GooseChase Scavenger Hunt App Review

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IMG_0893Part of what I love about my job is my interaction with our student-based tech team known as the TEACH Team (Tech Experts and Computer Helpers). This group is a compilation of 25 of the most creative, technology savvy thinkers in our middle/high school student body. I have the privilege of leading this group through trainings, activities, and the daily grind of working our Help Desk. They are our testers, our drop-everything-and-go fixers, and our guinea pigs. The most recent guinea pig extravaganza involved the testing of a scavenger hunt app that I’ve researched and played with but had never had the chance to implement.

The app is called GooseChase. This is where formative assessment meets mobility and creativity! The premise of the app is to serve as a host for scavenger hunts of any kind, and it truly does deliver. Claiming to be a “scavenger hunt for the masses”, GooseChase makes it very easy to add what it calls “missions”, both of the pre-made and self-made variety. It could easily be used for the standard youth group or party game scavenger hunt. That use alone would make it a worthwhile download. However, it’s the way that it can be used in education as an assessment tool that really gets me pumped!

IMG_0896I wanted a way to formatively test my students on their tech skills, ability to adapt to a challenge, and problem solving techniques. Hence, the birth of the RV TEACH Team Test of Wits and Wisdom scavenger hunt. By creating a free account online here, and downloading the coordinating app here or here, I was able to easily create a game that assessed the various skills I needed to, while offering a fun, movement-filled way in which to do it.

IMG_0899The game consisted of several of the pre-made missions and a large collection of my own missions that really put my kids to the test (pun intended). There were silly missions that had students challenging others to arm wrestling matches and capturing video of the event. There were missions that checked for tech prowess by using Google Advanced Search options to locate images with noncommercial reuse licenses. There were audio missions, social media missions, text missions, and physical missions. There were dance missions, interview missions, selfie missions, and photoshop missions. As you can see, GooseChase offers such freedom to create exactly what you want.

Screen Shot 2017-05-16 at 12.43.54 PMTo get a hunt going, you must give it a start and stop time when setting it up. You can opt to password protect your game as well (definitely a suggestion when you’re doing this for an assessment such as this). Students then go onto the app, which is available for any mobile device, and create a log in. They are then allowed to sign into the game. In the free version, you are allowed up to 5 teams. This worked perfectly for my small group.

The real beauty of GooseChase, though, is found in the real-time uploads and points tracker. When creating a GooseChase mission, you can assign points. There are some recommended point values or you can select a custom point value. Within the Mission List Stats on the right (see photo), you can see how many questions and to what value you have assigned them. As the game is progressing, I can stay at “home-base” and watch the activities/submissions roll in. I have the ability to decline any that don’t fit the bill, so the speak. I may or may not have had to wipe tears generated by hysterical laughter from my cheeks more than once.

IMG_0897This really is an app you have to try! It is suitable for any age as long as they can read the missions. It makes learning and assessment engaging and enjoyable for everyone (including the teacher). And, frankly, once the end of May rolls around, we are all feeling it… that mental struggle.

Give this a shot! Go on a wild GooseChase with your students. Literally. I promise that it will not disappoint.


Keep Your Series Current: May 2017

Update your popular series with these books that will be published in May. Enjoy!


Amy on Park Patrol  Annie and Simon  Baxter Is Missing  Case of the Stinky Stench  Chester Raccoon and the Almost Perfect Sleepover  Dragons Love Tacos 2

Amy on Park Patrol (Critter Club, Book 17) by Callie Barkley (ill. by Tracy Bishop). 9781481494335. 2017. Gr 1-3.
Annie and Simon : Banana Muffins and Other Stories (Annie and Simon) by Catharine O’Neill. 9780763674984. 2017. Gr K-2.
Baxter Is Missing (Owl Diaries, Book 6) by Rebecca Elliott. 9781338042856. 2017. Gr K-2.
The Case of the Stinky Stench (Lady Pancake & Sir French Toast, Book 2) by Josh Funk (ill. by Brendan Kearney). 9781454919605. 2017. Gr PK-1.
Chester Raccoon and the Almost Perfect Sleepover by Audrey Penn (ill. by Barbara L. Gibson). 9781939100115. 2017. Gr PK-1.
Dragons Love Tacos 2 : The Sequel by Adam Rubin (ill. by Daniel Salmieri). 9780525428886. 2017. Gr PK-3.

Enzo and the Fourth of July Races  Howl at the Moon  If You Ever Want to Bring a Circus to the Library, Don’t!  Ladybug Girl’s Day Out with Grandpa  New Friend  Noggin and the Moon Mouse
Enzo and the Fourth of July Races by Garth Stein (ill. by R.W. Alley). 9780062380593. 2017. Gr PK-2.
Howl at the Moon (Haggis and Tank Unleashed, Book 3) by Jessica Young (ill. by James Burks). 9781338045260. 2017. Gr K-2.
If You Ever Want to Bring a Circus to the Library, Don’t! (Magnolia Says Don’t!) by Elise Parsley. 9780316376617. 2017. Gr PK-2.
Ladybug Girl’s Day Out with Grandpa (Ladybug Girl) by David Soman & Jacky Davis. 9780803740327. 2017. Gr PK-2.
A New Friend (Tales of Sasha, Book 3) by Alexa Pearl (ill. by Paco Sordo). 9781499803983. 2017. Gr 1-3.
Noggin and the Moon Mouse (Noggin the Nog, Book 5) by Oliver Postgate & Peter Firman. 9781405281416. 2017. Gr 1-3.

Pete the Cat and the Cool Cat Boogie  Queen's Handbag  Sam Battles the Machine  Sprout Street Neighbors Bon Voyage  Super Narwhal and Jelly Jolt  Zach Hangs in There
Pete the Cat and the Cool Cat Boogie (Pete the Cat) by Kimberly & James Dean. 9780062404343. 2017. Gr PK-2.
The Queen’s Handbag by Steve Antony. 9781338032932. 2017. Gr PK-1.
Sam Battles the Machine (Eerie Elementary, Book 6) by Jack Chabert (ill. by Sam Ricks). 9780545873796. 2017. Gr 1-3.
Sprout Street Neighbors : Bon Voyage (Sprout Street Neighbors) by Anna Alter. 9781524700546. 2017. Gr 1-3.
Super Narwhal and Jelly Jolt (Narwhal and Jelly Book) by Ben Clanton. 9781101918296. 2017. Gr 1-4.
Zach Hangs in There (Zach Rules) by William Mulcahy (ill. by Darren McKee). 9781631981623. 2017. Gr K-2.



Anna, Banana, and the Little Lost Kitten  Bayberry Island  Beach Party Surf Monkey  Billy Sure Kid Entrepreneur  Bring Me the Head of Ivy Pocket  Code Name Flood  Disaster Diaries Robots

Anna, Banana, and the Little Lost Kitten (Anna, Banana, Book 5) by Anica Mrose Rissi. 9781481486705. 2017. Gr 2-4.
Bayberry Island : An Adventure about Friendship and the Journey Home (Brambleheart, Book 2) by Henry Cole. 9780062245519. 2017. Gr 3-6.
Beach Party Surf Monkey (Welcome to Wonderland, Book 2) by Chris Grabenstein. 9780553536102. 2017. Gr 4-6.
Billy Sure Kid Entrepreneur and the Attack of the Mysterious Lunch Meat (Billy Sure, Kid Entrepreneur, Book 12) by Luke Sharpe. 9781481479103. 2017. Gr 3-5.
Bring Me the Head of Ivy Pocket (Ivy Pocket, Book 3) by Caleb Krisp. 9780062364401. 2017. Gr 4-6.
Code Name Flood (Edge of Extinction, Book 2) by Laura Martin. 9780062416254. 2017. Gr 4-6.
Disaster Diaries : Robots! (Disaster Diaries, Book 4) by R. McGeddon. 9781250135629. 2017. Gr 4-6.

Hamster Princess Giant Trouble  Hang Ten for Dear Life  Heart of the Land  Hurricane Rescue  Knights vs. Dragons  Knock about with the Fitzgerald-Trouts  Mia Measures Up
Hamster Princess : Giant Trouble (Hamster Princess, Book 4) by Ursula Vernon. 9780399186523. 2017. Gr 3-6.
Hang Ten for Dear Life! (In Due Time, Book 6) by Nicholas O. Time. 9781481496551. 2017. Gr 4-6.
Heart of the Land (Spirit Animals : Fall of the Beasts, Book 5) by Sarah Prineas. 9781338189810. 2017. Gr 4-6.
Hurricane Rescue (Hero Dog, Book 2) by Jennifer Li Shotz. 9780062560445. 2017. Gr 4-6.
Knights vs. Dragons (Ella and Owen, Book 3) by Jaden Kent (ill. by Iryna Bodnaruk). 9781499804102. 2017. Gr 2-4.
Knock about with the Fitzgerald-Trouts (Fitzgerald-Trouts, Book 2) by Esta Spalding. 9780316298605. 2017. Gr 4-6.
Mia Measures Up (Cupcake Diaries, Book 30) by Coco Simon. 9781481479042. 2017. Gr 4-6.

P.S. Send More Cookies  Pixie Piper and the Matter of the Batter  Rise of the Isle of the Lost  Space Taxi Aliens on Earth  Twintuition  Under Pressure
P.S. Send More Cookies (Secret Cookie Club, Book 3) by Martha Freeman. 9781481448246. 2017. Gr 4-6.
Pixie Piper and the Matter of the Batter (Pixie Piper, Book 2) by Annabelle Fisher. 9780062393807. 2017. Gr 3-5.
Rise of the Isle of the Lost (Descendants, Book 3) by Melissa de la Cruz. 9781484781289. 2017. Gr 4-6.
Space Taxi : Aliens on Earth (Space Taxi, Book 6) by Wendy Mass. 9780316308427. 2017. Gr 3-6.
Twintuition : Double Dare (Twintuition, Book 3) by Tia & Tamera Mowry. 9780062372925. 2017. Gr 4-6.
Under Pressure (Kicks) by Alex Morgan. 9781481481502. 2017. Gr 4-6.



Beyond  Dark Prophecy  Kingdom Rises  Lost Kingdom of Bamarre  Mermin 5  Only Living Boy 4

Beyond (Broken Sky Chronicles, Book 3) by Jason Chabot. 9781681626079. 2017. Gr 6-8.
The Dark Prophecy (Trials of Apollo, Book 2) by Rick Riordan. 9781484746424. 2017. Gr 5-8.
A Kingdom Rises (Crown of Three, Book 3) by J.D. Rinehart. 9781481424493. 2017. Gr 6-8.
The Lost Kingdom of Bamarre (Enchanted, Book 1.5) by Gail Carson Levine. 9780062074669. 2017. Gr 5-8.
Mermin : 5 : Making Waves by Joey Weiser. 9781620103944. 2017. Gr 4-7.
Only Living Boy : 4 : Through the Murkey Deep by David Gallaher. 9781629916354. 2017. Gr 4-7.

