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A Classroom Full of Dipsticks

No, it’s not what you think. In the education world, a dipstick is a playful moniker that refers to any formative assessment used to gauge learning as it’s being presented. Evaluating student progress is an essential part of instruction. While summative assessment is a useful and necessary tool to solidify that standards were met, waiting […]

Tech from the Trenches

My Elementary 1:1 Must-Haves! This year we have embarked on an adventure that would make Captain Cook jealous. At Rock Valley, uncharted territory is our game. For a number of years, our students have had fantastic access to technology. We have never steered away from trying new things. We have the Smartboards and once used […]

ISTE 2016 Live: Kaizena

While I’m not Santa, I certainly do feel like I’m in the midst of an Ed Tech Christmas, as I sit here basking in the sun overlooking the gorgeous Colorado Rockies in Denver for ISTE 2016. There are already so many people bustling around checking out presentations and poster sessions that intrigue them. I started […]