Gr K-2.
A young boy goes fishing with his mother and grandfather. He loves learning about fishing from his grandfather, but after hearing a story about the big fish his mother caught on her first cast as a child, Art begins to feel insecure about his own skills. Afterward, he reflects on his day and promises to continue the fishing tradition.

The Field by Baptiste Paul (ill. by Jacqueline Alcantara). 9780735843127. 2018. Gr PK-2.
Two young siblings clear a field so people in the community can play a pickup soccer game—but a thunderstorm threatens their plans by turning the whole field muddy.

Food Truck Fest! by Alexandra Penfold (ill. by Mike Dutton). 9780374303181. 2018. Gr PK-1.
As a family heads off to Food Truck Fest, the workers on the food trucks prepare for the day. The trucks offer free samples and food from cultures all over the world.

A Hippy-Hoppy Toad by Peggy Archer & Anne Wilsdorf. 9780399556760. 2018. Gr PK-2.
A tiny toad sits on a twig. As small sounds warn him, he hops away from birds and boys and other dangers in this lively read-aloud.

In the Darkness of the Night by Emily Rand. 9781849764810. 2018. Gr PK-1.
A child, warm in his bed under the blankets, listens to all the normal night sounds, from people and his house inside, and from animals and cars and trash cans outside.

Islandborn by Junot Diaz (ill. by Leo Espinosa). 9780735229860. 2018. Gr K-3.
Lola’s teacher asks the students to draw the countries their families immigrated from, but Lola doesn’t remember The Island she left when she was a baby. Her friends and family help with the memories—and her imagination takes her back to The Island where she learns about her family’s story.

The Little Red Fort by Brenda Maier (ill. by Sonia Sanchez). 9780545859196. 2018. Gr K-2.
In a reimagining of The Little Red Hen, Ruby decides to build a fort with the boards she’s found. When she asks her brothers for help, they refuse…until, of course, her amazing fort is done, and they all want to play in it!

Natsumi! by Susan Lendroth (ill. by Priscilla Burris). 9780399170904. 2018. Gr PK-3.
Young Natsumi is too rambunctious for her family’s quiet, traditional tea ceremony, but then her grandfather introduces her to taiko drumming, giving her an outlet for her exuberance.

A Round of Robins by Katie Hesterman (ill. by Sergio Ruzzier). 9780399547782. 2018. Gr K-3.
This collection of poems and art follows a pair of robins as they build the nest, feed their hatchlings, and watching their fledglings leave.


This Is the Nest That Robin Built by Denise Fleming. 9781481430838. 2018. Gr PK-2.
A robin’s animal friends help her build a nest for her eggs. A squirrel brings twigs, a dog finds string, and a horse offers straw. When the eggs hatch, the nestlings grow quickly and prepare to spread their wings. The story is told with cumulative and alliterative text.

Up in the Leaves : The True Story of the Central Park Treehouses by Shira Boss (ill. by Jamey Christoph). 9781454920717. 2018. Gr K-3.
Based on the life of Bob Redman, a boy in New York City who wanted a haven from the hustle and bustle of the city. He built a treehouse in Central Park, and when officials tore it down, he built another. And another. And another. Then park officials come up with an ingenious solution. (When Shira Boss, the author, needed help to prune one of her trees, her friends recommended Bob, who by then was an arborist. She did, and now they are married.)



Elle of the Ball (Hoops, Book 1) by Elena Delle Donne. 9781534412316. 2018. Gr 4-6.
Elle is tall—and not just for her age. Elle is a six-foot twelve-year-old girl, and her basketball team is thrilled to have her. But her coach wants her to switch positions and become the starting center, and she needs to learn a lot of new skills. Not only that, but she needs to learn how to ballroom dance in gym class, and she’ll be graded on how well she can dance with a boy much shorter than she is. Elle is sure she won’t be able to do either!

Hurricane Child by Kheryn Calender. 9781338129304. 2018. Gr 4-6.
On the island of St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands, Caroline is known for her bad luck because she was born during a hurricane. A new student from Barbados named Kalinda arrives and becomes Caroline’s only friend—-and her first crush. Along with a spirit that stalks the island and her mother’s disappearance, Caroline must then confront her new feelings for Kalinda.

Me, Frida, and the Secret of the Peacock Ring by Angela Cervantes. 9781338159318. 2018. Gr 4-6.
Paloma never had a chance to spend much time with her now-deceased father, so she is traveling to Mexico City, hoping the trip will strengthen her memories. There, she and her new friends, Lizzie and Gael, set out to find a valuable ring that once belonged to Frida Kahlo, her father’s favorite artist, so that they can return it. But as she learns more about her new friends, she wonders if they can be trusted.

The Parker Inheritance by Varian Johnson. 9780545946179. 2018. Gr 4-6.
After Candice’s parents get divorced, Candice and her mother are living in her deceased grandmother’s house while their old house is remodeled before being sold. While there, she finds a letter addressed to her in the attic, a letter with clues to a mystery. If she and the bullied neighbor boy can figure out the clues, they will be able to set right a wrong from decades ago in the Jim Crow era. This book discusses racial issues from today as well as the past.

Sherlock Holmes and the Disappearing Diamond (Baker Street Academy, Book 1) by Sam Hearn. 9781338193152. 2018. Gr 4-6.
A teacher at the Baker Street Academy takes a young John Watson and his class to the art museum, where John discovers that the Alpine Star—the world’s most famous jewel—has been stolen. But even after the police catch the thief with the jewel, Sherlock Homes and Watson feel something else is going on and continue to investigate.

The Sky at Our Feet by Nadia Hashimi. 9780062421937. 2018. Gr 4-7.
Shocked to learn his Afghan mother has been living in the U.S. illegally since his father was killed in Afghanistan, Jason is terrified his mother will be discovered and they will be separated. When he sees his mother with two police officers, he panics and boards a train to New York to find his mother’s friend. An accident puts him in the hospital where he meets a girl, and the two kids sneak out of the hospital and go on the run in the city on an adventure that is by turns scary and exhilarating.


Sneak Thief by Faith Harkey. 9781524717476. 2018. Gr 4-6.
Hush is a sneak thief, which helps her to fend for herself. When she is finally caught, she is sentenced to work at a nursery and learns how to make things grow. She discovers that she can do something strange—she can actually see people’s pain. With her new friend Desiree, Hush sets out to get rid of all the pain in their town.

The Un-Friendship Bracelet (Craftily Ever After, Book 1) by Martha Maker (ill. by Xindi Yan). 9781534409088. 2018. Gr 1-3.
Emily and Maddie are BFFS and wear matching friendship bracelets. But then new student Bella arrives at school. Maddie finds out that Bella also likes crafts; they start to spend more time together, and Emily finds herself alone. When Emily notices that Maddie isn’t wearing her friendship bracelet, she wonders if maybe it was an “un-friendship” bracelet. This series follows four friends who share the love of crafting.



Dear Isaac Newton, You’re Ruining My Life by Rachel Hruza. 9781510725263. 2018. Gr 5-7.
When Truth’s scoliosis worsens, she finds out she has to wear a back brace—an uncomfortable, unfashionable, embarrassing back brace. Since she is convinced that gravity is to blame, she decides to blame Isaac Newton for all her middle-school problems. Problems that include secrets, lies, rumors, and a fight with her best friend.

The Elephant Thief by Jane Kerr. 9781338188431. 2018. Gr 5-7.
At an auction for a famous elephant, a menagerie owner sets Boy, a young pickpocket, up on a pillar so he can be seen above the huge crowd. When his bid wins, the owner offers Boy a job:  to ride the elephant 200 miles in seven days. Now named Prince Dandip (Danny), the boy finds this difficult task made even harder by thieves, broken bridges, and more, and as they negotiate these obstacles, Danny finds himself growing attached to the elephant. (Based on the true tale of the elephant Maharajah.)

The Falling Between Us by Ash Parsons. 9780399168482. 2018. Gr 7-10.
Roxanne and her boyfriend Joshua have no intention of leaving their small town. After Joshua posts their performance of an original song on YouTube, he becomes a sensation, and he and Roxanne are off on a national tour. But it’s not the party they thought it would be. One day Joshua disappears, and Roxanne will do everything in her power to find him.

Good Dog by Dan Gemeinhart. 9781338053883. 2018. Gr 5-8.
When Brodie the dog dies, he just can’t bring himself to let go of the boy he is leaving behind. Learning the boy is in danger, Brodie risks his place in heaven by recruiting a lovable pit bull and surly housecat to help protect his boy, which he will do even if it means not getting into heaven.