Sea Creatures in Their Own Words 2  Thick as Thieves  Totally Crushed  Triple Threat  Umberland
Sea Creatures in Their Own Words : 2 : Armed & Dangerous by Christophe Cazenove. 9781629917436. 2017. Gr 4-8.
Thick As Thieves (Attolia, Book 5) by Megan Whalen Turner. 9780062568243. 2017. Gr 6-9.
Totally Crushed (Project (Un)Popular, Book 2) by Kristen Tracy. 9780553510522. 2017. Gr 5-8.
Triple Threat (Lois Lane, Book 3) by Gwenda Bond. 9781630790820. 2017. Gr 7-10.
Umberland (Everland, Book 2) by Wendy Spinale. 9780545953184. 2017. Gr 7-10.



Always and Forever, Laura Jean  Avenged  Battlemage  Court of Wings and Ruin  Crown's Fate  Dove Alight
Always and Forever, Lara Jean (To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, Book 3) by Jenny Han. 9781481430487. 2017. Gr 7-12.
Avenged (Ruined, Book 2) by Amy Tintera. 9780062396631. 2017. Gr 8-12.
The Battlemage (Summoner Trilogy, Book 3) by Taran Matharu. 9781250076328. 2017. Gr 7-12.
A Court of Wings and Ruin (Court of Thorns and Roses, Book 3) by Sarah J. Maas. 9781619634480. 2017. Gr 10-12.
The Crown’s Fate (Crown’s Game, Book 2) by Evelyn Skye. 9780062422613. 2017. Gr 9-12.
Dove Alight (Dove Chronicles, Book 3) by Karen Bao. 9780451469038. 2017. Gr 9-12.

Foretelling of Georgie Spider  Gauntlet  Just Dreaming  Lord of Shadows  Monstrous  Night Magic
The Foretelling of Georgie Spider (Tribe, Book 3) by Ambelin Kwaymullina. 9780763692100. 2017. Gr 9-12.
The Gauntlet (Cage, Book 3) by Megan Shepherd. 9780062243126. 2017. Gr 9-12.
Just Dreaming (Silver Trilogy, Book 3) by Kerstin Gier. 9781627790802. 2017. Gr 9-12.
Lord of Shadows (Dark Artifices, Book 2) by Cassandra Clare. 9781442468405. 2017. Gr 9-12.
Monstrous (Savage, Book 2) by Thomas E. Sniegoski. 9781481477185. 2017. Gr 9-12.
Night Magic (Nightstruck, Book 2) by Jenna Black. 9780765380067. 2017. Gr 9-12.

Refuge for Masterminds  Scattering  Seeker
Refuge for Masterminds (Stranje House, Book 3) by Kathleen Baldwin. 9780765376046. 2017. Gr 8-12.
The Scattering (Outliers, Book 2) by Kimberly McCreight. 9780062359124. 2017. Gr 9-12.
Seeker (Riders, Book 2) by Veronica Rossi. 9780765382566. 2017. Gr 9-12.


Great New Nonfiction Titles for April 2017

These exciting nonfiction titles were published in April.


Balderdash  Boys Dancing  Give Bees a Chance  Lines, Bars and Circles  Music of Life

Balderdash! : John Newbery and the Boisterous Birth of Children’s Books by Michelle Markel (ill. by Nancy Carpenter). 9780811879224. 2017. Gr K-3.
This picture book biography of John Newbery, the “Father of Children’s Literature,” describes how Newbery thought children’s books should entertain rather than just educate. His pioneering work in publishing during the eighteenth century changed the perception of children’s literature forever.

Boys Dancing : From School Gym to Theater Stage by George Ancona. 9780763682026. 2017. Gr K-3.
Follow four boys who join their schools’ dance teams and train and rehearse dances inspired by popular books in order to perform them at the National Dance Institute in New Mexico.

Give Bees a Chance by Bethany Barton. 9780670016945. 2017. Gr PK-3.
Barton uses the same humorous tone as I’m Trying to Love Spiders to encourage readers to see the good qualities of bees and to explain the problems bees face.

Lines, Bars and Circles : How William Playfair Invented Graphs by Helaine Becker (ill. by Marie-Eve Tremblay). 9781771385701. 2017. Gr 1-4.
William Mayfair had tried several careers but never received the fame and success he wanted. Then, when writing a book on the confusing subject of economics, he came up with using a line graph to explain the issue. He later designed the first bar chart and pie chart. These graphs make it easier to understand and remember numerical information.

The Music of Life : Bartolomeo Cristofori & the Invention of the Piano by Elizabeth Rusch (ill. by Marjorie Priceman). 9781481444842. 2017. Gr K-3.
Musician Bartolomeo Cristofori was frustrated that keyboards in his day could play either loud or soft, but there was none that could do both. So he created the pianoforte—or, as we know it today, the piano.

On Duck Pond  Thirsty, Thirsty Elephants  Where Will I Live

On Duck Pond by Jane Yolen (ill. by Bob Marstall). 9781943645220. 2017. Gr PK-2.
A boy and his dog take a walk around a pond, taking note of the birds, frogs, turtles, and other denizens of this quiet place.

Thirsty, Thirsty Elephants by Sandra Markle (ill. by Fabricio VandenBroeck). 9781580896344. 2017. Gr PK-2.
Grandma Elephant, matriarch of Little Calf’s family, searches for water for her thirsty herd during a drought in Tanzania.

Where Will I Live? by Rosemary McCarney. 9781772600285. 2017. Gr 1-4.
One of the biggest fears of children who have been forced to leave their homes is where they will live. This book tries to help non-refugee children understand how this must feel—and that they are lucky not to have to experience this.


125 Pet Rescues  Amazing Crafty Cat  CatStronauts  Moto and Me  Newton's Rainbow

125 Pet Rescues : From Pound to Palace : Homeless Pets Made Happy! 9781426327360. 2017. Gr 4-6.
Pet stories are always popular, and especially heart-warming stories of rescued animals. Here are 125 stories of all types of homeless pets that found a home and someone to love them.

The Amazing Crafty Cat (Crafty Cat, Book 1) by Charise Mericle Harper. 9781626724860. 2017. Gr 1-3.
Today is Birdie’s birthday, which means everything at school will be perfect—until it isn’t. Disaster strikes when she trips and crushes her birthday cupcakes on the way to school. Only Birdie’s alter ego, the Amazing Crafty Cat, can save the day.

CatStronauts : 1 : Mission Moon by Drew Brockington. 9780316307475. 2017. Gr 2-5.
World-wide blackouts are plaguing the Earth, and only the CatStronauts—Major Meowser, pilot Waffles, the genius Blanket, and science officer Pom Pom—can make it to the Moon in time to set up a hyper-advanced power plant.

Moto and Me : My Year as a Wildcat’s Foster Mom by Suzi Eszterhas. 9781771472425. 2017. Gr 2-4.
Eszterhas, a wildlife photographer, fosters an orphaned baby serval. Through her story and her photos, she relates how she took care of the small, spotted wildcat and trained him to survive on his own in the wild.

Newton’s Rainbow : The Revolutionary Discoveries of a Young Scientist by Kathryn Lasky (ill. by Kevin Hawkes). 9780374355135. 2017. Gr 3-5.
This picture book biography describes of Isaac Newton describes his boyhood interest in the natural world and his path to become a scientist who changed our view of the world and of science.

Shell, Beak, Tusk  Stormy Seas  Super Women  You Talking to Me

Shell, Beak, Tusk : Shared Traits and the Wonders of Adaptation by Bridget Heos. 9780544811669. 2017. Gr 3-6.
Heos explains the concept of convergent evolution—where animals that aren’t on the same family tree have important survival traits in common.

Stormy Seas : Stories of Young Boat Refugees by Mary Beth Leatherdale & Eleanor Shakespeare. 9781554518968. 2017. Gr 3-5.
Today they are refugees from Syria. In World War II they were Jews trying to escape the horrors of Nazi Germany. In the 1960s they were running from the war in Vietnam. Stormy Seas tells the stories of five young refugees who took to the seas to try to reach safety.

Super Women : Six Scientists Who Changed the World by Laurie Lawlor. 9780823436750. 2017. Gr 4-6.
These six women not only made scientific advancements, but also became socially significant by creating new pathways into what had formerly been “men only” fields.

You Talking to Me? by Catherine Ham & Anthony Owsley. 9781633221550. 2017. Gr 4-6.
When we talk about communication, we think first of speech, but did you know that there are over 7000 human languages? In addition to explaining how languages develop, this book discusses the many ways humans and animals communicate with each other.



Curious Constructions  De-Extinction  Eye of the Storm  Great American Foot Race

Curious Constructions : A Peculiar Portfolio of Fifty Fascinating Structures (Uncommon Compendium) by Michael Hearst & Matt Johnstone. 9781452144849. 2017. Gr 4-7.
Read about marvelous—as in you’ll marvel at these—structures, from the familiar and old (Great Wall of China) to the lesser-known and contemporary (a life-size X-Wing starfighter built out of Legos). After reading this humorous look at amazing construction, you might want to try the others in the series, Unusual Creatures and Extraordinary People.

De-Extinction : The Science of Bringing Lost Species Back to Life by Rebecca E. Hirsch. 9781467794909. 2017. Gr 5-8.
Hirsch examines the possibility of using DNA of extinct animals to bring them back to life. She explores the pros and cons of “de-extinction” and why some scientists are opposed to it while others think it could be great for the ecosystem.

Eye of the Storm : NASA, Drones, and the Race to Crack the Hurricane Code (Scientists in the Field) by Amy Cherrix. 9780544411654. 2017. Gr 5-8.
Learn how NASA’s Hurricane and Severe Storm Sentinel (HS3) mission uses a repurposed military drone to fly over hurricanes and learn the cause of hurricane intensification.

The Great American Foot Race : Ballyhoo for the Bunion Derby! by Andrew Speno. 9781629796024. 2017. Gr 6-10.
The Roaring Twenties was a time of excess—dance marathons, pole sitting, and record breaking were popular. After Lindbergh’s transatlantic flight, 100 men set off on a transcontinental footrace from California to New York City.  Speno follows the men who pushed themselves to the limits in what is known as the Bunion Derby.


 Audubon, On the Wings of the World  Double Bind  Racial Profiling  Vincent and Theo

Audubon, On the Wings of the World by Fabien Grolleau & Jeremie Royer. 9781910620151. 2017. Gr 9-12.
This graphic novel biography of naturalist and painter John James Audubon narrates his passion for nature as he travels through the unexplored wilderness of America, studying (mostly) birds both familiar and unknown.

Double Bind : Women on Ambition by Robin Romm. 9781631491214. 2017. Gr 11-Adult.
Professional women relate their experiences and the lessons they learned as they struggled with their ambition to succeed despite their gender. Romm has included women of color, immigrants, and women who wish to start a career in stereotypical “male” professions.

Racial Profiling : Everyday Inequality by Alison Marie Behnke. 9781512402681. 2017. Gr 8-12.
Research and personal stories explore the history, the many manifestations, and the consequences of racial profiling in the United States.

Vincent and Theo : The Van Gogh Brothers by Deborah Heiligman. 9780805093391. 2017. Gr 9-12.
Drawing on hundreds of letters exchanged between Vincent Van Gogh and his younger brother, Theo, Heiligman presents an intimate portrait of the bond between the two. She uses extensive quotations pulled from their correspondence, combined with black-and-white reproductions of Vincent’s work. I expected to find this book interesting; I did not expect to fall in love with both of brothers. This is an excellent example of narrative nonfiction.


