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Make a Classroom Library – of eBooks

Last year we began our eBook journey (and I never looked back). To date, we have about 150 carefully selected titles – both fiction and nonfiction and we’re adding a bunch more this month in preparation for our literature circles project. Most of the titles I purchase are student or teacher requests. They get used […]

Making Digital Reading Easier

Literacy is the ability to read and write. Transliteracy is the ability to read, write and interact across a range of platforms, tools and media from signing and orality through handwriting, print, TV, radio and film, to digital social networks. [www.transliteracy.com] As a librarian in a 1:1 school, my students are consuming most of their […]

Why Summer Doesn’t Have To Mean Slide

It’s currently summer vacation. Take a moment to imagine what your students are currently doing. How much of it involves technology? Whether it’s watching YouTube videos, playing Candy Crush, or texting a friend, odds are a large portion of their summer holiday will be spent on an electronic device. Now think of your library collection. […]

Why eBooks? Top 5 Reasons

My library recently made the leap to including eBooks in our collection. The biggest question I’ve received isn’t about the platform or the prices, but WHY. After answering this question to many fellow librarians, I decided I better just write a blog about it. So – why eBooks? Well…why not? This is my first year […]

Educator Newsletters

It is so exciting to see all of the new tools and resources that emerge each day to help teachers and students. Although it’s exciting, it’s also very overwhelming. Staying on top of the latest tools and trends in education can be time consuming, particularly if you’re doing the research on your own. Fortunately, that […]