Ivy Aberdeen’s Letter to the World by Ashley Herring Blake. 9780316515467. 2018. Gr 4-7.
When Ivy’s Georgia home is destroyed by a tornado, she is displaced to a shelter where she befriends a girl named June who admires Ivy’s drawings. Later than night, Ivy’s beloved notebook goes missing, the one where she kept all her secrets—including the secret that she likes girls. To make it worse, someone starts leaving notes in Ivy’s locker telling her to share her secret.

Knockout by K.A. Holt. 9781452163581. 2018. Gr 5-8.
Ever since Levi was a baby, a very sick baby with respiratory problems, his mother and brother have been treating him like he might break any time. He is not allowed to do anything fun. When his father (his parents are divorced) encourages him to take a few boxing lessons, Levi finds that he loves being in the ring—and he’s good at it! He finds out about a boarding school with a great boxing team, but how can he ask his mom if he can go—when he hasn’t even told her about the lessons?


Lights, Camera, Disaster by Erin M. Dionne. 9781338134087. 2018. Gr 5-8.
Hester struggles with her executive function disorder, which makes it difficult to keep her life in order, as well as causing anxiety attacks. She functions well only behind the lens of her video camera. When her failing language arts grade might hold her back in eighth grade, her parents threaten to take her video camera away. Knowing she can’t cope without it, Hess is miserable—until she meets two people who show her a way out of her box.

Like Vanessa by Tami Charles. 9781580897778. 2018. Gr 5-8.
To stop the wind from blowing everything upside down, Kate uses her old wheelbarrow to drag some young trees up a steep hill where she plants them, providing a little green along with the wind protection to the man who lives on the hill.

The Night Diary by Veera Hiranandani. 9780735228511. 2018. Gr 5-8.
In 1947, India broke apart into India and Pakistan, leaving millions of people unsure where they belong. Hundreds of thousands are killed crossing the border. Nisha—half-Muslim, half-Hindu—doesn’t know where she belongs; and when her father decides it’s too dangerous to stay in Pakistan, they begin a long, dangerous journey to safety.

The Science of Breakable Things by Tae Keller. 9781524715663. 2018. Gr 5-8.
Natalie decides to win an egg drop competition with her best friend Twig and use the money to help her botanist mother who is suffering from depression. She wants to use the money to fly her mother to see the Cobalt Blue Orchids—flowers that survive against impossible odds—s o her mother will be inspired to begin living again.

The Sound of Freedom by Kathy Kacer. 9781554519699. 2018. Gr 4-7.
In 1936 Poland, early rumblings of Nazi rule leave young Anna and her family unsure of their future. Her father, a clarinetist in the Krakow Philharmonic Orchestra, refuses to leave until he witnesses a violent assault and narrowly avoids a beating himself. To leave the country, they must rely on violinist Bronislaw Huberman, who started what later became the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra. A successful audition could mean freedom for the family. All told, over 700 Jews were saved by Huberman and his symphony.



After the Shot Drops by Randy Ribay. 9781328702272. 2018. Gr 9-12.
Nasir feels betrayed when his best friend Bunny accepts an athletic scholarship to play basketball at a school across town. As Bunny struggles to fit in amongst his new privileged peers, Nasir grows even more bitter as the community rallies around Bunny instead of taking care of the people in their own neighborhood.

And She Was by Jessica Verdi. 9781338150537. 2018. Gr 9-12.
Raised in a single-parent house, Dara uncovers her birth certificate and finds the names of two strangers listed as her parents. When she asks her mother, Mellie, about it, Mellie reveals that she is actually Dara’s biological father, but transitioned to female after Dara’s mother died shortly after Dara’s birth. Stunned, Dara leaves with her friend Sam to look for the grandparents she never knew she had.

The Astonishing Color of After by Emily X.R. Pan. 9780316463997. 2018. Gr 9-12.
After her mother’s suicide, Leigh travels to Taiwan where she will finally meet the grandparents she never knew and come to terms with her mother’s death. As she immerses herself the culture, she finds signs and meanings all around her, and begins to believe that her mother has been reincarnated as a giant red bird.

The Beauty That Remains by Ashley Woodfolk. 9781524715878. 2018. Gr 9-12.
Music brings the lives of Autumn, Shay, and Logan together in tragic ways. In this story told through three diverse points of view, each loses someone close to them and must work through their grief.

Chaotic Good by Whitney Gardner. 9781524720803. 2018. Gr 9-12.
After winning a major cosplay competition, Cameron has to deal with online harassment from angry male fans and with the owner of the town’s only comic shop, who challenges every woman who enters the shop. Wearing her twin brother’s clothes, she becomes Boy Cameron. Now involved in a gaming group, she grows closer to the group members, finding it more and more difficult to reveal who she really is.

Finding Felicity by Stacey Kade. 9781481464253. 2018. Gr 10-12.
Socially awkward Caroline found it hard to make friends after moving to Arizona three years ago, so she made up a new life for herself based on an old TV show called “Felicity.” She can’t wait to leave her old life and go to college. When her mother finds out the truth, she gives Caroline one semester to make friends the traditional way, or Caroline will have to move back home and see a therapist. Caroline agrees, but real life is not as easy as the TV show made it out to be.

Fire Song by Adam Garnet Jones. 9781554519781. 2018. Gr 9-12.
After the suicide of his sister, Shane, an Indigenous Canadian, struggles to keep his family and life together. His girlfriend is too self-centered to help, and his best friend—and secret boyfriend—David, is keeping his distance. When he learns that his band did not approve his college funding, he asks David to move to Toronto with him, but he refuses. There are no openly gay couples in their community and even leaving to go to college is considered a betrayal, leaving Shane in turmoil about his identity.


Here So Far Away by Hadley Dyer. 9780062473172. 2018. Gr 9-12.
George’s only plans for her senior year of high school are to party and then leave town for college. But her plans go awry when she has a fight with her BFF (bye-bye, social circle), and her police officer father is injured and might not be able to go back to work (bye-bye, college plans). She meets an older man and falls in love, but decides to keep their relationship secret, until tragedy strikes, and George might lose everything.

I Have Lost My Way by Gayle Forman. 9780425290774. 2018. Gr 9-12.
Three strangers are struggling with their own secrets when an accident draws them together in New York City. During the course of one day (with flashbacks), the three become fast friends, with each struggling to find the strength to confront the problems with their families.

In Search of Us by Ava Dellaria. 9780374305314. 2018. Gr 9-12.
Angie, who is mixed-race, discovers from her white, single-parent mother that she has an uncle on her dad’s side she never knew about—and that her African American father may still be alive. She travels from New Mexico to LA with her ex-boyfriend to discover the truth about herself and her parents.

Mapping the Bones by Jane Yolen. 9780399257780. 2018. Gr 9-12.
In 1942, fourteen-year-old twins Chaim and Gittel escape from a Jewish ghetto in Poland. Separated from their family, they become involved with Nazi resisters who help them cross into Russia. This story includes elements of Sleeping Beauty and Hansel and Gretel in both plot and in Chaim’s poetry.

More Than We Can Tell by Brigid Kemmerer. 9781681190143. 2018. Gr 8-12.
Rev and Emma are battling their own inner-demons. Emma struggles to cope with her parents’ constant fighting and her mother’s overt disapproval. Rev battles with the emotional scars left by his abusive biological father. When they meet, their connection is instant, and the friendship they share could lead them to overcoming their darkest secrets.

No Filter by Orlagh Collins. 9781681197241. 2018. Gr 9-12.
When Emerald’s seemingly perfect life is shattered, she is sent to spend a summer with her grandmother in an isolated beach town, where she connects with Liam, who has secrets of his own.

Not I If Save You First by Ally Carter. 9781338134148. 2018. Gr 7-12.
Logan (president’s son) and Maddie (Secret Service agent’s daughter) are best friends until Maddie’s dad packs her up and moves her into the middle of the nowhere in Alaska. With no outside contact—and no word even from Logan—Maddie learns to survive in the wilderness. Six years later, Logan suddenly shows up. Maddie is furious with him. But when he is kidnapped by enemy assailants, Maddie decides she’ll first have to rescue him.


Olivia Twist by Lorie Langdon. 9780310763413. 2018. Gr 9-12.
In mid-19th century London, Olivia was forced to live as a boy among thieving street children in a gang run by Jack the Artful Dodger. After getting caught, she is taken in by her uncle, who enters her into high society as a highly eligible debutante. Years later, after a lifetime of crime in London’s East End, Jack MacCarron enters society as an adopted nephew of a rich matron. Olivia recognizes the Artful Dodger from the old days, but Jack only knew her as a boy. As they fall in love, Olivia must reconcile her past with her present.