Great New Easy & Fiction Titles for April 2017

Check out these exciting easy and fiction titles that were published in April.


Away  Blue Songbird  Book of Mistakes  Carrot & Pea  Hand Over Hand

Away by Emil Sher (ill. Qin Leng). 9781554984831. 2017. Gr PK-2.
A young girl, wishing she could spend more time with her busy mom, is adamant that she is not going to summer camp, while her mother calmly assures her that she will have a good time. Their handwritten notes—some funny, some tender—tells the story.

The Blue Songbird by Vern Kousky. 9780762460663. 2017. Gr PK-3.
A little blue bird travels the world in search of a song only she can sing, and all the friends she meets along the way help her find a truly special and unique song.

The Book of Mistakes by Corinna Luyken. 9780735227927. 2017. Gr PK-3.
Celebrate the beauty of mistakes in art by seeing how a mistake can be transformed into something wonderful.

Carrot & Pea : An Unlikely Friendship by Morag Hood. 9780544868427. 2017. Gr PK-1.
Colin the orange carrot slice is nothing like Lee and his little green pea friends, but, in the end, they still find a way to be pals.

Hand Over Hand by Alma Fullerton (ill. by Renne Benoit). 9781772600155. 2017. Gr K-3.
A young Filipino girl begs to go fishing with her grandfather, even though “fishing is not for girls.” He finally relents, despite the amusement of the other fishermen. They stop laughing when she makes the biggest catch!

Kings of the Castle  Legend of Rock Paper Scissors  Magic Spell  Poor Louie  Ready, Set, Build

Kings of the Castle by Victoria Turnbull. 9780763692957. 2017. Gr PK-2.
At the beach with his dog Boris, George (a monster) is building a sandcastle when a strange creature walks out of the sea. When it seems like the creature prefers his dog, George starts to walk away in disgust. Can the two monsters learn to communicate with each other?

The Legend of Rock Paper Scissors by Drew Daywalt (ill. by Adam Rex). 9780062438898. 2017. Gr K-2.
In the Kingdom of Backyard, the Empire of Mom’s Home Office, and the Kitchen Realm, there live Rock, Paper, and Scissors, unbeaten warriors who just want to find their match. As they go on their own journeys, they find each other and fight, and a legend is born.

Magic Spell by Julie Paschkis. 9781481422109. 2017. Gr K-2.
The Great Aziz can turn a dish into a fish, a rose into a hose, and more, but it’s his long-suffering assistant Zaza who keeps things from getting out of control. But when the magician turns Zaza’s wig into a pig, he might have gone too far!

Poor Louie by Tony Fucile. 9780763658281. 2017. Gr PK-2.
Louie the pooch’s days were perfect with Mom and Dad until Mom’s stomach started growing larger and larger. He really gets worried when they start bringing home two of everything. Is there double trouble ahead for Louie?

Ready, Set, Build! by Meg Fleming (ill. by Meg Jarvis). 9781499801750. 2017. Gr PK-1.
Head out with a builder and his friend through a day of work—planning, digging, lifting, and building. What are they making?

Rolling Thunder  Rulers of the Playground  Shawn Loves Sharks  Stop Feedin’ da Boids  Town Is By the Sea

Rolling Thunder by Kate Messner (ill. by Greg Ruth). 9780545470124. 2017. Gr K-2.
Follow the motorcycles—all ridden by veterans—on the Rolling Thunder Ride for Freedom, a demonstration held every Memorial Day in Washington DC. The Ride honors the men and women of the American armed forces.

Rulers of the Playground by Joseph Kuefler. 9780062424327. 2017. Gr PK-2.
When Jonah decides he wants to rule the playground, he draws up maps, plants his flag, and becomes King Jonah. Everyone agrees to obey his rules in order to play on the playground—except Lennox. Lennox wants to rule as queen instead! When she and Jonah go to war, they drive all the other children away. They decide to give up their crowns and kingdoms to make the playground fun again.

Shawn Loves Sharks by Curtis Manley (ill. by Tracy Subisak). 9781626721340. 2017. Gr PK-3.
Shawn loves sharks and is so excited when his teacher says they will all be doing reports on predators to share with the class. But the topic of sharks goes to his nemesis, Stacy, and Shawn is assigned the leopard seal—how lame. What will he do when Stacy finds out that leopard seals are a shark’s prey?!

Stop Feedin’ da Boids! by James Sage (ill. by Pierre Pratt). 9781771386135. 2017. Gr PK-2.
Swanda is sad to leave the wildlife behind and move to New York City, but when she discovers pigeons live there she decides she can feed them. However, Swanda soon learns that it is a bad idea to feed one pigeon, because one pigeon soon becomes too many to handle.

Town Is by the Sea by Joanne Schwartz (ill. by Sydney Smith). 9781554988716. 2017. Gr 1-3.
A young boy spends a simple, uneventful day by the sea, his mind is never far from his father, who spends his day digging for coal deep in the mine.

Walk in the Forest  Zebra on the Go

A Walk in the Forest by Maria Dek. 9781616895693. 2017. Gr PK-1.
Follow a young boy as he discovers the wonders—real and imaginary—in the forest.

Zebra on the Go by Jill Nogales (ill. by Lorraine Rocha). 9781561459117. 2017. Gr PK-3.
When children are angry with parents, they threaten to run away to the circus. But where does the circus run away to?



At the Bottom of the World  Banana-Leaf Ball  Charlie & Mouse  End of the Wild  Explorers  Henry and the Chalk Dragon

At the Bottom of the World (Jack and the Geniuses, Book 1) by Bill Nye & Gregory Mone. 9781419723032. 2017. Gr 4-6.
Traveling to Antarctica for a prestigious science competition, Jack and his genius foster siblings, Ava and Matt, become caught up in a mystery involving a missing scientist.

The Banana-Leaf Ball : How Play Can Change the World by Katie Smith Milway (ill. by Shane W. Evans). 9781771383318. 2017. Gr 4-6.
When Deo’s family flees their home in Burundi, they end up in a refugee camp where resources are scarce. When a bully named Remy targets Deo, Deo takes comfort in making a banana-leaf ball to play with. Then a coach arrives to show the kids how to play soccer and things begin to change for Deo and Remy. Includes a real-life example of Deo, and a list of organizations that are using sport and play to change the world.

Charlie & Mouse (Book 1) by Laurel Snyder (ill. by Emily Hughes). 9781452131535. 2017. Gr 1-4.
This early chapter book (the beginning of a series) follows two imaginative brothers through a day spent together.

The End of the Wild by Nicole Helget. 9780316245111. 2017. Gr 4-6.
Fern likes to spend time in the forest behind her rundown home, where she lives with her father, who suffers from PTSD. Her mother and brother died in an accident, and the forest is safe and comforting-until the arrival of a fracking company threatens to ruin her refuge.

The Explorers : The Door in the Alley (Explorers, Book 1) by Adrienne Kress. 9781101940051. 2017. Gr 4-6.
Sebastian hates to take risks and always follows the rules until he crosses paths with a pig in a tiny hat, finds a door in an alley that opens to the home of a very secret society, and discovers a mysterious puzzle box. Evie, an orphan, is sad but safe in a boarding school until thugs chase her, looking for a key. When the two meet, they realize that the puzzle box might hold the secret to finding Evie’s grandfather and his group of daring explorers.

Henry and the Chalk Dragon by Jennifer Trafton. 9780986381881. 2017. Gr 3-5.
Henry’s chalk drawing of a dragon on the door of his room comes alive and stows away in his lunchbox. The dragon wreaks havoc in Henry’s classroom and in the entire school—and Henry must use all of his imagination to capture it and save the school.

Lucky Broken Girl  Rooting for Rafael Rosales  Wingsnatchers

Lucky Broken Girl by Ruth Behar. 9780399546440. 2017. Gr 4-6.
Author Behar has crafted a story based on her own experience of adjusting to life in New York City as a young Cuban Jewish girl in 1966. Just as Ruthie feels like she’s settling into her new world, she’s terribly injured in a car accident. Confined to her bed in a body cast for nearly a year, Ruthie struggles with her loneliness, but finds strength within herself as she heals.

Rooting for Rafael Rosales by Kurtis Scaletta. 9780807567425. 2017. Gr 4-7.
Rafael, a boy in the Dominican Republic, wants only to play baseball in the major leagues when he grows up. Maya worries that the problems causing the death of bees will cause irreversible harm to the environment. This book switches back and forth in time and place between Rafael as a boy and Maya as she follows Rafael’s first year in baseball’s minor leagues.

The Wingsnatchers (Carmer and Grit, Book 1) by Sarah Jean Horwitz. 9781616206635. 2017. Gr 4-7.
Felix, apprentice to a magician (the kind who does tricks, not real magic), loves to build automatons, but they can’t really do anything either. He almost can’t believe it when he sees Grit, a magical fairy princess with one wing. Dangerous cat-like creatures called Wingsnatchers have been attacking fairies, and maybe together her magic and his knack for mechanics can stop them.



 Apartment 1986  Ashes to Asheville  Between Two Skies  Football Girl  Girl With a Camera  Journey Across the Hidden Islands

Apartment 1986 by Lisa Papademetrious. 9780062371089. 2017. Gr 5-8.
With her parents constantly bickering after her father’s job loss, Callie tries to find a way to cope by skipping school. Soon one day turns into two, then three. And when Callie meets a boy her age doing research at all the museums around the city, it seems to make sense she should join him. What she discovers outside her school walls might just be the answer to her growing questions about her grandmother’s desire to go back to 1986.

Ashes to Asheville by Sarah Dooley. 9780399165047. 2017. Gr 5-8.
After her Mama Lacy dies, Fella is forcibly taken away from her other mother, Mama Shannon, and her sister, Zany, by the court, who think she will be better off with a blood relation. Now Fella has to adjust to life with her grandmother, whose home has many comforts Fella was not used to. Then one night Zany shows up unexpectedly and plans to run away with Fella in order to scatter the ashes of Mama Lacy and discover their true selves.

Between Two Skies by Joanne O’Sullivan. 9780763690342. 2017. Gr 7-10.
In Bayou Perdu, Louisiana, Evangeline holds two titles in the under-sixteen fishing rodeo and loves nothing more than being on her skiff between the bayou water and the open sky. Her peaceful life is totally changed by Hurricane Katrina. Chaos tears her world apart, but it also causes her to meet Tru, an attractive boy her age. However, love is hard to develop when neither of them seems to have a home anymore.

The Football Girl by Thatcher Heldring. 9780385741835. 2017. Gr 6-9.
Flag football teammates Caleb and Tessa become more than just friends the summer before they enter high school. Now Caleb is trying out for football and Tessa is supposed to try out for cross country with her two best friends. However, when she decides she likes football more than running, and wants to try out with Caleb, she is torn between her dreams and others’ expectations.

