Something New Has Come To MackinVIA… Digital Audiobooks!

Something New Has Come To MackinVIA…Digital Audiobooks!

Something new has come to MackinVIA….Digital Audiobooks! I am so excited to think about what this will bring to our students, teachers, and families at school, home, or anywhere.

Mackin now has over 32,000 audiobooks available, which include amazing titles our students and teachers will love. These audiobooks may be streamed for on-demand listening, or they may be circulated and downloaded for offline listening.

All of the audiobooks can be accessed within MackinVIA. The new interface of MackinVIA gives you three choices within the “Refine Your Search” box: eBooks, Online Databases, and Audiobooks. It is really easy and quick for our young people and teachers to find what they need.


The audiobooks can also be accessed through the MackinVIA app with no additonal apps needed to listen to or manage the titles.

In our classrooms and the library at Van Meter, we use audiobooks in a variety of ways. They are used within listening centers, on student devices, as whole group and small group instruction, and for pleasure. Audiobooks are an incredible resource to enhance our reading programs and engage students in a variety of experiences.

With the release of the new audiobooks, Mackin is offering a special introduction promotion. You can choose one of three individual packages of (30) FREE single-user license audiobooks for any MackinVIA user to put in their MackinVIA account. The value of these packages range from $450 to $600. This pertains to new MackinVIA activators and people who already have MackinVIA accounts.

Each package has a nice blend of publishers and topics all of which you can see in the lists above.

I can’t wait to show my school community the audiobooks I have added to our MackinVIA. I know they will be anxious to see what exciting titles we have and to give them a little test drive. These will bring lots of fun to our young people.

You can read more about the audiobooks here.

Also, please contact Mackin eServices with any questions you may have.

Happy Listening!

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