Orphan, Monster, Spy by Matt Killeen. 9780451478733. 2018. Gr 8-12.
In 1939 Germany, fifteen-year-old Sarah is blonde, blue-eyed, and Jewish. When her mother is killed, Sarah is drawn into the Nazi resistance. She is asked to enroll in a school for the daughters of top Nazis and become friends with the daughter of a key scientist in order to steal the blueprints to a powerful bomb. Sarah soon finds herself in a battle for her country, her people, and her very life.

The Place Between Breaths by An Na. 9781481422253. 2018. Gr 7-12.
Grace’s mother, battling schizophrenia, left her family, fearing that she would hurt them. Ten years later, Grace’s father has been distant, researching the disease for a cure. And Grace herself is an intern at his lab, working on gene sequencing. Though she has given up hope for a miracle cure, she notices some test results that seem to promise a major breakthrough. But when she realizes she has been exhibiting the same symptoms that her mother had, she begins to question her discovery, her life, and her future.

The Poet X by Elizabeth Acevedo. 9780062662804. 2018. Gr 8-12.
Fierce teen Xiomara Batista lives with her twin brother and conservative parents in a Harlem neighborhood. She pours all of her emotions into poems that she writes down in a leather notebook, such as her feelings for a boy at school named Aman. When Xiomara is invited to join her school’s slam poetry club, she decides she must perform her poems but must also keep the secret from her disapproving family.

The Radical Element : 12 Stories of Daredevils, Debutantes & Other Dauntless Girls by Jessica Spotswood. 9780763694258. 2018. Gr 8-12.
This collection of twelve original stories by contemporary young adult writers is about diverse girls from different historical times and cultures standing up for themselves and their beliefs.

Tyler Johnson Was Here by Jay Coles. 9780316440776. 2018. Gr 9-12.
African American twins Marvin and Tyler live with their mother while their father is incarcerated. They witness police brutality, gangs, and drug activity in their poor neighborhood on a daily basis. When Marvin follows Tyler to a party to keep an eye on him, a shooting happens and the police arrive. In the chaos, Tyler goes missing and is later found dead. When a video surfaces online that shows he was shot by a police officer, Marvin and his family vow to get justice for Tyler.

The Way the Light Bends by Cordelia Jensen. 9780399547447. 2018. Gr 9-12.
This novel, written in verse, follows near-twins Linc and Holly as they search for meaning and acceptance. Linc is the artistic, biological daughter, who just wants her family to accept her; and Holly, adopted from Ghana, exemplifies the family’s idea of success in academic achievement. As family secrets come to light, Linc must decide if her family’s acceptance is worth obtaining.



The Escape Artist by Brad Meltzer. 9781455559527. 2018. Gr 11-Adult.
Nola, a soldier and a US Army Artist-in-Residence is supposed to be dead after a plane crash. But Jim “Zig” Zigarowski has just found out the truth: Nola is still alive, and on the run from those hunting her for something she saw on her last mission, something the government wants to hide.

Girls Burn Brighter by Shobha Rao. 9781250074256. 2018. Gr 11-Adult.
When Poornima’s mother passes away, she is left with little affection until a girl named Savitha comes to her family’s home in a small village in India. When a sexual assault leaves Savitha tainted in the eyes of her village, the elders determine she will marry the man who assaulted her—Poornima’s father. When Savitha runs away, Poornima follows, determined to find her friend.

Great Speculative Easy/Fiction Titles for March 2018

Check out these exciting easy and fiction titles published in March. You’ll find magic, talking animals, dystopian societies, science fiction, and fantasy. Happy reading!



Big Bunny by Rowboat Watkins. 9781452163901. 2018. Gr K-2.
A parent and child argue about the size of a bunny the child saw, and after the parent lets the child tell the story, the rabbit becomes a huge scary monster who eats entire cities.

Blue Rider by Geraldo Valerio. 9781554989812. 2018. Gr PK-2.
A young girl finds a book on the ground and takes it home. Mesmerized by the brightly-colored illustrations, she imagines that they take her to a new place through a natural landscape and away from the city.

Can I Be Your Dog? by Troy Cummings. 9780399554520. 2018. Gr PK-2.
Arfy, a homeless mutt, desperately searches for a new home by writing letters to prospective owners, telling what a great dog he is.

Five Busy Beavers by Stella Partheniou Grasso (Christina Battuz). 9781510721456. 2018. Gr PK-1.
Five beavers are busily building a dam on the river as, one by one, they are lured away by their fellow forest creatures.

Pignic by Matt Phelan. 9780062443397. 2018. Gr PK-1.
The pig family has just about everything they need for the perfect pignic: a kite, lots of friends, and a full picnic basket. But one thing is missing. Then it rains on their picnic, and they have the last ingredient for a perfect day—mud!


Seb and the Sun by Jami Gigot. 9780999024904. 2018. Gr K-2.
Far in the north, the sun doesn’t come out in winter, leaving the days cold and dreary. A young boy named Seb goes on a mission with his friend Walrus to find the sun and bring back some of its warmth.

Sugar and Snails by Sarah Tsiang & Sonja Wimmer. 9781773210056. 2018. Gr K-2.
A boy and girl visiting their grandfather don’t agree with the traditional rhyme about little boys and girls. He comes up with lists of traits that more closely fit with their personalities.

Watch Out for Muddy Puddles! by Ben Faulks (ill. by Ben Cort). 9781681196275. 2018. Gr PK-1.
You never really know what might be hiding in those muddy puddles, so you’d better be ready for anything!




Aru Shah and the End of Time (Pandava, Book 1) by Roshani Chokshi. 9781368012355. 2018. Gr 4-6.
Twelve-year-old Aru exaggerates her family’s status in order to fit in at her private school. But when three classmates come to the Museum of Ancient Indian Art and Culture—where Aru actually spends most of her time—she is dared to prove an ancient lamp is cursed, inadvertently freeing an ancient demon.

Ice Wolves (Elementals, Book 1) by Amie Kaufman. 9780062457981. 2018. Gr 4-6.
Orphaned twins Anders and Rayna are separated when their shape-shifting powers manifest. Anders turns into an ice wolf, and Rayna a scorch dragon—an ancient enemy of the wolves. Each kidnapped by their respective clans, they are trained to battle the other. Anders just want to find a way to reunite with his sister, but also wonders if there is something else behind the ancient feud.

The New Kid (Alien Next Door, Book 1) by A. I. Newton (ill. by Anjan Sarkar). 9781499805581. 2018. Gr 1-3.
While his scientist-parents study Earth, second-grader Zeke tries to fit in. When Harris, a classmate, notices his abilities, he sets out to prove Zeke is an alien.

Stuck in the Stone Age (Story Pirates Present, Book 1) by Goeff Rodkey (ill. by Hatem Aly). 9781635650891. 2018. Gr 4-6.
A janitor named Tom Edison, who dreams of becoming a scientist, and shy scientist Dr. Morice are in the lab when an accident sends them back in time to the Stone Age. There they must work together to battle cavemen, saber-tooth tigers, and other dangers while trying to get back to their own time. Full of jokes, this book also offers practical advice for writing one’s own stories.

Survival Tails : The Titanic by Katrina Charman. 9780316477857. 2018. Gr 4-6.
Mutt sneaks on board the Titanic when he realizes his owner and BFF Alice is going to leave without him. He meets up with King Leon the rat and Clara, the Captain’s cat, and agrees to help look after three kittens abandoned in a lifeboat. When the ship hits an iceberg, the animals must locate their humans and find a way to survive!

The Tale of Angelino Brown by David Almond. 9780763695637. 2018. Gr 4-6.
Bus driver Bert Brown finds a tiny boy angel in his pocket and brings him home to his wife, Betty. The couple is thrilled to have a little boy of their very own and name him Angelino. However, not everyone likes Angelino—villains are waiting and watching for their chance to snatch him if he isn’t careful!

Too Much Space! (Beep and Bob, Book 1) by Jonathan Roth. 9781481488532. 2018. Gr 1-4.
Only the most elite kids in the galaxy attend Astro Elementary near Saturn, but Bob doesn’t think he belongs there. Then he meets Beep from the plant Orth, who sees Bob as his adoptive mother. In their space log (or SPLOG), Bob relates their funny adventures while Beep illustrates them. 



A Bad Night for Bullies (Goolz Next Door, Book 1) by Gary Ghislan. 9781629796772. 2018. Gr 4-7.
Life in his small town was boring for Alex, stuck in his wheelchair. Then Frank Goolz, a famous horror writer, and his daughters moved in next door. Alex’s life takes a decisive and exciting turn when he realizes that Mr. Goolz’s horror stories don’t come from his imagination, but from the family’s own real-life paranormal mishaps.