Girl with a Camera : Margaret Bourke-White, Photographer by Carolyn Meyer. 9781629795843. 2017. Gr 6-9.
A fictional biography of Margaret Bourke-White. Growing up in the early 20th century, Bourke-White was a tomboy. She planned to become a herpetologist, but became interested in photography in college. Her skill as a storyteller behind the lens helped her land the cover of the first issue of Life magazine, and in World War II she was the first female war photojournalist.

Journey Across the Hidden Islands by Sarah Beth Durst. 9780544706798. 2017. Gr 5-8.
On their twelfth birthday, twins Seika and Ji Lin set off with their winged lion on the traditional emperor’s journey. They are princesses of the Hidden Islands, and this is a routine trip to meet the dragon that protects their realm. But their journey becomes anything but routine when they are attacked and discover that their home faces an unknown danger.

Speed of Life  Under Locker and Key  Willows vs. Wolverines

Speed of Life by Carol Weston. 9781492654490. 2017. Gr 6-9.
Missing her mother who died last year, Sofia finds an anonymous outlet for her personal questions and deep, dark secrets in the Dear Kate advice columnist.  But then, much to Sofia’s horror, her father starts dating Kate.

Under Locker and Key by Allison K. Hymas. 9781481463430. 2017. Gr 5-8.
Jeremy considers himself a “retrieval specialist”—if something has been stolen or confiscated at school, he can retrieve it by the end of the day. Becca sees it differently; he is a thief and she is determined to stop him. When one of Jeremy’s retrievals results in the master key landing in the wrong hands, Jeremy and Becca team up to end the crime wave at school.

Willows vs. Wolverines by Alison Cherry. 9781481463546. 2017. Gr 5-7.
Best friends Izzy and Mackenzie love going to summer camp, but this year their parents sent them to a different camp—and they aren’t in the same cabins! Even worse, Izzy’s cabin is planning an all-out prank war with a rival boys’ cabin, and Mackenzie feels left out. Will their friendship survive the summer?



Alex, Approximately Bang  But Then I Came Back  Definitions of Indefinable Things  Defy the Stars

Alex, Approximately by Jenn Bennett. 9781481478779. 2017. Gr 9-12.
Seventeen-year-old Bailey moves to California to live with her father and, perhaps, finally meet an online friend and fellow film buff.  Soon, though, she finds herself attracted to an annoying co-worker.

Bang by Barry Lyga. 9780316315500. 2017. Gr 10-12.
Sebastian was only four when he accidentally shot and killed his infant sister. Now a decade later, he’s decided that living with the guilt is too much. But Aneesa, the new Muslim girl, sees him for who he really is and not for his horrific past. When his past is revealed, Sebastian finds himself right back where he started—planning to end his life the same way he ended his sister’s so long ago.

But Then I Came Back by Estelle Laure. 9780544531260. 2017. Gr 9-12.
After a month in a coma, Eden finds it hard to resume her life and can’t shake the feeling that she might have dragged something back with her from the near-afterlife. When she sees Jaz, lying in a coma a few doors down from her in the hospital, Eden realizes that she’s seen Jaz before, in a place Eden didn’t know was real. Eden forms a bond with Joe, Jaz’s best friend, and begins to open up to experience life.

Definitions of Indefinable Things by Whitney Taylor. 9780544805040. 2017. Gr 9-12.
Hurt too often, Reggie refuses to be a romantic, especially since she is dealing with depression. However, when she meets Snake, her heart starts feeling warm and fuzzy—until she finds out he has a very pregnant ex-girlfriend who is still in his life. In spite of it all, Reggie falls for Snake, and together the three teens must learn to define depression, friendship, and love.

Defy the Stars (Book 1) by Claudia Gray. 9780316394031. 2017. Gr 9-12.
Noemi is a soldier sworn to protect planet Genesis. Abel, a highly-advanced machine considered an abomination to the people of Genesis, wants only to protect his creator. They are forced by chance to go on a daring journey through the stars to end the war between Genesis and Earth.

Gem & Dixie  Grendel’s Guide to Love and War  Inconceivable Life of Quinn  Missing  North of Happy  Speak of Me As I Am

Gem & Dixie by Sara Zarr. 9780062434593 2017. Gr 9-12.
Gem has been the primary caregiver for her sister Dixie in a home where their father only occasionally pops back into their lives. When he tries to reenter their lives, the two sisters are suspicious—especially when they find a bag of cash he hid. Taking the cash, they embark on a trip to Seattle on their own, learning things about themselves and each other that could change their lives forever.

Grendel’s Guide to Love and War by A.E. Kaplan. 9780399555541. 2017. Gr 9-12.
Tom Grendel enjoys the quietness of the neighborhood where he and his veteran father live. Mostly surrounded by senior citizens, he mows their yards and admires Willow, the girl who just moved in, from afar. When her brother Rex starts throwing wild parties that trigger Tom’s father’s PTSD, Tom decides to put a stop to the madness and discovers a strength within himself he never knew he had.

The Inconceivable Life of Quinn by Marianna Baer. 9781419723025. 2017. Gr 9-12.
Sixteen-year-old Quinn Cutler, daughter of Congressional candidate, is pregnant with no memory of having had sex. When word gets out, some claim she carries the next Messiah.

Missing by Kelley Armstrong. 9780399550331. 2017. Gr 9-12.
After a chance encounter with an injured boy, Winter Crane questions if all the teenagers who left her town did so voluntarily.

North of Happy by Adi Alsaid. 9780373212286. 2017. Gr 9-12.
Carlos’s wealthy family lives in Mexico City. He looks up to his older brother, Felix, who has always taken his own path. After Felix’s death, Carlos still feels his brother encouraging him to leave home and follow his dreams of being a chef. He runs away to Seattle, getting a job as a dishwasher at a famous restaurant and hopes to prove his skills to his boss. But things fall apart when he falls for the chef’s daughter.

Speak of Me As I Am by Sonia Belasco. 9780399546761. 2017. Gr 8-12.
Fate conspires to bring Melanie, a girl hurting from losing her mother to cancer, and Damon, a boy hurting from the suicide of his best friend, together as they join their school’s production of “Othello,” Both hope the play will be a distraction. Instead, the play becomes a test of who they truly are, both together and on their own.

Spindle Fire  Toward a Secret Sky  Whole Thing Together

Spindle Fire by Lexa Hillyer. 9780062440877. 2017. Gr 9-12.
Half-sisters Isabelle and Aurora have many differences but have always been extremely close. Both had some of their senses taken by the faeries when they were young: Aurora lost her voice and Isabelle lost her sight. When an argument causes Isabelle to run away, Aurora goes after her, but she is caught by an evil faerie queen. Now Isabelle must risk everything to save her.

Toward a Secret Sky by Heather MacLean. 9780310754749. 2017. Gr 10-12.
Maren has recently been plagued by horrible dreams and visions. Things take a terrifying turn when one of those dreams becomes real. With the help of her friend Gavin, she learns the truth about her deceased mother—she was part of a secret society of demon hunters. And now Maren must decide if she’ll pick up where her mother left off or turn her back on a fight that needs her.

The Whole Thing Together by Ann Brashares. 9780385906302. 2017. Gr 9-12.
Though Sasha and Ray share the same house each summer and even sleep in the same bed, the two have never met. Their parents had once been married, but have long since divorced and started new families, but neither would part with the beautiful old house on Long Island. But Sasha and Ray’s worlds are about to intersect, and what comes next will surprise everyone.


Keep Your Series Current: April 2017

Update your popular series with these books that will be published in April. Enjoy!


Case of the Poached Egg  Double or Nothing with the Two and Only Kelly Twins  Ellie in Concert  Georgie's Best Bad Day  Invasion of the Insects  Lola Levine and the Vacation Dream

The Case of the Poached Egg (Wilcox and Griswold Mystery, Book 2) by Robin Newman (ill. by Deborah Zemke). 9781939547309. 2017. Gr 1-3.
Double or Nothing with the Two and Only Kelly Twins (Two and Only Kelly Twins, Book 2) by Johanna Hurwitz (ill. by Tuesday Mourning). 9780763688080. 2017. Gr 1-3.
Ellie in Concert (Ellie) by Mike Wu. 9781484712382. 2017. Gr PK-2.
Georgie’s Best Bad Day (Georgie and Friends) by Ruth Chan. 9781626722705. 2017. Gr PK-1.
Invasion of the Insects (D.A.T.A. Set, Book 6) by Ada Hopper.
Lola Levine and the Vacation Dream (Lola Levine, Book 5) by Monica Brown (ill. by Angela Dominguez). 9780316506397. 2017. Gr 1-3.

Louise Trapeze Will Not Lose a Tooth  Mr. Postmouse Takes a Trip  Muddle & Mo's Worm Surprise  Nuts Keep Rolling  Secret Society

Louise Trapeze Will Not Lose a Tooth (Louise Trapeze, Book 4) by Michol Ostow (ill. by Brigette Barrager). 9780553497519. 2017. Gr 1-3.
Mr. Postmouse Takes a Trip by Marianne Dejuc. 9781771383547. 2017. Gr PK-2.
Muddle & Mo’s Worm Surprise (Muddle & Mo) by Nikkie Slade Robinson. 9781760360306. 2017. Gr PK-1.
Nuts : Keep Rolling! (Nuts, Book 3) by Eric Litwin (ill. by Scott Magoon). 9780316322515. 2017. Gr PK-1.
The Secret Society (Poptropica, Book 3) by Mitch Krpata (ill. by Kory Merritt). 9781419723117. 2017. Gr 1-4.

Stella Batts Broken Birthday  Teddy the Dog  Trouble at School for Marvin and James  Vampirina at the Beach

Stella Batts : Broken Birthday (Stella Batts, Book 10) by Courtney Sheinmel. 9781585369218. 2017. Gr 1-3.
Teddy the Dog : (Almost) Best in Show (Teddy the Dog, Book 2) by Keri Claiborne Boyle (ill. by Jonathan Sneider). 9780062382849. 2017. Gr K-2.
Trouble at School for Marvin and James (Masterpiece Adventures, Book 3) by Elise Broach. 9781627793186. 2017. Gr 1-4.
Vampirina at the Beach (Vampirina) by Anne Marie Pace (ill. by LeUyen Pham). 9781484773420 2017. Gr PK-2.



65-Story Treehouse  Bolds to the Rescue  Bow-wow Bus  Bridget Wilder Live Fre, Spy Hard  Cats in the City  Chaos Descends  Cody and the Rules of Life

The 65-Story Treehouse (Treehouse, Book 5) by Andy Griffiths (ill. by Terry Denton). 9781250102461. 2017. Gr 4-6.
The Bolds to the Rescue (Bolds, Book 2) by Julian Clary. 9781512410228. 2017. Gr 3-6.
The Bow-wow Bus (Animal Inn, Book 3) by Jennifer Swender. 9781481462303. 2017. Gr 2-5.
Bridget Wilder : Live Free, Spy Hard (Bridget Wilder, Book 3) by Jonathan Bernstein. 9780062382726. 2017. Gr 4-6.
Cats in the City (Stick Cat, Book 2) by Tom Watson. 9780062411020. 2017. Gr 3-6.
Chaos Descends (Darkmouth, Book 3) by Shane Hegarty. 9780062311351. 2017. Gr 4-7.
Cody and the Rules of Life (Cody, Book 3) by Tricia Springstubb. 9780763679200. 2017. Gr 2-5.