Bone’s Gift (Ghosts of Ordinary Objects, Book 1) by Angie Smibert. 9781629798509. 2018. Gr 6-8.
Bone’s Gift is to sense the histories of everyday objects, including her deceased mother’s yellow sweater. When she receives a note claiming that her mother’s Gift killed her, Bone sets off to discover the truth or her mother’s death—and of the Gifts themselves.

Out of the Wild Night by Blue Balliett. 9780545867566. 2018. Gr 4-7.
Ancient ghosts on the island of Nantucket want to protect the island from the adults, led by contractor Eddy Nold, who are trying to destroy its antique houses and its land. They choose a few local kids to try to stop the construction. The kids race to set things right before the angry ghosts decide to act and things spiral out of control.

The Spinner Prince (Pride Wars, Book 1) by Matt Laney. 9781328707260. 2018. Gr 5-7.
Prince Leo is next in line for the throne of Singara. He is also from a race of super-evolved felines. At his age, he is required to hunt a deadly slaycon to prove he is worthy. Even worse, Leo’s cousin is rebelling against the country, and Leo has just realized that he is a Spinner, cursed with a forbidden power.  Leo must prove his worth, defeat his cousin, keep his throne, hide his curse…and stay alive.

The Strange Star by Emma Carroll. 9780399556050. 2018. Gr 5-8.
One stormy summer evening at a villa in Switzerland, Lord Byron challenges his friends to tell a scary ghost story. Mary Shelley is having trouble thinking of a story when there is an unexpected person at the door. A young girl named Lizzie, covered in scars, has collapsed on the doorstep. They bring her in and hear her dark tale of evil happenings in her village involving a mad scientist, electricity, and the undead.

A World Below by Wesley King. 9781481478229. 2018. Gr 5-8.
While Mr. Baker’s eighth-grade class is on a field trip to Carlsbad Caverns, an earthquake hits. The students find themselves in an underground lake in the dark. With their teacher now missing, they have to decide on the best chance for survival.




Children of Blood and Bone (Legacy of Orisha, Book 1) by Tomi Adeyemi. 9781250170972. 2018. Gr 9-12.
A ruthless king orders all maji killed in Orïsha, leaving seventeen-year-old Zélie motherless and alone. But as Zélie begins to discover her own power, she has the chance to free those descendants of maji called diviners—dark-skinned people with white hair—from oppression. But to do so, she must outrun the crown prince who is determined to finish what his father the king began.

Inkmistress by Audrey Coulthurst. 9780062433282. 2018. Gr 9-12.
Demigod Asra can dictate the future with her blood. To hide this power, she lives as a healer on a remote mountain with Ina, the mortal girl she loves. When bandits attack Ina’s village and kill her parents, Asra’s blood magic goes wrong, and the bandits to destroy the town. Now Ina swears revenge against the king who refused to help, using a savage dragon as her manifest. To stop her wrath, Asra leaves the mountain, becoming a player in a larger game of power.

Live in Infamy by Caroline Tung Richmond. 9781338111095. 2018. Gr 9-12.
Eighty years ago, the Axis powers won World War II with genetically engineered super soldiers. Imperial Japan now rules the Western American Territories with an iron fist, and Chinese American Ren Cabot has lost everything, including his mother who was publicly executed for treason. Ren is under constant surveillance, but when he meets a resistance group, he sees an opportunity to topple the oppressive regime, despite the dangers.

The Price Guide to the Occult by Leslye Walton. 9780763691103. 2018. Gr 9-12.
One hundred years ago, Rona Blackburn landed on Anathema Island. Her neighbors, suspicious of her unearthly skills, thought her a witch and turned on her; as a result, Rona cursed the island. Eight generations later, Nor Blackburn is trying to just be a normal teen. But her supernatural powers are exceptional. When her abusive mother Fern, a powerful witch, begins to use black magic, Nor may be the island’s only hope.

The Wicked Deep by Shea Ernshaw. 9781481497343. 2018. Gr 9-12.
Two centuries ago in the town of Sparrow, Oregon, three sisters were executed as witches. They return each summer to exact revenge on the small town, stealing the bodies of three girls and luring boys to their deaths. Seventeen-year-old Penny is resigned to the fate of the town—until Bo Carter arrives. Now Penny must find a way to stop the witch sisters and save the boy she loves.




The Broken Girls by Simone St. James. 9780451476203. 2018. Gr 11-Adult.
In Vermont, 1950, Idlewild Hall is a boarding school for unwanted girls. Four roommates become close friends and try to deal with rumors that the school is haunted by Mary Hand, whose dead body is buried in the garden. Then one of the girls disappears, her body found near the Hall. Twenty years later, Fiona Sheridan is convinced that there was something horribly wrong about Idlewild and is determined to find the truth about her sister’s murder.

Glimpse by Jonathan Maberry. 9781250065261. 2018. Gr 11-Adult.
Former addict Rain Thomas can’t shake her remorse for giving up her baby when she was 16, after learning that the baby’s father had died in Iraq. On her way to a job interview, she borrows a pair of reading glasses, and through a small crack in one lens sees a boy running down the aisle of a subway car, screaming. Without the glasses, she sees no boy. She begins hearing voices and her day gets even stranger. Worried that she might be going insane, Rain begins questioning what is real and what is a nightmare.

The Hunger by Alma Katsu. 9780735212510. 2018. Gr 10-Adult.
The story of the Donner Party is gruesome enough, but this author re-imagines it with a supernatural twist.

The Queens of Innis Lear by Tessa Gratton. 9780765392466. 2018. Gr 11-Adult.
In this reimagining of King Lear, the king divides his island kingdom between his two older daughters, throwing the court into chaos. The youngest, Elia, though stripped of her title and her dowry, tries to unite the kingdom.

Keep Your Series Current: March 2018

Update your popular series with these books that will be published in March. Enjoy!



Absolutely Alfie and the Worst Best Sleepover (Absolutely Alfie, Book 3) by Sally Warner (ill. by Shearry Malone). 9781101999929. 2018. Gr 1-3.
Best Friends Forever! (Little Ree) by Ree Drummond (ill. by Jacqueline Rogers). 9780062453198. 2018. Gr K-2.
Dory Fantasmagory : Head in the Clouds (Dory, Book 4) by Abby Hanlon. 9780735230460. 2018. Gr 1-3.
King & Kayla and the Case of the Lost Tooth (King & Kayla, Book 4) by Dori Hillestad Butler (ill. by Nancy Meyers). 9781561458806. 2018. Gr 1-3.
Ladybug Girl and the Rescue Dogs (Ladybug Girl) by David Somar & Jacky Davis. 9780399186400. 2018. Gr PK-2.

Lots More Animals Should Definitely Not Wear Clothing by Judi Barrett (ill. by Ron Barrett). 9781481488662. 2018. Gr PK-2.
Marlo and the Dinosaurs (Marlo) by Christopher Browne. 9780062441157. 2018. Gr PK-1.
Max and Marla Are Having a Picnic by Alexandra Boiger. 9780399175053. 2018. Gr PK-2.
Not ‘Til Tomorrow, Phoebe by Julie Zwillich (ill. by Denise Holmes). 9781771471725. 2018. Gr PK-2.
Not-So-Lucky Lefty (Judy Moody and Friends, Book 10) by Megan McDonald (ill. by Erwin Madrid). 9780763696054. 2018. Gr 1-3.

Peanut Butter and Jelly (Narwhal and Jelly Book) by Ben Clanton. 9780735262454. 2018. Gr 1-4.
Pete the Cat : The Petes Go Marching by James Dean. 9780062304124. 2018. Gr PK-2.
Pig the Star (Pig the Pug) by Aaron Blabey. 9781338280210. 2018. Gr PK-1.
The Pod and the Bog (Zoey and Sassafras, Book 5) by Asia Citro (ill. by Marion Lindsay). 9781943147380. 2018. Gr 1-3.
Toad on the Road : Mama and Me by Stephen Shaskan. 9780062393494. 2018. Gr PK-2.

The Very First Case (Rider Woofson, Book 10) by Walker Styles (ill. by Ben Whitehouse). 9781534412729. 2018. Gr 1-3.
The Whispering Oak (Last Firehawk, Book 3) by Katrina Charman (ill. by Jeremy Norton). 9781338122572. 2018. Gr 1-3.



Anna, Banana, and the Recipe for Disaster (Anna, Banana, Book 6) by Anica Mrose Riss (ill. by Meg Park). 9781481486729. 2018. Gr 2-4.
Bat and the Waiting Game (Bat, Book 2) by Elana K. Arnold. 9780062445858. 2018. Gr 2-5.
The Bear (Lighthouse Family, Book 8) by Cynthia Rylant. 9781481460286. 2018. Gr 2-4.
Carlos Gets the Sneezes : Exploring Allergies (Magic School Bus Rides Again, Book 3) by Judy Katschke. 9781338232127. 2018. Gr 2-4.
Cilla Lee-Jenkins : This Book Is a Classic (Cilla Lee-Jenkins, Book 2) by Susan Tan. 9781626725539. 2018. Gr 3-5.
Emily Windsnap and the Falls of Forgotten Island (Emily Windsnap, Book 7) by Liz Kessler. 9780763695743. 2018. Gr 4-6.

Frank Einstein and the Space-Time Zipper (Frank Einstein, Book 6) by Jon Scieszka. 9781419725470. 2018. Gr 3-5.
Give a ‘Bot a Bone (Project Droid, Book 5) by Nancy Krulik & Amanda Burwasser. 9781510726550. 2018. Gr 2-4.
How to Tame a Human Tornado (Genius Factor, Book 3) by Paul Tobin. 9781619638990. 2018. Gr 3-6.
In the Zone (The Kicks) by Alex Morgan). 9781481481533. 2018. Gr 4-6.
Kicking & Screaming (King of the Bench, Book 3) by Steve Moore. 9780062203342. 2018. Gr 3-6.
King Flashypants and the Creature from Crong (Evil Emperor, Book 2) by Andy Riley. 9781627798112. 2018. Gr 2-4.

Lights, Music, Code! (Girls Who Code, Book 3) by Jo Whittemore. 9780399542534. 2018. Gr 3-6.
Olga : We’re Out of Here! (Olga, Book 2) by Elise Gravel. 9780062351296. 2018. Gr 2-4.
Peter Powers and His Superpowered Super Pals! (Peter Powers, Book 7) by Kent Clark. 9780316437950. 2018. Gr 4-6.
President of the Whole Sixth Grade : Girl Code (President, Book 3) by Sherri Winston. 9780316505284. 2018. Gr 4-6.
Stick Dog Crashes a Party (Stick Dog, Book 8) by Tom Watson. 9780062410962. 2018. Gr 3-6.
Stink : Hamlet and Cheese (Stink, Book 11) by Megan McDonald. 9780763691639. 2018. Gr 2-4.

The Super Awful Superheroes of Classroom 13 (Classroom 13, Book 4) by Honest Lee & Matthew J. Gilbert. 9780316501095. 2018. Gr 2-4.
The Wild Robot Escapes (Wild Robot, Book 2) by Peter Brown. 9780316382045. 2018. Gr 3-5.
The Wonderful Baron Doppelganger Device (Bizarre Baron Inventions, Book 3) by Eric Bower. 9781944995515. 2018. Gr 4-6.




Beast of Stone (Wing & Claw, Book 3) by Linda Sue Park. 9780062327444. 2018. Gr 4-7.
Class : What She Does Next Will Astound You (Class, Book 3) by Patrick Ness & James Goss. 9780062666239. 2018. Gr 7-9.
Competing for the Cup (Ride, Book 2) by Bobbi J.G. Weiss. 9780763698546. 2018. Gr 4-8.
The Dark Forest (Shakespeare Plot, Book 2) by Alex Woolf. 9781912006953. 2018. Gr 5-8.
Double Play (Baseball Genius, Book 2) by Tim Green & Derek Jeter. 9781534406681. 2018. Gr 5-8.
The Overworld Games (Creeper Diaries, Book 4) by Greyson Mann. 9781510731141. 2018. Gr 4-7.

Princess Before Dawn (Wide-Awake Princess, Book 7) by E.D. Baker. 9781681196732. 2018. Gr 5-8.
A Side of Sabotage (Quinnie Boyd Mystery, Book 3) by C.M. Surrisi. 9781512448368. 2018. Gr 5-8.
Switched (Fairy Tale Reform School, Book 4) by Jen Calonita. 9781492651642. 2018. Gr 4-7.
Terra Nova (Molly Stout Adventure, Book 2) by Shane Arbuthnott. 9781459814448. 2018. Gr 6-8.
The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl : 2 Fuzzy, 2 Furious (Squirrel Girl, Book 2) by Shannon Hale & Dean Hale. 9781368011266. 2108. Gr 4-7.




The Case for Jamie (Charlotte Holmes, Book 3) by Brittany Cavallaro. 9780062398970. 2018. Gr 9-12.
Genesis (Project Nemesis, Book 2) by Brendan Reichs. 9780399544965. 2018. Gr 8-12.
The Heart Forger (Bone Witch, Book 2) by Rin Chupeco. 9781492635857. 2018. Gr 7-12.
Hero at the Fall (Rebel of the Sands, Book 3) by Alwyn Hamilton. 9780451477866. 2018. Gr 9-12.
The Invasion (Call, Book 2) by Peadar O’Guilin. 9781338045628. 2018. Gr 10-12.
Live in Infamy (companion to The Only Thing to Fear) by Caroline Tung Richmond. 9781338111095. 2018. Gr 9-12.

Lost Crow Conspiracy (Blood Rose Rebellion, Book 2) by Rosalyn Eves. 9781101936078. 2018. Gr 9-12.
Lumberjanes : 8 : Stone Cold by Shannon Watters. 9781684151325. 2018. Gr 7-12.
Obsidio (Illuminae Files, Book 3) by Amie Kaufman & Jay Kristoff. 9780553499193. 2018. Gr 8-12.
Reclaiming Shilo Snow (Evaporation of Sofi Snow, Book 2) by Mary Weber. 9780718080945. 2018. Gr 9-12.
Runaways : 9 : Dead Wrong by Terry Moore & Humberto Ramos. 9781302909109. 2018. Gr 7-12.
Slay (Freya, Book 2) by Matthew Laurence. 9781250088192. 2018. Gr 9-12.




Disappeared (Joe Pickett, Book 18) by C.J. Box. 9780399176623. 2018. Gr 10-Adult.
Impostor Syndrome (Arcadia Project, Book 3) by Mishell Baker. 9781481480185. 2018. Gr 10-Adult.
The Song Rising (Bone Season, Book 3) by Samantha Shannon. 9781632866240. 2018. Gr 10-Adult.

Great Nonfiction Titles for February 2018

Take a look at these exciting nonfiction titles published in February. Enjoy and learn!



All That Trash : The Story of the 1987 Garbage Barge and Our Problem with Stuff by Meghan McCarthy.  9781481477529. 2018. Gr 1-4.
In 1987 a ship full of trash became famous when no state would allow it entry because it smelled so bad. For 45 days the Garbage Barge roamed the waters, traveling 6,000 miles, and finally sitting in New York harbor. This book would make a good read-aloud for Earth Day and is a good conversation starter on the topic of waste and recycling.

The Amazing Collection of Joey Cornell by Candace Fleming & Gerard Dubois. 9780399552380. 2018. Gr PK-3.
When artist/sculptor Joseph Cornell was a child, he collected everything—and kept it all. First it fit in a wagon in his bedroom, but his collections soon spilled over into the barn. As he grew older, he used these odds and ends to make art.

Bloom : A Story of Fashion Designer Elsa Schiaparelli by Kyo Maclear (ill. by Julie Morstad). 9780062447616. 2018. Gr PK-2.
As a young girl in Rome, Elsa Schiaparelli felt ugly, so one day she took flower seeds and tried to plant them in herself. She got sick, but it inspired what would be a lifetime career in fashion that featured bright colors and bold designs that put her at the leading edge of Parisian fashion by the 1930s.

The Boo-Boos That Changed the World : A True Story about an Accidental Invention (Really) by Barry Wittenstein (ill. by Chris Hsu). 9781580897457. 2018. Gr PK-3.
In the 1920s when a farmer wanted a simple way to bandage his accident-prone wife, he conceived the idea of the Band-Aid. In World War II they were distributed to soldiers, but the Band-Aid didn’t become a household name in America until the Boy Scouts got involved.

Did You Hear What I Heard? : Poems about School by Kay Winters (ill. by Patrice Barton). 9780399538988. 2018. Gr PK-2.
These poems about school celebrate kindergarten and first grade. You might also want to check out Winters’ earlier poetry about school, Did You See What I Saw?


Girl Running : Bobbi Gibb and the Boston Marathon by Annette Bay Pimental (ill. by Icha Archer). 9781101996683. 2018. Gr K-3.
The first woman to run the Boston Marathon was Bobbi Gibb. Before 1966, it was considered dangerous for women to run that distance, so Bobbi sneaked into the race to prove everyone wrong—receiving great recognition from athletes and politicians alike. She inspired millions of women to participate in long-distance running.