Counting Sheep  Curiosity House The Fearsome Firebird  Down in Flames  Dream Magic  Eagle's Quill  Escape from Funland  Forgetting Spell

Counting Sheep (Calpurnia Tate, Girl Vet, Book 2) by Jacqueline Kelly. 9781627798709. 2017. Gr 2-4.
Curiosity House : The Fearsome Firebird (Curiosity House, Book 3) by Lauren Oliver & H.C. Chester. 9780062270870. 2017. Gr 4-6.
Down in Flames (Donny’s Inferno, Book 2) by P.W. Catanese. 9781481438032. 2017. Gr 4-6.
Dream Magic (Shadow Magic, Book 2) by Joshua Khan. 9781484737620. 2017. Gr 4-6.
The Eagle’s Quill (Secrets of the Seven, Book 2) by Sarah L. Thomson. 9781619637337. 2017. Gr 4-6.
Escape from Funland (Prizewinners of Piedmont Place, Book 2) by Bill Doyle. 9780553521818. 2017. Gr 4-6.
The Forgetting Spell (Wishing, Book 2) by Lauren Myracle. 9780062342096. 2017. Gr 4-6.

Hermes and the Horse with Wings  How to Rope a Gigantosaurus  My Life as a Ninja  Nyx the Mysterious  Piper Morgan Makes a Splash  Point Guard  Revenge of the Happy Campers

Hermes and the Horse with Wings (Heroes in Training, Book 13) by Joan Holub. 9781481488327. 2017. Gr 2-4.
How to Rope a Gigantosaurus (Dino Riders, Book 2) by Will Dare. 9781492636205. 2017. Gr 2-5.
My Life as a Ninja (My Life, Book 6) by Janet Tashjian. 9781627798891. 2017. Gr 4-7.
Nyx the Mysterious (Goddess Girls, Book 22) by Joan Holub & Suzanne Williams. 9781481470148. 2017. Gr 4-6.
Piper Morgan Makes a Splash (Piper Morgan, Book 4) by Stephanie Faris. 9781481457187. 2017. Gr 2-5.
Point Guard (Home Team, Book 3) by Mike Lupica. 9781481410038. 2017. Gr 4-6.
Revenge of the Happy Campers (Brewster Triplets, Book 3) by Jennifer Ziegler. 9781338091199. 2017. Gr 4-6.

Song of Glory and Ghost  Tapper Twins Go Viral  Timmy Failure The Cat Stole My Pants  Titanic Mission  Titanic Treasure  Year of the Garden

The Song of Glory and Ghost (Outlaws of Time, Book 2) by N.D. Wilson. 9780062327291. 2017. Gr 4-6.
The Tapper Twins Go Viral (Tapper Twins, Book 4) by Geoff Rodkey. 9780316297844. 2017. Gr 4-6.
Timmy Failure : The Cat Stole My Pants (Timmy Failure, Book 6) by Stephan Pastis. 9780763697334. 2017. Gr 4-7.
The Titanic Mission (Flashback Four, Book 2) by Dan Gutman. 9780062236357. 2017. Gr 3-6.
The Titanic Treasure (Key Hunters, Book 5) by Eric Luper. 9781338149272. 2017. Gr 2-5.
The Year of the Garden (Year of the…, Book 5) by Andrea Cheng. 9780544664449. 2017. Gr 2-5.



Escape from Lion's Head  First Class Murder  I Funny School of Laughs  In Over Their Heads  Momotaro Xander and the Dream Thief  Panda-monium  Ruby Redfort Pick Your Poison

Escape from Lion’s Head (Unnaturals, Book 2) by Devon Hughes. 9780062257574. 2017. Gr 4-7.
First Class Murder (Wells and Wong Mystery, Book 3) by Robin Stevens. 9781481422185 2017. Gr 5-7.
I Funny : School of Laughs (I Funny, Book 5) by James Patterson & Chris Grabenstein. 9780316349604. 2017. Gr 4-7.
In Over Their Heads (Under Their Skin, Book 2) by Margaret Peterson Haddix. 9781481417617. 2017. Gr 5-7.
Momotaro : Xander and the Dream Thief (Momotaro, Book 2) by Margaret Dilloway. 9781484724880. 2017. Gr 5-7.
Panda-monium (Funjungle, Book 4) by Stuart Gibbs. 9781481445672. 2017. Gr 6-8.
Ruby Redfort Pick Your Poison (Ruby Redfort, Book 5) by Lauren Child. 9780763654719. 2017. Gr 5-8.

Shadow Wave  Shattered Sky  Stone Heart  Strangers in Atlantis  Thickety The Last Spell  True North  Unbreakable Code

Shadow Wave (CHERUB, Book 12) by Robert Muchamore. 9781481456746. 2017. Gr 7-9.
Shattered Sky (Warriors : A Vision of Shadows, Book 3) by Erin Hunter. 9780062386465. 2017. Gr 5-8.
The Stone Heart (Namesless City, Book 2) by Faith Erin Hicks. 9781626721593. 2017. Gr 4-7.
Strangers in Atlantis (Seaborne, Book 2) by Matt Myklusch. 9781512413755. 2017. Gr 5-8.
The Thickety : The Last Spell (Thickety, Book 4) by J.A. White. 9780062381392. 2017. Gr 5-8.
True North (True Born, Book 2) by L.E. Sterling. 9781633755956. 2017. Gr 6-8.
The Unbreakable Code (Book Scavenger, Book 2) by Jennifer Chambliss Bertman. 9781627791168. 2017. Gr 4-7.



 Adjustment  Blacklist  Blacksouls  Legion  Long Dark Dusk  Perfect

The Adjustment (Program, Book 5) by Suzanne Young. 9781481471329. 2017. Gr 9-12.
Blacklist (Beautiful Idols, Book 2) by Alyson Noel. 9780062324559. 2017. Gr 10-12.
Blacksouls (Blackhearts, Book 2) by Nicole Castroman. 9781481491051. 2017. Gr 9-12.
Legion (Talon Saga, Book 4) by Julie Kagawa. 9780373211975. 2017. Gr 9-12.
Long Dark Dusk (Australia Trilogy, Book 2) by J.P. Smythe. 9781681442037. 2017. Gr 9-12.
Perfect (Flawed, Book 2) by Cecilia Ahern. 9781250074126. 2017. Gr 7-12.

Sacrifice of Sunshine Girl  Shadowcaster  Within the Sanctuary of Wings

The Sacrifice of Sunshine Girl (Sunshine Girl, Book 3) by Paige McKenzie. 9781602862982. 2017. Gr 9-12.
Shadowcaster (Shattered Realms, Book 2) by Cinda Williams Chima. 9780062380975. 2017. Gr 9-12.
Within the Sanctuary of Wings : A Memoir by Lady Trent (Natural History of Dragons, Book 5) by Marie Brennan. 9780765377654. 2017. Gr 10-Adult.


Great New Nonfiction Titles for March 2017

These exciting nonfiction titles have been published in March.


Bees  Feathers and Hair  Feel the Beat  Fresh-Picked Poetry  John Deere, That's Who  John Ronald's Dragons

Bees : A Honeyed History by Piotr Socha. 9781419726156. 2017. Gr 1-4.
Bees are an important part of the ecosystems they live in.  Socha uses engaging text and illustrations to explain not only the science behind these fascinating insects, but also the cultural history.

Feathers and Hair : What Animals Wear by Jennifer Ward (ill. by Jing Jing Tsong. 9781481430814. 2017. Gr PK-1.
Bright and colorful art and rhyming text covers what types of “clothing” animals wear, including feathers, fur, skin, and hair—and learn about the only one who “wears clothes from head to toes.”

Feel the Beat : Dance Poems That Zing from Salsa to Swing by Marilyn Singer (ill. by Kristi Valiant). 9780803740211. 2017. Gr K-3.
Each poem in this collection is written to the rhythms of traditional dances from around the world. The book also includes information on the dances and a CD.

Fresh-Picked Poetry : A Day at the Farmers’ Market by Michelle Schaub (ill. by Amy Huntington). 9781580895477. 2017. Gr PK-3.
Come to the farmers’ market! Watch as farmers’ set up their booths and take your pick of all types of food that they have raised or made, from sweet corn to honey to baked goods.  Listen to the fiddle and banjo, dress up in costumes, or get your face painted! These rhymes can be used in a poetry class or a social studies class in economics.

John Deere, That’s Who! by Tracy Nelson Maurer (ill. by Tim Zeltner). 9781627791298. 2017. Gr PK-3.
A picture book biography of John Deere and his invention of a quicker and more efficient plow.

John Ronald’s Dragons : The Story of J.R.R. Tolkien by Caroline McAlister (ill. by Eliza Wheeler). 9781626720923. 2017. Gr PK-3.
This picture book biography focuses on the author Tolkien’s fascination with dragons.

Lighter Than Air  Pedal Power  Round  Secret Life of the Red Fox  There's a Bug on My Book

Lighter Than Air : Sophie Blanchard, the First Woman Pilot by Matthew Clark Smith (ill. by Mark Tavares). 9780763677329. 2017. Gr 1-4.
Sophie Blanchard, a French woman living at the time of Napoleon, became the first officially sanctioned woman pilot of hot air balloons.

Pedal Power : How One Community Became the Bicycle Capital of the World by Allan Drummond. 9780374305277. 2017. Gr 1-4.
The city of Amsterdam used to be one giant traffic jam until people began protesting about the crowded streets and demanding safe lanes for bikes. Now Amsterdam’s laws regulating motor vehicles and bikes have been used as an example for other cities around the world.

Round by Joyce Sidman. 9780544387614. 2017. Gr K-2.
Explore people’s favorite round objects, such as fruit, eggs, the sun, rocks, bubbles, lily pads, and the moon, and learn about the biological and evolutionary reasons for round objects in nature.

The Secret Life of the Red Fox by Laurence Pringle (ill. by Kate Garchinsky). 9781629792606. 2017. Gr 1-3.
Learn about the red fox, including its behavior, physical characteristics, diet, life cycle, and habitat.

There’s a Bug on My Book! by John Himmelman. 9781584695875. 2017. Gr PK-3.
All sorts of bugs and critters join readers on the pages of this book, including a beetle, snake, and grasshopper, which readers can interact with by doing such things as blowing on the page, shaking the book, and turning the page.



Atlas of Miniature Adventures  Bravo  Insects  Karl, Get Out of the Garden  Keep a Pocket in Your Poem  Martina & Chrissie

Atlas of Miniature Adventures : A Pocket-Sized Collection of Small-Scale Wonders by Emily Hawkins. 9781847809100. 2017. Gr 1-4.
Not every adventure needs to be an extensive undertaking. This atlas takes the reader to all seven continents on tiny adventures, such as exploring a snow globe museum. Other “world’s smallest” attractions include a miniature railways and post offices, and tiny frogs and seahorses.

Bravo! : Poems about Amazing Hispanics by Margarita Engle (ill. by Rafael Lopez). 9780805098761. 2017. Gr 4-6.  (Spanish edition: Bravo! : Poemas Sobre Hispanos Extraordinarios. 9781250113665)
This collection of poetry celebrating the accomplishments of notable Hispanics from religious leaders and scientists to activists and celebrities.