Grace for Gus by Harry Bliss. 9780062644107. 2018. Gr 1-3.
A young girl named Grace goes out into nighttime Manhattan as a street performer to raise money for her class’s guinea pig named Gus.

Hey-Ho, to Mars We’ll Go! : A Space-Age Version of “The Farmer in the Dell” by Susan Lendroth (ill. by Bob Kolar). 9781580897440. 2018. Gr PK-3.
Sing along to the tune of The Farmer in the Dell and learn about the science of space and space travel and the possible future exploration of Mars.

I Am a Cat by Galia Bernstein. 9781419726439. 2018. Gr PK-2.
Simon the pet cat tells Lion, Puma, Tiger, Cheetah, and Panther that he is a cat like them. They all laugh at him, but when they describe their common characteristics, Simon fits right in with them.

A Seed Is the Start by Melissa Stewart. 9781426329777. 2018. Gr 1-4.
There’s more to the world of seeds than can be seen at a glance. Stewart describes the plant cycle, how seeds grow and travel, and the different ways they sprout. Beautiful photographs accompany the interesting text that is perfect for the elementary curriculum.


Spectacular Spring : All Kinds of Spring Facts and Fun by Bruce Goldstone. 9781250120144. 2018. Gr PK-3.
Following Awesome Autumn and Wonderful Winter, Goldstone now gives us Spectacular Spring. He includes photos, explanations of what happens in spring, and craft activities.

Thank You, Earth : A Love Letter to Our Planet by April Pulley Sayre. 9780062697349. 2018. Gr PK-3.
Photos of the beauty of nature are paired with poems of gratitude to the Earth.

Who Says Women Can’t Be Computer Programmers? : The Story of Ada Lovelace by Tanya Lee Stone (ill. by Marjorie Priceman). 9781627792998. 2018. Gr K-3.
Today, Ada Lovelace is considered to be the first computer programmer. This biography describes her childhood as the daughter of poet Lord Byron, her education in science and math, and her work with Charles Babbage’s Analytical Engine that processed numbers. It focuses on how Lovelace’s imagination helped her make new discoveries in the field of mathematics.




Earth Verse : Haiku from the Ground Up by Sally M. Walker (ill. by William Grill). 9780763675127. 2018. Gr 2-4.
Colorful illustrations of Earth science things—like the Earth’s crust, rocks, fossils, minerals, volcanoes, and glaciers—are accompanied and celebrated by haiku poems.

No Truth Without Ruth : The Life of Ruth Bader Ginsburg by Kathleen Krull (ill. by Nancy Zhang). 9780062560117. 2018. Gr 1-4.
This picture book biography of the second woman to become a U.S. Supreme Court justice focuses on the obstacles she faced in her law school and career. Biographies of RBG are popular now, but this one is worth having on your shelves.

On Our Street : Our First Talk about Poverty (World Around Us) by Dr. Jillian Roberts & Jaime Casap (ill. by Jane Heinrichs). 9781459816176. 2018. Gr 1-4.
Look at poverty and homelessness from a child’s perspective. This book couples a child’s questions about the topics with simple, straightforward answers about how people become homeless, how a child might be able to help, and more. Resources for further information are included.

Rodent Rascals : From Tiny to Tremendous by Roxie Munro. 9780823438600. 2018. Gr 2-4.
Rodents come in a variety around the world, including mice and ground hogs, guinea pigs and capybaras. Life-sized illustrations of each rodent species are included, and text describes their life cycles, physical traits, behaviors, and habitats.

The Secret Kingdom : Nek Chand, a Changing India, and a Hidden World of Art by Barb Rosenstock (ill. by Claire A. Nivola). 9780763674755. 2018. Gr 2-5.
After the partition of India in 1947, Nik Chand fled to India from Pakistan. He began creating a hidden art from river rocks, broken glass, and other discarded items. For 15 years, he kept his Rock Garden a secret to everyone but the local townspeople. When the government found it, they threatened to destroy the beautiful place, but his friends and neighbors fought to save it.


Seeing into Tomorrow : Haiku by Richard Wright (ill. by Nina Crews). 9781512418651. 2018. Gr 2-4.
These twelve haiku poems by Richard Wright, published fifty years ago, are paired with the photo-collage artwork of Nina Crews. The poems focus on everyday life as seen from a young African American boy’s eyes. A brief biography of Wright is included, along with a list of further reading.

Strongheart : Wonder Dog of the Silver Screen by Candace Fleming & Eric Rohmann. 9781101934104. 2018. Gr 4-6.
A German shepherd is transformed from Etzel, a police dog in Berlin, to Strongheart, a silent movie star that will need his best acting skills to prove himself innocent of attacking a girl. This book is based on a true story.




Becoming Madeleine : A Biography of the Author of A Wrinkle in Time by Her Granddaughters by Charlotte Jones Voiklis & Lena Roy. 9780374307646. 2018. Gr 4-7.
Two of Madeleine L’Engle’s granddaughters use diaries, correspondence, and other memorabilia to narrate the early life of their grandmother, from her childhood through the acquisition of The Wrinkle in Time by Farrar Straus Giroux in 1961.

Clem Hetherington and the Ironwood Race (Clem Hetherington, Book 1) by Jen Breach & Douglas Holgate. 9780545814454. 2018. Gr 4-8.
Clem and her robot brother Dig (short for Digory) live on an alternate earth with dinosaurs, humans, and humanoids. After a run of bad luck, they enter the no-rules Ironwood Race of competitive archaeological site digging. Along the way they hope to find out the truth about their parents’ death.

Fly Girls : The Daring American Women Pilots Who Helped Win WWII by P. O’Connell Pearson. 9781534404106. 2018. Gr 5-8.
During World War II the U.S. Army Airforce had a desperate need for skilled pilots. But only men were allowed to fly military airplanes, even though many were taught by expert female pilots. This book shows how women pilots (WASPs) were finally permitted to ferry planes, to test planes after they were repaired, and more—though their pay and benefits were less than that of their male counterparts.

The Girl Who Drew Butterflies : How Maria Merian’s Art Changed Science by Joyce Sidman. 9780544717138. 2018. Gr 5-8.
Poet Joyce Sidman presents an illustrated biography of naturalist Maria Sibylla Merian, who was one of the first scientists to document butterfly metamorphosis.

Lillian Wald : America’s Great Social and Healthcare Reformer by Paul M. Kaplan. 9781455623495. 2018. Gr 7-10.
Little-known activist Lillian Wald was a social reformer in the early twentieth century, dedicated to helping New York’s poor. She also fought for women’s suffrage, racial integration, and worker’s rights.

Rising Above : Inspiring Women in Sports by Gregory Zuckerman. 9780399547478. 2108. Gr 6-8.
Read the stories of ten female athletes who have overcome the odds and become superstar athletes and role models for young girls, including Serena and Venus Williams, Simone Biles, and Carli Lloyd.


Rising Seas : Flooding, Climate Change and Our New World by Keltie Thomas. 9780228100225. 2018. Gr 4-8.
Photographs of Earth today are set against shocking images of what it might look like in the future if the issue of climate change is not addressed. Included is a section on what young people can do to make a difference.

Words That Built a Nation : Voices of Democracy That Have Shaped America’s History by Marilyn Miller, Ellen Scordato, & Dan Tucker. 9781635651881. 2018. Gr 4-7.
This collection of documents traces the history of the United States, including such areas as human rights, the environment, and immigration. Includes commentary, photographs, and engravings. This is a revised edition from the 1999 original.




Americanized : Rebel Without a Green Card by Sara Saedi. 9781524717797. 2018. Gr 8-12.
In 1990s California, thirteen-year-old Sara Saedi keeps a diary of her life as an Iranian American and her discovery that she and her family entered the country illegally.

The Comic Book Story of Baseball by Alex Irvine (ill. by Tomm Coker & C.P. Smith). 9780399578946. 2018. Gr 7-12.
This graphic history of the sport of baseball covers major games, star players, and rule changes both in the U.S. and overseas.

Hope Nation : YA Authors Share Personal Moments of Inspiration edited by Rose Brock. 9781524741679. 2018. Gr 8-12.
Influential young adult authors share essays and stories to offer hope in today’s world.

The Prince and the Dressmaker by Jen Wang. 9781250159854. 2018. Gr 7-12.
In this coming-of-age graphic novel set in nineteenth-century Paris, a prince hires lowly dressmaker Frances to create a line of fabulous gowns for his secret alter ego, Lady Crystallia.

Speak : The Graphic Novel by Laurie Halse Anderson & Emily Carroll. 9780374300289. 2018. Gr 8-12.
A traumatic event near the end of the summer has a devastating effect of Melinda’s freshman year in high school.

Voices in the Air : Poems for Listeners by Naomi Shihab Nye. 9780062691842. 2018. Gr 7-12.
Over 100 free verse poems are compiled by the award-winning poet Naomi Shihab Nye in honor of past and present people who have inspired her. The quiet. sometimes political poems preach peace, diversity, and empathy. The book also features short biographies on the figures behind each poem.

Votes for Women! : American Suffragists and the Battle for the Ballot by Winifred Conkling. 9781616207342. 2018. Gr 8-12.
Explore the nearly eighty-year-battle for women’s suffrage in America that ended with the ratification of the Nineteenth Amendment in 1920. Conkling examines the private and public journeys of noted suffragists including Susan B. Anthony, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Victoria Woodhull, Sojourner Truth, Alice Paul, and Carrie Chapman Catt.




Berlin, 1936 : Sixteen Days in August by Oliver Hilmes. 9781590519295. 2018. Gr 11-Adult.
This account chronicles all sixteen days of the 1936 Summer Olympics held in Berlin at the height of Third Reich. Events in Berlin are described through the lens of a select group of characters as they cope with the rise of an oppressive regime while simultaneously hosting an international community of athletes and delegates.

The Line Becomes a River : Dispatches from the Border by Francisco Cantu. 9780735217713. 2018. Gr 11-Adult.
Francisco Cantú recalls his time as a U.S. Border Patrol Agent on the Mexican border. He details some of the horrors and violence he’s witnessed at the border, as he works to stop traffickers, murder, and drugs.

One Goal : A Coach, a Team, and the Game That Brought a Divided Town Together by Amy Bass. 9780316396547. 2018. Gr 10-Adult.
When many Somali refugees settled in Lewiston, Maine, residents grew uneasy, and the mayor wrote a letter asked the Somalis to stay away from his town. The high school soccer coach, however, integrated his team, which helped to bring the town together.

Great Realistic Easy/Fiction Titles for February 2018

Check out these exciting easy and fiction titles published in February. Everything here is realistic, including historical fiction, mysteries, and adventure. Happy reading!



Anywhere Artist by Nikki Slade Robinson. 9781328707369. 2018. Gr K-2.
A young artist makes art from not just traditional materials, but from all the stuff she finds around her.

Be Kind by Pat Zietlow Miller (ill. by Jen Hill). 9781626723214. 2018. Gr PK-1.
When a young girl named Tanisha spills grape juice all over her new dress, a classmate tries to comfort her, without much success, and then contemplates what being kind really means and how she can help Tanisha.

Big Tree Down! by Laurie Lawlor (ill. by David Gordon). 9780823436613. 2018. Gr PK-2.
When Big Tree falls after being struck by lightning, community helpers arrive to cordon off the area, shut off the power, and clear the tree from the road. With the power out, the neighbors come together to light bonfires, cook out, and share stories of Big Tree. The wood from Big Tree goes on to become firewood, mulch, and seating in the community, and in the autumn, neighbors plant a sapling they affectionately call Little Tree.

A Couch for Llama by Leah Gilbert. 9781454925118. 2018. Gr PK-2.
When the Lago family’s new couch falls into a field on their way home, the llama that lives there gets a very big surprise. He’s never seen a couch before. Initially he’s not impressed, but it doesn’t take long for him to love it. And when the Lago family returns for their couch, they know just what to do to help this couch-loving llama be happy.

Florette by Anna Walker. 9780544876835. 2018. Gr K-2.
Mae and her family move from the country into the city. She misses growing things, but one day Mae comes across a tiny flower outside a florist’s shop and starts a garden of her own.


I Can Be Anything! Don’t Tell Me I Can’t by Diane Dillon. 9781338166903. 2018. Gr PK-3.
A young girl named Zoe repeatedly states that she can be anything she wants to be. Despite a voice asking “but what if you fail?” Zoe responds, “Go away, voice… I can be anything… but first, I have to learn to read. And don’t tell me I can’t!”

Jinx and the Doom Fight Crime! by Lisa Mantchev (ill. by Samantha Cotterill). 9781481467018. 2018. Gr PK.2.
Two siblings, Jinx and Doom, are normal kids—except that they also turn into super heroes and fight crime. One day, they realize that they can use their powers for good and not mischief.

Kate, Who Tamed the Wind by Liz Garton Scanlon & Lee White. 9781101934791. 2018. Gr PK-3.
To stop the wind from blowing everything upside down, young Kate uses her old wheelbarrow to drag some young trees up a steep hill where she plants them, providing a little green, along with the wind protection, to the man who lives on the hill.

Warbler Wave by April Pulley Sayre with Jeff Sayre. 9781481448291. 2018. Gr PK-2.
Simple text and photographs introduce young readers to the warbler species of bird and how they use their abilities to migrate far over the world.




The 11:11 Wish by Kim Tomsic. 9780062654946. 2018. Gr 4-7.
Megan wants to reinvent herself at her new school, but on the first day she is thrown in the middle of a power struggle between two popular girls. On a dare, she makes a wish for magic just as the classroom clock chimes 11:11. Her wish comes true, but with unexpected side effects. Now she is charged with organizing an epic event to start Spirit Week—without using magic—and if she can’t deliver, her social life at her new school is doomed.

The Art of the Swap by Kristine Asselin & Jen Malone. 9781481478717. 2018. Gr 4-6.
Hannah is the daughter of the caretaker at the museum The Elms. Amongst the stories of the original occupants of the mansion-turned-museum, the legend of a stolen painting of the tween heiress Maggie Dunlap most intrigues Hannah. But when she discovers a magical mirror, she learns she can swap places with Maggie, who is very excited to live with modern freedoms, while Hannah races to stop heist of the painting.

Best Buds Under Frogs (Rizzlerunk Club, Book 1) by Leslie Patricelli. 9780763651046. 2018. Gr 2-5.
Lily’s first act at her new school is to throw up on somebody’s shoes. Fortunately, she is taken under the wing of Darby, who likes frogs and other weird stuff. Together the new BFFs form the Rizzlerunk Club. Shortly after, Darby’s former BFF, who had moved to London, returns. How will these relationships turn out?

Frederik Sandwich and the Earthquake That Couldn’t Possibly Be by Kevin John Scott. 9781492648536. 2018. Gr 4-6.
After an earthquake that never should have happened, Frederik decides to investigate the cause himself after the mayor convinces everyone in town to forget the incident. When Frederik accidentally meets Pernille Yasemin Jensen, together they seek out answers. Their travels lead them into some of the scarier places in their town, where they uncover a conspiracy, decades in the making.

The Heart and Mind of Frances Pauley by April Stevens. 9781524720612. 2018. Gr 4-6.
Lonely Frances isolates herself at home and at school, and her relationship with her older sister Christinia breaks down. Her only real friend is Alvin, the elderly bus driver who seems to understand Frances’ need for isolation. Overcome with grief after Alvin dies, Frances slowly begins to bridge the gap between herself and Christinia and a few of her classmates.

The Midnight Gang by David Walliams. 9780062561060. 2018. Gr 3-6.
After an accident in gym class, Tom ends up in the awful hospital children’s ward run by a wicked matron. But after dark is the patients’ time to shine, as they become the Midnight Gang and escape to wonderful worlds created from their wildest imaginings.


Samantha Spinner and the Super-Secret Plans by Russel Ginns. 9781524720001. 2018. Gr 4-6.
Samantha’s uncle mysteriously disappears, leaving behind extravagant gifts for her siblings. But to Samantha he leaves only an old, rusty, red umbrella that may contain clues to his whereabouts.

Stanley Will Probably Be Fine by Sally J. Pla. 9780062445797. 2018. Gr 3-6.
Stanley has anxiety and sensory processing disorder, and he loves comics. When he faints during a safety assembly, he imagines a superhero to help him cope. He uses this coping mechanism when he visits San Diego with his neighbor Liberty to participate in a comics trivia treasure hunt to get passes to Comic Fest. He hopes the passes will win back his best friend, Joon, who has started hanging out with the popular kids.




The Ambrose Deception by Emily Ecton. 9781484788387. 2018. Gr 4-7.
Three Chicago students, Melissa, Wilf, and Bondi, are unlikely participants in a competition for a ten-thousand-dollar scholarship, unaware that there is much more at stake.

Between the Lines by Nikki Grimes. 9780399246883. 2018. Gr 7-10.
A group of high school students grow in understanding of each other’s challenges and forge unexpected connections as they prepare for a “boys vs. girls” poetry slam. The author includes a note about foster home care.