Insects : The Most Fun Bug Book Ever by Sneed B. Collard, III. 9781580896429. 2017. Gr 4-7.
Why are there so many insect species on Earth? Collard explains why they have been successful, relating facts and anecdotes about their anatomy, life cycles, and the ways they communicate, reproduce, and defend themselves.  He focuses on beetles and social insects, including the impact that people have had on them.

Karl, Get Out of the Garden! : Carolus Linnaeus and the Naming of Everything by Anita Sanchez (ill. by Catherine Stock). 9781580896061. 2017. Gr 2-5.
As a child, Karl Linne loved poring over the bugs and plants in the family garden. When he went to medical school, he found that scientific names of plants and animals were a mess—no one agreed on what to call them. He classified more than 12,000 species in his lifetime, and his system of classification is used by scientists worldwide.

Keep a Pocket in Your Poem : Classic Poems and Playful Parodies by J. Patrick Lewis (ill. by Johanna Wright). 9781590789216. 2017. Gr 2-4.
Lewis’s inventive parodies of classic poems, ranging from silly to thoughtful, should entertain students and could provide examples for a creative writing assignment.

Martina & Chrissie : The Greatest Rivalry in the History of Sports by Phil Bildner (ill. by Brett Helquist). 9780763673086. 2017. Gr 2-5.
Star tennis players Martina Navratilova and Chris Evert had an intense rivalry, sometimes even called the greatest rivalry in sports history, but they also shared an enduring friendship.

One Trick Pony  Out of Wonder  Red Cloud  Thunder Underground  Top Dogs

One Trick Pony by Nathan Hale. 9781419721281. 2017. Gr 3-6.
Strata and her brother live with their family in a roving caravan of digital rescuers, searching for robots and technology and trying to stay clear of giant alien blobs that devour electrical devices wherever they find them. When Strata finds a special robot pony, she and her brother get separated from the caravan and have to escape both the aliens and human outlaws in this graphic novel.

Out of Wonder : Poems Celebrating Poets by Kwame Alexander (ill. by Ekua Holmes). 9780763680947. 2017. Gr 4-6.
This poetry collection celebrates twenty famous poets from around the globe, through original poems written in the styles of the poets and accompanied by mixed-media artwork.

Red Cloud : A Lakota Story of War and Surrender by S.D. Nelson. 9781419723131. 2017. Gr 4-6.
A picture book biography of the controversial Lakota leader who, in the 1860s, opposed the white settlers’ expansion into Native American lands.

Thunder Underground by Jane Yolen (ill. by Josee Masse). 9781590789360. 2017. Gr 2-4.

What sorts of things can you find underground? Yolen celebrates ants, basements, subways, and more in these 21 poems that explore everything natural and man-made below the surface of the ground.

Top Dogs : Canines That Changed History by Elizabeth MacLeod. 9781554519071. 2017. Gr 4-6.
A Newfoundland that was part of Lewis and Clark’s expedition, seeing eye guide dogs, a mutt who helped rescue soldiers in World War I are just some of the dogs that have been an important part of history.



Alexander Hamilton  Alexandra the Great  Book of Chocolate  Exoplanets  Fish Girl  Jack London and the Klondike Gold Rush

Alexander Hamilton : The Making of America by Teri Kanefield. 9781419725784. 2017. Gr 6-8.
Examine the life, career, and legacy of Alexander Hamilton. As a result of his impoverished childhood in the West Indies, he dreamed of a strong America that would be a beacon of hope for the poor and for those immigrating to the country in hopes of a better life.

Alexandra the Great : The Story of the Record-Breaking Filly Who Ruled the Racetrack by Deb Aronson. 9781613736456. 2017. Gr 5-8.
Alexandra was a filly that overcame tremendous odds, including rejection by her mother and an injury that threatened her future, to become a champion racehorse.

The Book of Chocolate : The Amazing Story of the World’s Favorite Candy by H.P. Newquist. 9780670015740. 2017. Gr 4-7.
Follow the history and popularity of chocolate from its origins to today, and learn about the manufacture of chocolate from the cocoa bean, major candy brands and their origins, and today’s chocolate culture. Pictures look good enough to eat!

Exoplanets : Worlds Beyond Our Solar System by Karen Latchana Kenney. 9781512400861. 2017. Gr 7-10.
Examines the existence and study of exoplanets within other solar systems and the potential of life on these planets.

Fish Girl by Donna Jo Napoli & David Wiesner. 9780544815124. 2017. Gr 5-8.
A young mermaid is on display in a boardwalk aquarium. She longs for life with two legs like the girl named Livia she’s made friends with. With a little help from an octopus and some magic, she’ll find a way to have the life she dreams of in this graphic novel.

Jack London and the Klondike Gold Rush by Peter Lourie. 9780805097573. 2017. Gr 5-8.
Jack London’s tales are adventurous and exciting, but not everyone realizes that he was drawing on his own experiences. This biography follows him to Alaska in 1897 as he joined the throng of people hoping to strike it rich in the gold fields.

Soldier's Sketchbook  What a Waste  Whydah

A Soldier’s Sketchbook : The Illustrated First World Diary of R.H. Rabjohn by John Wilson. 9781770498549. 2017. Gr 6-9.
This sketchbook is presented as the diary of Private Russell Rabjohn, a World War I soldier. Because he was also a trained artist, he was able to bring his sketchbook in order to draw details of dugouts, trenches, and graves, He used this freedom to draw everything else, leaving a detailed account of the life as a soldier during war.

What a Waste : Where Does Garbage Go? by Claire Eamer. 9781554519194. 2017. Gr 4-7.
What happens to garbage after its thrown away? Read about the history of garbage disposal throughout history, as well as picking up ideas for reducing the enormous amount of waste produced by society and individuals.

The Whydah : A Pirate Ship Feared, Wrecked & Found by Martin W. Sandler. 9780763680336. 2017. Gr 5-8. 
Sandler provides a realistic look at life on the sea during the age of piracy (1650s-1730s) in the New World. He takes a close look at the Whydah, a successful pirate ship until it was sunk in a storm off Cape Cod, laden with treasure. Several expeditions had tried to find the wreck, but like other pirate ships, nothing had been found until marine archaeologists discovered it in 1984.



Anatomy of Innocence  Best We Could Do  Book That Made Me  Come On In, America  Eyes & Spies  Eyes of the World

Anatomy of Innocence : Testimonies of the Wrongfully Convicted by Laura Caldwell. 9781631490880. 2017. Gr 10-Adult.
Caldwell and Klinger follow the arrests, confessions, trials, and convictions of fifteen innocent people who were nonetheless convicted and sent to prison before they were exonerated.  Each story contains an explanation of what went wrong as well as data about crime and prison issues in order to make readers aware of these problems.

The Best We Could Do : An Illustrated Memoir by Thi Bui. 9781419718779. 2017. Gr 10-Adult.
This graphic memoir follows a family’s life in and journey from war-torn Vietnam. The story is told by the daughter, a very young child when they escaped, who is trying to understand how her parents’ attitudes are influenced by their struggles.

The Book That Made Me : A Collection of 32 Personal Stories edited by Judith Ridge. 9780763695491. 2017. Gr 9-12.
More than 30 writers share the book that made them become readers and eventually writers, and how it influenced them to become the person they are today.

Come On In, America : The United States in World War I by Linda Barrett Osborne. 9781419723780. 2017. Gr 9-12.
The First World War actually began in 1914, but the United States didn’t join until three years later, and even then many Americans were against our participation. Learn about the motives—both overt and hidden—behind the U.S. decision.

Eyes & Spies : How You’re Tracked and Why You Should Know (Visual Exploration) by Tanya Lloyd Kyi. 9781554519118. 2017. Gr 7-12.
Learn how governments, companies, and other organizations collect and use data about kids as well as adults. People are under surveillance more than they know, and this book gives and entertaining and informative look at how we can protect our privacy.

Eyes of the World : Robert Capa, Gerda Taro, & the Invention of Modern Photo Journalism by Marc Aronson & Marina Budhos. 9780805098358. 2017. Gr 7-12.
Photographers Capa and Taro were Jewish refugees, and were determined to document the fight against fascism during the Spanish Civil War. Their powerful photos and their willingness to dive into dangerous situations made them famous and had a strong influence on journalism’s objective to “bear witness.”

Girl Code  Inferno

Girl Code : Gaming, Going Viral, and Getting It Done by Andrea Gonzales & Sophie Houser. 9780062472502. 2017. Gr 9-12.
Andrea Gonzales and Sophie Houser used their knowledge of computer programming to create a video game called “Tampon Run” to fight back against girls being shamed for having periods. After their game went viral, Andrea and Sophie were invited to high-profile tech companies, where they learned from innovative female tech founders about the inner workings of the tech industry.

Inferno : A Doctor’s Ebola Story by Steven Hatch. 9781250085139. 2017. Gr 10-Adult.
Dr. Steven Hatch had newly come to Monrovia to work in a hospital when the Ebola outbreak began. In his memoir, he gives a first-hand account of being on the front lines of the battle against the disease, especially the courage and compassion shown by health workers. He also discusses how it is transmitted and why it spreads so quickly and debates the benefits (or not) of the media coverage.


Great New Easy & Fiction Titles for March 2017

Check out some exciting easy and fiction titles that have come out in March.


Anywhere Farm  Bee & Me  Big Cat, Little Cat  Dad and the Dinosaur  Fox Wish

Anywhere Farm by Phyllis Root (ill. G. Brian Karas). 9780763674991. 2017. Gr PK-1.
All you need for an anywhere farm is soil, sunshine, water, and a seed. You can plant a seed in a pot, a box, or even an old shoe. Read how a community comes together to create a neighborhood garden.

Bee & Me by Alison Jay. 9780763690106. 2017. Gr PK-2.
A little girl befriends a bee, which takes her on a journey of discovery in this wordless picture book.

Big Cat, Little Cat by Elisha Cooper. 9781626723719. 2017. Gr PK-2.
This sweet story tells of the friendship between two cats, a big one and a little one, until one day the big cats goes away and doesn’t come back.  Give this to anyone who is struggling with a loss.

Dad and the Dinosaur by Gennifer Choldenko (ill. by Dan Santat). 9780399243530. 2017. Gr K-3.
Nicholas is not really very brave, unless he has his toy dinosaur with him. One day, while playing soccer at the park, his dinosaur gets lost. Dad is the quiet hero later that night, when he takes Nicholas to search at the park.

The Fox Wish by Kimiko Aman (ill. by Komako Sakai). 9781452151885. 2017. Gr PK-2.
Roxie forgot her jump rope at the park, and when she and her brother go back to search for it, they discover that some foxes are trying to play with it. After the girl helps them out, the littlest fox said she wished for a game to play at the park. Who should the jump rope belong to?

Green Pants  If Your Monster Won't Go to Bed  Noisy Night  Over and Under the Pond  Rain  Road Home

Green Pants by Kenneth Kraegel. 9780763688400. 2017. Gr PK-2.
Jameson wears only his green pants, which make him feel invincible. However, his cousin has invited him to be in his wedding, which means wearing a tuxedo—which means black pants. Jameson has to decide: be a part of the wedding party or sit in the congregation. Author Kraegel not only accepts children’s quirks, but also their ability to come up with creative solutions.