Checked by Cynthia Kadohata. 9781481446617. 2018. Gr 6-9.
When his dog, Sinbad, develops cancer and Conor chooses to give up hockey to help pay for treatment—leading him to question who he is without the sport that defines him. Along the way, he begins to notice more about his friends and family, giving Conor a better sense of where his priorities should lie.

Hunger : A Tale of Courage by Donna Jo Napoli. 9781481477499. 2018. Gr 6-9.
In 1846 Ireland, at the height of the potato famine, twelve-year-old Lorraine and her family struggle to survive in Country Galway.

The Misfits Club by Kieran Crowley. 9781250079268. 2018. Gr 4-7.
Brian, Hannah, Sam, and Chris live in Newpark where nothing happens. When they were eight, they had started The Misfits Club, which sadly is disbanding. It has not solved any mysteries and now is the beginning of their last summer together. When Amelia joins their group, they decide to investigate a spooky house—and discover stolen property. Maybe they have time for one more adventure!

The Not-So-Boring Letters of Private Nobody by Matthew Landis. 9780735227989. 2018. Gr 5-8.
Oliver, a Civil War buff and weekend reenactor, is partnered with two misfits to create a documentary about the wartime experience of a Civil War contemporary. While they conduct research in local historical societies, collaborate on a script, and edit the film, they discover secrets about their Pennsylvania soldier and learn how to be friends with each other.


One True Way by Shannon Hitchcock. 9781338181722. 2018. Gr 5-8.
Allie and Samantha, two middle school girls in the 1970s American South, struggle with their growing feelings for each other, and find challenges and support from unlikely places.

Playing Atari with Saddam Huseein : Based on a True Story by Jennifer Roy with Ali Fadhil. 9780544785076. 2018. Gr 5-7.
For forty-two days in 1991, eleven-year-old Ali Fadhil and his family struggle to survive as Basra, a city in Iraq, is bombed by the United States and its allies.

R Is for Rebel by J. Anderson Coats. 9781481496674. 2018. Gr 5-8.
Malley is on the run. Her pursuers had captured and tortured her parents, who were part of the Milean resistance. She is sent to a reform school, and despite mistreatment and threats of the workhouse, she meets other young rebels, and together they plan to take over the school.

Snapstreak : How My Friends Saved My (Social) Life by Suzanne Weyn. 9781328713469. 2018. Gr 5-7.
Eighth graders Vee, Lulu, Megan, and Gwynneth enter a local television station’s contest for the pair of students who can prove the longest-running “snapstreak.”




All Out : The No-Longer-Secret Stories of Queer Teens Throughout the Ages edited by Saundra Mitchell. 9781335470454. 2018. Gr 9-12.
Young adult authors share historical fiction short stories featuring predominantly queer figures across cultures, time periods, and identities. The stories contain themes such as retellings of classic fairy tales, teens who fall in love during memorable historical events, and forbidden relationships across centuries.

All We Can Do Is Wait by Richard Lawson. 9780448494111. 2018. Gr 7-12.
Five teenagers from different backgrounds meet in the waiting room of Boston General Hospital seeking information on their loved ones after a bridge collapse. Each teen goes through their own private struggles as they try to deal with the potential loss of their loved ones. (The reader is given information that the characters aren’t privy to, which brings each teenager’s motivations for being there into question.)

American Panda by Gloria Chao. 9781481499101. 2018. Gr 7-12.
Mei Lu tries to live up to her Taiwanese parents’ expectations at MIT—to become a doctor and marry a Taiwanese boy. But no expectations they place on her can overcome the fact that she is a germaphobe, doesn’t want to become a doctor, prefers dancing to science, and is in love with a Japanese American boy.

The Calculus of Change by Jessie Hilb. 9780544953338. 2018. Gr 9-12.
Overweight and pretty, high school senior Aden gets caught up in an exciting new friendship that quickly turns into unrequited love—at least on Aden’s side—even while it helps her get closer to her deceased mother’s heritage.

Down and Across by Arvin Ahmadi. 9780425289877. 2018. Gr 8-12.
Iranian American Scott has no idea what he wants to do with his life. His parents want him to choose a career and apply for college. But when they visit Iran for a month and leave him home, Scott skips town and travels to Washington, D.C. to visit a famous professor for advice about success. There he meets Fiora, a college student, who writes crossword puzzles. During his summer of freedom, he finds answers about himself and his future in unexpected places.

A Girl Like That by Tanaz Bhathena. 9780374305444. 2108. Gr 9-12.
Zarin is a free-spirited orphan girl with a poor reputation in her school and community in Saudi Arabia. When she and her friend Porus are found dead in a gruesome car accident, the religious police uncover more than anyone expected about who this girl was. The pasts of both reveal the sexist double standard of life in Saudi Arabia, and the angst of a teenage girl growing up abused and alienated in a place that didn’t want her.

Hamilton and Peggy! : A Revolutionary Friendship by L.M. Elliott. 9780062671301. 2018. Gr 9-12.
In 1777, Peggy Schuyler lived in the shadows of her sisters, until she joins the revolutionary war effort, becoming friends with Alexander Hamilton and witnessing some of the most momentous events of the late eighteenth century.


Hooper by Geoff Herbach. 9780062453112. 2018. Gr 8-12.
Adam was abandoned at a Polish orphanage when he was found and adopted by Renata, an American studying abroad. At his new home in Minnesota, basketball becomes his lifeline, his “passport”. If only school, with its language classes and bullies, could be as easy. When he is accepted to an elite AAU team, he discovers a new kind of discrimination in his organization’s racism against black players.

The Last to Let Go by Amber Smith. 9781481480734. 2018. Gr 9-12.
After her mother kills her abusive father, Brooke and her siblings find themselves alone for the first time ever. Without parents or stability, Brooke goes through a year of firsts while also confronting the darkness in her family.

This Heart of Mine by C.C. Hunter. 9781250131652. 2018. Gr 10-12.
Leah is being kept alive by an artificial heart carried in her backpack, but this will only work for a few years. Complicating a search for a replacement heart is Leah’s rare blood type. When a heart does become available, she discovers that it had come from a boy in her school, a boy who committed suicide. But when she meets Matt, the boy’s brother, they find that they are having the same disturbing dream—and that the death may be suspicious.

This Tiny Perfect World by Lauren Gibaldi. 9780062490070. 2018. Gr 9-12.
Penny has her future mapped out, a future that includes staying in the small town where she grew up, going to community college, taking over the family diner, and marrying her high school sweetheart. But then she wins a scholarship to an elite theater camp, and her future isn’t so clear anymore.

What the Night Sings by Vesper Stamper. 9781524700386. 2018. Gr 9-12.
Fourteen-year-old Gerta Rausch thought she was Gerta Richter, a talented Aryan singer and musician, until she and her father were discovered by the Nazis and sent to the Auschwitz concentration camp.  When she is freed from the camp at the end of World War II, she must rebuild her life without her family and come to terms with her Jewish identity. One day Gerta meets Lev, a fellow teen survivor, and falls for him. It is with his help that she slowly rediscovers the music she once loved.

Winterfolk by Janel Kolby. 9780062487001. 2018. Gr 8-12.
As long as she can remember, Rain has lived in the Jungle near the Winterfolk, a camp for the homeless, growing up in this hidden place, learning to be invisible. When the Seattle authorities decide to do a sweep to clear out the Winterfolk, her friend King wants Rain and her father to leave with him—but Rain can’t imagine living anywhere else. Before they leave, Rain convinces King to take her into Seattle, where they get separated and Rain decides to try to save her people.




The Clarity by Keith Thomas. 9781501156939. 2018. Gr 11-Adult.
Eleven-year-old Ashanique has a unique ability:  she can remember the memories of other people. During a visit from psychologist Matilda Deacon, who studies how memories are stored, Ashanique recalls memories of the murderous Night Doctors—who were also mentioned by one of Matilda’s patients before he committed suicide. Ashanique and her mother have been running from an assassin her whole life, and Matilda realizes the consequences if they are caught.

Force of Nature by Jane Harper. 9781250105639. 2108. Gr 11-Adult.
A corporate retreat takes a deadly turn when one of the colleagues doesn’t come out of the woods. The remaining co-workers each give the Federal Agent investigating the case a different version of events, leaving him to untangle a very tangled and deadly web of lies.

Summer Hours at the Robbers Library by Sue Halpern. 9780062678966. 2018. Gr 11-Adult.
Kit, librarian at a small-town public library, loves the peace she finds among books—that is, until Sunny, a young home-schooled teen girl, gets arrested for shoplifting a dictionary, and the judge assigns her to do community service at Kit’s library. Sunny’s arrival is only the beginning of changes to Kit’s life, as other offbeat patrons are drawn to them.