If Your Monster Won’t Go to Bed by Denise Vega (Zachariah Ohora). 9780553496567. 2017. Gr PK-2.
A how-to book about putting your monster to bed, starting with not asking your parents for help—they don’t have a clue! Some suggestions are offering them a nice warm glass of (not milk!) bug juice and telling them a scary story. This read-aloud should keep kids in giggles.

Noisy Night by Mac Barnett (ill. by Brian Biggs). 9781596439672. 2017. Gr PK-3.
It’s night-time, but baby can’t get to sleep, because the singer in the apartment above is practicing an aria. Above that a baby calls for Mama; above that, cowboys roar with laughter; and so on. This book could make an exciting and raucous read-aloud.

Over and Under the Pond by Kate Messner (ill. by Christopher Silas Neal). 9781452145426. 2017. Gr PK-2.
A boy and his mother go out in a canoe on a pond and see the hidden world of animals and plants beneath the waters.

Rain by Sam Usher. 9780763692964. 2017. Gr PK-2.
Similar to Usher’s Snow, a young boy is anxious to go outside in the rain, but his grandfather wants to wait until the sky clears up.

The Road Home by Katie Cotton (ill. by Sarah Jacoby). 9781419723742. 2017. Gr K-2.
The author expresses in poetry what he imagines forest animals say to their children as they get ready for winter.

Tidy  Triangle

Tidy by Emily Gravett. 9781481480192. 2017. Gr PK-2.
Kids are always told to be neat and tidy, but in Gravett’s book, a badger’s habit of tidying goes too far. Cleaning up all the leaves that fell make the bare trees look ugly, so he gets rid of them…and so on. Fortunately, he realizes the environmental mess he is making, and his friends help him restore the forest to its original state.

Triangle by Mac Barnett (ill. by Jon Klassen). 9780763696030. 2017. Gr 1-3.
Triangle plans to play a funny prank and scare his friend, Rectangle, but Rectangle isn’t amused, only scared—and angry. Can he turn the tables on Square?



Armstrong & Charlie  Big & Little Questions  Blooming at the Texas Sunrise Motel  Boy Called Bat  Cilla Lee-Jenkins 1  Dragons and Marshmallows

Armstrong & Charlie by Steven B. Frank. 9780544826083. 2017. Gr 4-7.
When Armstrong gets signed up to be bussed to an all-white school in a different neighborhood, he’s not sure what to think. And he and his deskmate, Charlie, find that they’re an unlikely pair. But as the year goes on, they learn that there’s nothing worth fighting for more than a true friend.

Big & Little Questions (According to Wren Jo Byrd) by Julie Bowe. 9780803736931. 2017. Gr 2-4.
A young introvert finds her world has turned upside-down after her dad moves out at the beginning of summer. When she goes back to school, she realizes that no one knows and tries to keep it secret from her teacher and her friends.

Blooming at the Texas Sunrise Motel by Kimberly Willis Holt. 9781627793247. 2017. Gr 4-7.
After Stevie’s parents are killed in an accident, she is sent to live with her grandfather who lives at a dilapidated hotel in Texas. His aloofness makes it hard for her adjust to her new home. Both he and her mother’s past are virtually unknown to her, until she begins to meet the quirky townspeople.

A Boy Called Bat by Elana K. Arnold. 9780062445827. 2017. Gr 2-4.
Bixby Alexander Tam—thankfully his initials make the nickname “Bat”—finds life to be full of good and bad surprises. One day his veterinarian mom brings home a good surprise—a baby skunk that needs taking care of. Bat wants to keep the skunk for a pet, but convincing his mother may take some work.

Cilla Lee-Jenkins : Future Author Extraordinaire (Cilla Lee-Jenkins, Book 1) by Susan Tan.  9781626725515. 2017. Gr 3-5.
Cilla is afraid she’ll be lost in the background after the birth of her baby sister—due any day! Before then, she needs to become a best-selling author. She is writing all about herself, so that her parents won’t forget about her after the baby comes.

Dragons and Marshmallows (Zoey and Sassafras, Book 1) by Asia Citro. 9781943147090. 2017. Gr 1-3.
Zoey and her cat Sassafras are excited to learn that magical animals come to their barn for help if they are injured. With her mom away on a business trip, Zoey will have to use her science skills to help a sick baby dragon.

Gauntlet  Genevieve's War  Izzy Kline Has Butterflies  King & Kayle and the Case of the Missing Dog Treats  Matylda, Bright & Tender  Olga and the Smelly Thing from Nowhere

The Gauntlet by Karuna Riazi. 9781481486965. 2017. Gr 4-7.
Three friends are trapped in a mechanical board game called The Gauntlet of Blood and Sand. They have to figure out how to defeat the game’s evil creator to save themselves and all the other children who have been trapped inside—before they become part of the machine themselves.

Genevieve’s War by Patricia Reilly Giff. 9780823438006. 2017. Gr 3-6.
Genevieve was living at her grandmother’s farm in Alsace, France, in 1939. But when the Germans invade, a Nazi officer demands a room in their farmhouse. Some French resisters, including Gen’s friend Remi, sabotage the Germans, and Gen must hide him in the attic—and hope the Nazi officer doesn’t find out!

Izzy Kline Has Butterflies by Beth Ain. 9780399550812. 2017. Gr 3-6.
Izzy faces anxious butterflies on her first day of school as she attempts to make a new best friend and try out for her grade’s performance of “Free to Be … You and Me,” all while dealing with troubling changes at home.

King & Kayla and the Case of the Missing Dog Treats (King & Kayla, Book 1) by Dori Hillestad Butler. 9781561458776. 2017. Gr 2-4.
King’s human, Kayla, has baked some treats for a friend’s new puppy, Thor, but some go missing and it is up to King to find the culprit.

Matylda, Bright and Tender by Molly M. McGhee. 9780763689513. 2017. Gr 3-6.
Sussy and Guy have been friends for years. Deciding that they need something of their very own to love, they buy a spotted lizard (Guy’s suggestion!) and name her Matylda. They even make up a story about her beginnings. But one day as they are riding their bikes, there is a terrible accident, and Sussy must find a way to cope with the loss of her friend. Usually these types of stories involve a pet or a grandparent, but McGhee handles the situation well.

Olga and the Smelly Thing from Nowhere (Olga, Book 1) by Elise Gravel. 9780062351265. 2017. Gr 2-4.
Olga gives readers a peek at her observation notebook, in which she records her love for animals, her disdain for humans compared to animals, her science projects, and her observation of her fellow students, with boys with strange haircuts, people who read silly magazines for teenagers, and maybe a French-speaking spider.

One Good Thing about America  Pants Project  Vilonia Beebe Takes Charge

One Good Thing About America by Ruth Freeman. 9780823436958. 2017. Gr 3-6.
Anais is having a hard time in her new school and neighborhood. In Africa she was the very best English student. Here no one can pronounce her name right and she can hardly understand what is being said. She misses her Papa and grandmother still in Africa. She writes them about the weird things Crazy Americans do. But she also tells about Halloween, snow, mac n’ cheese, and princess sleepovers, just a few of the things that are good about America.

The Pants Project by Cat Clarke. 9781492638094. 2017. Gr 3-6.
Though everyone sees Liv as a girl, he knows himself to be a boy. And when his new school requires all girls to wear black knee-length skirts every day, Liv knows he has to do something about it. With the help of a new friend, Liv launches the Pants Project, hoping to change the principal’s mind.

Vilonia Beebe Takes Charge by Kristin L. Gray. 9781481458429. 2017. Gr 4-6.
Vilonia tries to prove that she is responsible enough to take care of a dog.


Amina's Voice  Best Medicine  Braced  Bronze and Sunflower  Dragonwatch  Fearless Travelers’ Guide to Wicked Places

Amina’s Voice by Hena Khan. 9781481492065. 2017. Gr 5-8.
Amina and her best friend Soojin, both Asian Americas, are now in middle school and grappling with new friends, their changing feelings, and the pressure of dealing with their ethnicities.

The Best Medicine by Christine Hamill. 9781554518807. 2017. Gr 5-8.
Philip handles the typical middle school problems pretty well, until his mother finds out she has breast cancer. Any type of cancer would be bad, but talking—even thinking—about breast cancer is embarrassing, and Philip’s way of dealing with it are both touching and hilarious.

Braced by Alyson Gerber. 9780545902144. 2017. Gr 5-7.
When Rachel learns that her scoliosis has worsened and she will need to wear a back brace to keep her spine straight, she is devastated. She’s afraid that she will not be able to play soccer and terrified that she will not be able to hide her condition from her friends and classmates. Her mother, however, is determined to spare her the spinal fusion surgery that she herself had as a teenager.

Bronze and Sunflower by Cao Wenxuan. 9780763688165. 2017. Gr 4-8.
Taken in by a poor family in a rural village after the death of her father, Sunflower bonds with the family’s only child, Bronze, who has not spoken since being traumatized by a terrible fire.

Dragonwatch : A Fablehaven Adventure (Dragonwatch, Book 1) by Brandon Mull. 9781629722566. 2017. Gr 5-8.
Celebrant the Just is determined to enact revenge with his horde of dragons. With most of the original Dragonwatch wizards gone, Agad reaches out to Grandpa Sorenson for help. And Kendra and Seth must use their own skills in battling magical forces to help protect the world from the imminent dragon showdown.

The Fearless Travelers’ Guide to Wicked Places by Pete Begler. 9781623707996. 2017. Gr 5-8.
When Nell sees an ominous purple cloud turn her mother, Rose, into a small golden bird, she knows that some nefarious witch from the Wicked Places must be at work. Teaming up with Duke, a Fearless Traveler sworn to protect people on journeys into Dreamland, and Ravenhead, an endangered Dreamer, Nell travels the Wicked Places in search of a way to transform her mother back.

Forever, or a Long, Long Time  Forget Me Not  Hear the Wolves  Hello, Universe  Horizon  In Darkling Wood

Forever, or a Long, Long Time by Caela Carter. 9780062385680. 2017. Gr 5-7.
Flora and her younger brother have been bounced from one foster home to the next as long as they can remember. Flora struggles to comprehend that her adoption means she’s found her forever home; after all, what does “forever” mean to a child who feels as if she were dropped into the world without roots? Understanding this, their adoptive mother takes them back to their former foster homes so they might be able to embrace their future.

Forget Me Not by Ellie Terry. 9781250096272. 2017. Gr 4-7.
Calli and her mother have been on the move since her father died, and she is tired of being the new girl again.  The difficulty of meeting people is worsened by the fact that Calli has Tourette syndrome, and even when she makes new friends, they tend to distance themselves when her impulses become more obtrusive.

Hear the Wolves by Victoria Scott. 9781338043587. 2017. Gr 4-8.
Most of the townspeople of the Sloan’s tiny Alaska town have traveled to get supplies in a neighboring town. When a blizzard moves in and an elderly woman is injured in an accident, Sloan and five others (and a dog) brave the storm to get the woman to a doctor. The forest’s wolves have never before been a threat, but the winter has been hard and prey is hard to find. Now the wolves are starving…

Hello, Universe by Erin Entrada Kelly. 9780062414151. 2017. Gr 4-7.
After Chet “the Bull” Bullens pulls an unthinkable prank on shy, misunderstood Virgil, which also affects Gulliver (Virgil’s pet hamster), Valencia and Kaori find their lives colliding with Virgil’s and Chet’s in surprising ways.

Horizon (Book 1) by Scott Westerfeld. 9781338196580. 2017. Gr 5-8.
Eight young survivors of an Arctic plane crash are shocked to open the door not to a cold, icy landscape but to a strange jungle. With little food and water, the kids must work together to make their way in a dangerous environment full of threats like they’ve never seen before.

In Darkling Wood by Emma Carroll. 9780399556012. 2017. Gr 5-8.
When Alice goes to stay with her grandmother she discovers the magical Darkling Wood, where she meets a strange friend and discovers letters written between a brother and sister during WWI.

Love, Ish  Miss Ellicott’s School for the Magically Minded  Single Stone  Sophie Someone  When My Sister Started Kissing

Love, Ish by Karen Rivers. 9781616205706. 2017. Gr 6-9.
Ish dreams of going to Mars, a place where she feels like she belongs. But when she gets an unexpected diagnosis, the news threatens to rewrite her whole future.

Miss Ellicott’s School for the Magically Minded by Sage Blackwood. 9780062402639. 2017. Gr 4-8.
Chantel is learning Spells, Potions, Wards, Summonings, and Deportment in order to safeguard the city. She is often in trouble because of attitude problems, But when all the sorceresses in charge of the city vanish, the Marauders are given free rein to attack. Chantel and her young friends must step up and use their battle spells to save the Kingdom—or die trying.

A Single Stone by Meg McKinlay. 9780763688370. 2017. Gr 7-10.
Jena has spent her entire life preparing for her role as the leader of the tunnelers—seven girls chosen at birth for their small size so they can squeeze through the small crevices of the mountain to harvest the mica their village needs to survive. The girls spend their lives deprived of food, and their limbs are wrapped to decrease growth. It is a revered but difficult life. When Jena meets Lia, a girl from a village on the other side of the mountain, both girls question everything they’ve ever been told.

Sophie Someone by Hayley Long. 9780763689957. 2017. Gr 7-10.
Sophie has never understood why her family moved to Belgium from England when she was young. And though she loves her school and her best friend Comet, there’s a cloud of mystery that hangs over her life. Sophie recalls key moments in her childhood, such as destroying passports and changing her name. Through Sophie’s own invented language, she reveals the secrets that have haunted her for so long.

When My Sister Started Kissing by Helen Frost. 9780374303037. 2017. Gr 5-8.
Claire and Abi have always loved summers at the lake house, but a pregnant stepmother and Abi’s intense new interest in boys have changed everything.



Bone Witch  Bull  Camp So-and-So  Freya  Goodbye Days  Heartbeats of Wing Jones

The Bone Witch (Book 1) by Rin Chupeco. 9781492635826. 2017. Gr 7-12.
Tea has been ostracized from the other witches because her powers to raise the dead make her feared by all. Now she trains underground with an older bone witch, learning to control her great abilities because the others will need her soon—though they don’t know it yet.

Bull by David Elliott. 9780544610606. 2017. Gr 9-12.
This modern retelling of the myth of Theseus and the Minotaur is told in verse.

Camp So-and-So by Mary McCoy. 9781512415971. 2017. Gr 8-12.
Twenty-five girls find themselves on an unusual adventure after accepting the invitation to attend Camp So-and-So in the Starveling Mountains.

Freya (Book 1) by Matthew Laurence. 9781250088178. 2017. Gr 9-12.
Sara used to be known as Freya—the Norse goddess of love, war, beauty, and death. However, now her legacy is all she has, as her power comes from belief, and virtually nobody believes in the Norse gods anymore. A shadowy organization offers her unlimited strength and believers if only she will join them—If not, she will be destroyed. Sara instead flees with a mysterious boy in search of a way to fight back.

Goodbye Days by Jeff Zentner. 9780553524062. 2017. Gr 9-12.
Reeling from the deaths of his three friends after he sent them a text, Carver faces a possible criminal investigation. When the grandmother of one of the boys invites Carver to spend a “goodbye day” sharing memories and engaging in an activity the boy they loved, Carver finds a measure of peace. When the other families make the same request, Carver is forced to face his pain head-on.

The Heartbeats of Wing Jones by Katherine Webber. 9780399555022. 2017. Gr 9-12.
Half-Chinese, half-black Wing Jones has always worshiped her older brother, but when he kills two people in a car accident and barely survives himself, Wing’s only solace is running.

Hidden Memory of Objects  Hunted  Inexplicable Logic of My Life  Overturned  Shadow RUn  Shadows We Know by Heart

The Hidden Memory of Objects by Danielle Mages Amato. 9780062445889. 2017. Gr 9-12.
When Megan’s older brother Tyler dies, she doesn’t believe that he OD’ed on heroin and committed suicide. At college, she realizes that she can see, feel, and experience the memories that objects have, and hopes to use his belongings to discover what happened to him.

Hunted by Meagan Spooner. 9780062422286. 2017. Gr 9-12.
Yeva’s been away from the forest for a long time, but she never forgot her roots. So after her father loses his fortune and Yeva moves with her sisters back to his forest lodge, Yeva is ready. But when her father goes missing, she knows the Beast is to blame, and she sets out to track him down and return her father home, whatever the consequences.

The Inexplicable Logic of My Life by Benjamin Alire Saenz. 9780544586505. 2017. Gr 9-12.
Sal has always felt at home with his adoptive gay father and his Mexican-American family, but when senior year of high school comes around, he finds himself questioning everything he ever thought he knew about himself.

Overturned by Lamar Giles. 9780545812504. 2017. Gr 9-12.
Nikki’s dad is on death row for killing his friend in a fight while gambling, though he claims he’s innocent. Her goal is to save up enough money to skip town when she graduates. But when new evidence proves that her father was framed, he is released from prison, they begin a search for the truth despite the danger to both of them if they find it.

Shadow Run by Michael Miller & Adrianne Strickland. 9780399552557. 2017. Gr 8-12.
Nev, a prince in hiding, takes the job of cargo loader on a starship captained by Qole, the youngest person to ever command her own ship. He thinks Qole is the key to changing their galactic civilization for the better, but getting her cooperation proves difficult after she accuses him of trying to kidnap her. Nev learns that nothing comes between Qole and her ship and crew.

The Shadows We Know by Heart by Jennifer Park. 9781481463515. 2017. Gr 9-12.
Leah Roberts has been secretly watching sasquatches in the woods behind her house for years, but when she notices an enigmatic teenage boy living among them, her complicated family life starts to unravel.

Strange the Dreamer  Ten Miles One Way  Things I Should Have Known  Ultimatum  Who Killed Christopher Goodman  You're Welcome, Universe

Strange the Dreamer by Laini Taylor. 9780316341684. 2017. Gr 9-12.
Lazlo, orphan and junior librarian, dreams of finding the lost city of Weep, and when an opportunity to join the hero Godslayer and his warriors to search for it, he grabs his chance. But when they reach the city, he finds only more and more questions—and who is the blue-skinned goddess that keeps appearing in his dreams?

Ten Miles One Way by Patrick Downes. 9780399544996. 2017. Gr 10-12.
In the wake of a near-fatal car accident, Isaac Kew, twenty, recalls a very long walk he took three years earlier with his bipolar girlfriend, Nest.

Things I Should Have Known by Claire Lazebink. 9780544829695. 2017. Gr 9-12.
Chloe decides that Ivy, her older autistic sister, could use a boyfriend—and sweet, movie-obsessed Ethan in her special-needs class seems just right. The problem is that Ethan’s brother, David—whom Chloe thinks is an arrogant jerk—gets involved when Ethan and Ivy invite him and Chloe out on a double date. Chloe must confront her own romantic choices and realize it is okay to be different.

Ultimatum by K.M. Walton. 9781492635079. 2017. Gr 9-12.
When their mother dies, two very different brothers become even more distant. But when their father’s alcoholism sends him into liver failure, the two boys must come face-to-face with their demons—and each other—if they are going to survive an uncertain future.

Who Killed Christopher Goodman? : Based on a True Crime by Allan Wolf. 9780763656133. 2017. Gr 9-12.
Chris Goodman was a little strange, but everybody seemed to like him, so when he’s murdered, the entire community is shocked. Now they’re left to wonder how such a thing could happen.

You’re Welcome, Universe by Whitney Gardner. 9780399551420. 2017. Gr 8-12.
Julia is expelled when she tries to cover up a slur about her best friend painted on the wall at her deaf school, and now she feels like an outcast in her suburban mainstream school. While painting graffiti around town, she finds herself in a turf war with another artist. Expressing herself by art might land her in even hotter water, but her graffiti is the only part of her identity that makes sense to her now.


Keep Your Series Current: March 2017

Update your popular series with these books that will be published in March. Enjoy!


April Fools’, Mr. Todd  Capital Catch  Detective Gordon A Case in Any Case  Funny Thing Happened at the Museum  I Want a Friend  It’s Raining, It’s Pouring

April Fools’, Mr. Todd! (Judy Moody and Friends, Book 8) by Megan McDonald (ill. by Erwin Madrid). 9780763682002. 2017. Gr 1-3.
The Capital Catch (Ballpark Mysteries, Book 13) by David A. Kelly (ill. by Mark Meyers). 9780399551901. 2017. Gr 1-4.
Detective Gordon : A Case in Any Case (Detective Gordon, Book 3) by Ulf Nilsson (ill. by Gitte Spee). 9781776571086. 2017. Gr 1-4.
A Funny Thing Happened at the Museum by Davide Cali (ill. by Benjamin Chaud). 9781452155937. 2017. Gr 1-3.
I Want a Friend! (Little Princess Story) by Tony Ross. 9781512405552. 2017. Gr PK-1.
It’s Raining, It’s Pouring (Adventures of Sophie Mouse, Book 10) by Poppy Green (ill. by Jennifer A. Bell). 9781481485906. 2017. Gr 1-3.
Little Tails in Prehistory  Mighty Truck Muddymania  Over and Under the Pond  Peg + Cat The Lemonade Problem  Rain

Little Tails in Prehistory (Little Tails) by Frederic Brremaud (ill. by Frederico Bertolucci). 9781942367390. 2017. Gr PK-3.
Mighty Truck : Muddymania! (Mighty Truck) by Chris Barton (ill. by Troy Cummings). 9780062344793. 2017. Gr PK-2.
Over and Under the Pond by Kate Messner (ill. by Christopher Silas Neal). 9781452145426. 2017. Gr PK-2.
Peg + Cat : The Lemonade Problem (Peg + Cat) by Jennifer Oxley (ill. by Billy Aronson). 9780763694364. 2017. Gr PK-2.
Rain by Sam Usher. 9780763692964. 2017. Gr PK-2.
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Future Threat  Great Pursuit  Pyromantic  Renegade Red  Traitor to the Throne  Vicious Circle

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